Travel Guide to Mykonos in 2019

Mykonos Islands are one of the best islands in Greece, where it is most enjoyable during the summer because of its beautiful beaches. Most people know Mykonos because of its great nightlife and beautiful beaches. This is an island you should consider if you are looking for romantic holidays and if you need to know more about Greek culture. Mykonos can be a great destination for people travelling as groups, families, and alone. If you are looking for a place to visit during the summer, which I recommend you do, below is an ultimate travel guide on how you can enjoy Mykonos to the maximum in 2019.

Language and Currency

Language can be a limiting factor when planning a trip to a foreign country. The two most used languages in Mykonos are Greek and English. This means that if you are an English speaker you will have an easy time communicating with the locals. Compared to other European destinations, Greece is cheaper. The currency used is the Euro, where the current conversion gives you €.86 in Euros for $1, which means you will get €86 Euros for $100 Dollars.  Although Greek is cheaper than other countries, Mykonos is a little bit pricier compared to other islands. You should thus avoid staying at the premium hotels and consider accommodation near beach hotels and eating at restaurants in Little Venice. Most hotels and restaurants accept debit and credit cards, but you should bring a lot of money for public transportations and small purchases.

Moving around Mykonos

For you to avoid a lot of hustles in Mykonos, it is recommendable that you stay close to town. There are cheap/affordable apartments in areas such as Lakka Square, which is near all restaurants and shops. Staying closer to the beach than the town would make you pay a premium because beaches are a few miles from Mykonos town centre. There are several modes of transports that one can use to move from the town to the beaches. The common forms of public transport are buses, taxis, and renting a scooter. You can rent a scooter for the time you plan to stay in the islands, with this being the most recommended since it would allow you to move easily to different beaches on the island.

Scooters in Mykonos

A breathtaking Mykonos beach

 Visit Agios Sostis!

A trip to Mykonos would not be complete without visiting its beautiful beaches. The beach I found most attractive and interesting is Agios Sostis. You can have an incredible time on the beautiful beach by enjoying the crystal-clear blue water and basking in the sun. Depending on the time you will spend on the Island, Agios Sostis should be your first beach. Starting the visit right to the Island right will determine whether you are going to enjoy the visit or not. So with the Agios Sostis beach setting the bar pretty high, you will be able to imagine the kind of experience you will get. Agios Sostis is a bit interior, so the scooter you rented will become handy in the movement to and from the beach.

agios sostis

Take small-group Sailing Yacht Cruise to Guided Tour of Rhenia and Delos

Almost everyone loves being in the waters, and the availability of yachts on the Island gives you the chance to enjoy too. Once at the island, I would recommend you consider taking the small yacht and cruise to the Rhenia and Delos islands. There are several activities that you can do when on the cruise. You can sunbathe, snorkel, and swim from the yacht and along Rhenia’s coastal line. The best thing is, these tours are quite affordable at $118.86, which is inclusive of a couple of drinks and light lunch on the yacht. The cost is inclusive of 90 minutes guided tour, which helps in making your trip memorable.

Cruise to the island using the yacht

Explore the Island

You should consider exploring the island, which you can do by renting a quad bike. Once you rent the quad bike, explore the islands without a map. You are sure to get lost at some points, but this is not a mystery island. During the explore, your trip will be adventurous as you will manage to find the island’s hidden gems. You clearly will enjoy many delightful things including local churches, trendy beach clubs, and photographic scenes that will get you clear and memorable pictures. Speaking of pictures, it might be an obvious choice that you should bring a camera, but hey, for reminder purposes, just ensure you pack your camera.

Enjoy the Sunset and Sundowner

Once you finish up your day expenditures, give yourself a small break and treat in the evening by enjoying the sunset near the beaches. There are several hotels that are adjacent to the beaches that provide the best jaw-dropping views of the ocean. These bars provide cool chill-out music, and with the beaches providing you with an amazing sunset to end your day, you sure will enjoy your evening. Tip! During the sunset, ensure that you take a swim in the beaches while enjoying watching the sun beautifully disappear deep into the west.

Enjoying Mykonos on a limited budget

Let’s face it, you might want to fully enjoy your trip to your destination, but you get limited by your finances. Well, there are a few things you can do for free in Mykonos to make your trip enjoyable. For example, you can walk to Paradise Beach from Platys Gialos while making small stops at beach restaurants and bars along the way. During these walks, you will experience swimming coves near Paraga and Agia Anna beaches, You can also walk to Paradise Beach, which is a form of a hike that would take you approximately one hour. You can then travel to Mykonos Town from the Paradise Beach, or use a water taxi to move back to Platys Gialos. These walks, while trying different Greek cuisines at the restaurants and bars along the beach will make your trip enjoyable. I hope with these guides to Mykonos you will make the bold decision to get out there and experience the great life of Mykonos beaches.  

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