Travel Guide to Bali: An Exuberant Holiday Destination

You may have been to a lot of vibrant and exotic places in the world but Bali is one of those places where one can make indelible memories with the natural wonders of the country loaded with warm-hearted people and delectable cuisine. However, being a paradise for nature lovers, this place has to offer a lot more than one can expect. This small island is a part of the magnificent country, Indonesia, which has the potential for peaceful living and audacious adventures that make it a quintessential holiday destination for travellers. Therefore, here are some awesome must-visit holiday destinations and things to do beyond any guide books that will make your experience in Bali unforgettable.

Tips to travel to Bali 

Before travelling anywhere, one must be familiar with what all he/she will get to experience. As far as Bali is concerned, travellers like me will come across various other things apart from natural allurement.

Pleasing climate

This place is for people like me who love the warmer climate as it remains hot in most part of the year. However, be mindful and avoid travelling to Bali in the rainy season which may ruin your experience.

Currency and cash

As a matter of fact, Bali uses Indonesian Rupiah as its local currency. Nonetheless, in this era of plastic money, credit or debit cards do not work in most part of the island. Therefore, keep a handful of cash with you all the time.

Natural Wonders

Most of the mountains on the island are known as active volcanoes. So, as a significant tip, check the local geographical report before visiting any peak.

Ways to get around

There are a variety of ways, available in Bali, to travel may that be through the car, taxi, local transport, or bike. Nevertheless, to travel Bali like a local, you must prefer renting a Scooter over any mean of transportation.

Must visit places in Bali

Bali, an untouched heavenly beauty, is a perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of your whirlwind schedule. So, here are some outstanding holiday destinations that made me come across rich culture, ancient architecture and temple encircled with lush green mountains and beguiling beaches.


One of the most famous places in Bali, Kuta is an amalgamation of city and beaches as it is counted amongst the first tourist developments of the country. For people who love to enjoy the luxurious property in scenic beauty, this place is perfect because here I found the availability of excellent tranquillizing resorts for my stay.


Uluwatu is situated in the southern part of the island and I found this district astoundingly beautiful because it made me speechless as I moved my eyes from one side to the other. Besides, do not forget to pay your visit to the famous temple as the scenery behind it will provide you with the perfect background for your photograph.


If you are somewhat like me. then you will be excited to see the brilliant culture of this perfect holiday destination in Indonesia. For that, you must visit Ubud because it contrasts city life as it showcases Indonesian culture via temples, fields, street performances, art museums, temples, and much more. Further, you must prepare yourself to see unnumbered monkeys here.


In the search for dramatic landscape beauty on the island, I landed into this fabulous land named Batur. The best part about this place is that it lets you soak into the beautiful sunrise and the jaw-dropping view of its spellbinding lake and caldera.


The place of charming and appealing beaches, Seminkya is a place where I witnessed the excellence of sunset while sipping my cocktail in the peaceful ambience of a cafe.

What to do in Bali? 

Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to encountering the jaw-dropping allurement and thrilling experiences. From the white sandy coastline, crystal clear water, and enchanting greenery, there is a lot to do to make the tour unforgettable.

Water activities for adventure seekers

There is an immense number of water activities one can enjoy at this holiday destination. This includes donut rolling, scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing, banana boat riding, and much more. Therewithal, my favourite part was the water jetpacks which is unbelievably challenging as the pressure of the water doesn't allow you to balance everything.

Be shopaholic

There are numerous markets in the city and countryside of Bali where one can purchase a range of goods like silk scarves, statues, kites to handmade goods such as bags and baskets. I went to the colourful Ubud art market where I came across pretty nice work of art producing villages. However, do not forget to show your bargaining skills here.

Have fun in the jungle

A huge part of Bali is covered in lush green forest which allows vacationers to traverse the wildlife that comprises of a diversity of flora and fauna. Furthermore, to enhance the fun, tourist can go deep into the forest on a jeep or an elephant.

Relax at the yoga retreats

Like any other island, Bali is renowned for its amazing spa and yoga retreats. There are unnumbered places in the city and villages of Bali where one can enlighten the connection between mind and soul through a few days of yoga sessions.

Party in the cities of Bali

Bali is not just about water activities and culture because there is marvellous nightlife which can make any traveller’s experience indelible. Besides, there is a huge range of nightclubs, unwinding cafes, and live music events that will keep you going until the sun comes up the next morning.

Explore the culture

Apart from making memories during the night in the city, I had the real fun exploring the culture of the local people. The beauty of paddy fields, ceramic art, idiosyncratic jewellery, the art of sculptures, and sacred values attached to nature together showed me a glimpse of the ‘real’ Bali.

Final words

There is no other holiday destination in the world like Bali. Not only because it is about great coastlines and majestic beaches, but because this land is gifted with vibrant culture and artistic beauty. Thus, explore the magical city life and awe-inspiring beaches while meeting amiable people in Bali.

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