Travel Guide: The Amazing Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi

June 10, 2019

by Mustapha Alayoubi

Who hasn’t ever heard of the United Arab Emirates or the UAE? The country that has evolved from zero to hero in the middle east in just less than 20 years of hard and serious work. In the UAE, a lot of amazing and wonderful places exist such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Hajar mountains, Louvre, and the most remarkable one, Khalifa tower or most commonly called, Burj Khalifa. However, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is considered to be the most successful theme park in the whole middle east if not in the whole Asia continent. If you ever had the chance to visit UAE, make sure to spend a whole day in the Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi, otherwise, you will be missing a whole lot of fun.

Formula Rossa, the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

The most amazing part of an amusement park is roller coasters. Well, Ferrari World occupies the fastest roller coaster in the world and it is called, Formula Rossa. Formula Rossa can reach a top speed of 240 km/h (149 mph) in just 4 seconds on a track that is 2,195 meters long. If you are a fan of roller coasters, then just imagine the thrill you would experience during riding Formula Rossa on a track that is more than 2KM long fluctuating in your speed from zero to 240Km/h within just a few seconds.

In conclusion, the Formula Rossa roller coaster is a lifetime experience for roller coaster fans thus, make sure you enjoy every second you experience during your ride on Formula Rossa.

Fiorano GT Challenge, the Steal Dualing Roller Coaster

The Fiorano GT challenge is a steel duelling roller coaster that features two 1.08 Km tracks. If you are a person that loves the feeling challenges and dangers, the Fiorano GT challenge is perfect for you. Fiorano GT challenge enriches your soul with an unforgettable thrill whenever the two parallel tracks cross paths giving you the illusion that the two coasters are going to collide. In a second, you may close your eyes in fear and the following second your eyes would open in relief. If you are a fast and furious fan then let me assure you that, you are going to experience a chase scene from the fast furious scene.

Scuderia Challenge

Are you a fan of virtual racing games? If this is the case, then you are going to enjoy the Scuderia Challenge. The Scuderia Challenge gets you involved along with five other participants in a virtual circuit. The best part about the Scuderia Challenge is that the steering wheel that you would be using along with the 180-degree screen, is going to provide you with real racing experience. You would be seated on car-like pods that feature hydraulic supports that react on everything that happens in your 180-degree screen. Feel the thrills of accelerating, swinging, and bumping to other cars in other words, the experience is going to make you forget you are in a virtual racing game.

Speed of Magic

At this point, you must have understood already that everything in Ferrari World revolves around speed and nothing but speed. It comes to no surprise that Speed of magic is no different. In the Speed of Magic, the ride would look like a very regular roller coaster ride but, just after few seconds a virtual character appears and flies in an incredible speed in front of you through exotic locations. The riders of Speed of Magic are going to travel with this animated figure feeling all the impressive and exciting highs and lows of the flight.


The G-force is an amazing drop tower game yet, it is not for week hearted people. In this game, a group of people get elevated around 62 meters above the ground then, you would be dropped down to the ground with a speed of 12 meters/s. This game indeed is a very safe game to play, however, the chances of you yelling your name as you drop down with the incredible speed are extremely high.

Bell’ Italia

You might be thinking at this point that Ferrari World is not really suitable for children. However, let me state the simple fact that Ferrari World is designed to provide the best experience possible for all age groups. In other words, children have their own suitable games that would entertain them and the best example of that the Bell’ Italia ride. The Bell’ Italia is a ride for kids that allows them to go through the amazing wonders of the Italian architecture. The ride involves the kids passing smaller versions of Italian iconic landmarks, coastlines, well-known race tracks, and the most important Italian architecture masterpiece, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.


If you are curious to know how does a 12 cylinder Ferrari 599 engine work, then V12 is a perfect area for you. V12 is a journey into the heart of that powerful engine. During this tour, you would get a weird feeling as if you have been shrunk into a size that fits inside a Ferrari engine. The room in which the V12 journey takes place is huge and extremely detailed to a point you can view the finest details that are found inside an actual Ferrari 599 engine.

Ride an Actual Ferrari

let’s be real for a second, all the talking about the Ferrari World’s roller coasters, engines, and virtual racing games must have ignited within you the desire to drive a real Ferrari car. No one can blame you, the desire is subconsciously hidden in the heart of every person who has ever heard of Ferrari. Have no worries, Ferrari World got you covered on this one. The matter of the fact is, Ferrari World allows people to ride a real Ferrari. If you have an active license you would be allowed to drive the car while an expert accompanies you. While in case you do not have a license, you can still ride the Ferrari and feel the adrenaline rush as a passenger as the car is being driven by an expert.

Mustapha Alayoubi

By Mustapha Alayoubi

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