Travel across the south west coast- Mauritius

January 1, 1970

by Amish-chucky

Mauritius- ‘Le Morne’


A volcanic island found in the Indian Ocean known for its fauna and flora, has a great history. Also known as the ultimate star and key of the Indian Ocean, it is located just above the tropics of Capricorn. Alongside with Saint Brandon, Reunion, and Rodrigues, the 2040 square km island forms part of the Mascarene Islands. Mauritius is worldwide known for its world’s top luxury tourism destinations and activities.

              The multi-ethnic society, drawn from Indian, African, European (mostly French) and Chinese origin enhances its reputation and makes it unique. Mauritius is one of the countries where freedom of religion is being respected and seen as a constitutional right of the citizens. Being Mauritian is boon due to the fact that you feel connected to many ethnics and societies and gets even deeper during the various multicultural events all around the year.

             In consonance, this island is home to some of the world’s most unique natural wonders from untouched beaches to scenic craters, rare species and crystal clear blue waters, this tiny island is full of rare beauty that is truly worth exploring. It may seem small compared to other countries but attractions throughout the island is not restricted by its size. Setting your feet on this soil makes you want to sink deeply in nature by the inland and coastal attractions. Some of these are namely the Seven Coloured Earth, The Black River Gorges, Swimming with the dolphins, Chamarel Waterfall, Under Sea Walk, Hiking trips, visiting small islands (Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile aux Cerfs).But if you are someone just who likes to be their own guide and trying to explore by their own, then you are on the right page- all you need be a nature lover because there’s a lot to discover from the attractions, local cuisines, cultures and much more.

            ‘Le Morne’ is a small coastal area where the beauty of the island can be most appreciated- both the sea and the greenery completely transform your usual environment and teleports you into another world. Typically the history of the island may have been started there as it was discovered by former slaves. The mountain ‘Le Morne’ found in this area was used as a shelter by the slaves to escape their cruel masters at that time. It has since now become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today we can find a small village dominated with local fishermen, kite surfers, paragliders and now emerging houses and hotels for locals and also tourists. A special park has been made available with different sculptures of slaves and their stories at the foot of the mountain.


Le Morne beach        

       The reflection of the greenery on the mountain reflects in the water forming a deep connection of the land and sea. The warm Luke water dips you in a feeling of an open air spa. Barbecue parties, camping setup with families makes this place such a wonderful place to be on a Sunday Afternoon. Far away in the lagoon, you can see the most practiced activity on this beach which is the kite sailing because of the light trade winds. Do not get afraid of being attacked by kites as this is the wildest sensations you may get while seeing it above you, they are actually quite harmless. It locally known as the kite lagoon because each year the kite festival is held here. As such, you can always spot a group of professionals with their equipment and coaches available for beginners and for kids. If you are a spontaneous adventurer then this activity is definitely for you in this blue lagoon.


                   While the colorful kites fills up the sky above you adding more to the natural beauty of this beach, you get the thought that you can easily spend your whole life admiring such an amazing view. Away from your daily routine, tedious week, you can hear the soothing sound of waves crashing at the beach which release all your tensed muscles. If you close your eyes for a few minutes, you will feel like you’re under water and you will end up feeling so light. Need a foot massage, just leave your feet under the sand and it does magic. It works as a therapy and you will end up having baby soft feet. The clear salty water acts like a detox and scrub to your feet while you are strolling on the beach.



Road to Maconde

Leaving the mountain, a few kilometers down the road leads us to a place named Maconde, where we will position ourselves on the South West tip of Mauritius with stunning views of the Island’s southern coast and views out to sea, if you are lucky enough, you may as well see large turtles swimming nearby. Nevertheless travelling across Maconde road is one of the most wonderful experience. Ranked in the Top 10 most beautiful road in the world, it lies alongside the coast where you can enjoy the sea breeze and amazing view while driving. The sun beaming and creating a shining effect on the water with sunglasses a must to have to enjoy this experience.



Experiencing ‘Maconde’, the natural beauty of this place is enhanced by the volcanic rocks, it is the most frequently visited attraction by the locals. Climbing the steep staircase is the small pain to bear for this amazing view. As Mark Twain quoted, ‘”Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” This view simply summarizes the beauty of Mauritius and leaves you mesmerized. The turquoise water, this greenery and blue sky and the breeze makes you feel like ‘heaven on earth’. The icing on the cake is that this place is a free attraction and does not even cost a penny to visit. At times, it can be very packed and you have to watch out otherwise you might fall. You can also get into the heat of the action and hire pleasure craft made available in the village to get a tour of the lagoon and the southern coast.

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                         The tale of a small place in the world but one which may be defined as a paradise on earth packed with a rich story.

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