Transcentral Highway Cebu : A Ride to Paradise

images (29)The Ride to Cebu Trancentral Highway

14242284_510410815830910_5960904119105909224_o It was an ordinary day when my cousin thought  of having a trip to Transcentral Highway, the fascinating road to paradise. We agreed to set the ride at Sunday since all of the pairs were available. The pairs were me and my sweet boyfriend Ben, my sister and her ever supportive boyfriend Archie, my young at heart aunt Bern with her positive minded boyfriend Leo and last but never the least, my cousin Cris with her super active cute baby Caelyn “Seset” and her  Computer wizard soon to be husband Rustan. We live in different places in Cebu , Philippines.  Messenger group chat has bind us together to keep in touch with each other. Thanks to Facebook.

Meet Up

We met at Barangay Busay or the town of Busay. My aunt Bern and Leo arrived earlier among all of us. Well, her boyfriend is a business minded person. It was expected to be like that. I was pressured to prepare myself to get ready to catch up. I never should have gone out the night before. I needed to be there because I said so and they're not anyone else, they're my family. So, I hurried up and rode off with my bf Ben. Unfortunately while we were heading towards the destination, Ben didn't notice that we were out of gas and my sister kept on calling me and I had no choice but to say “we're near, we'll be there soon”. Well, it honestly was. 🙂 We just stopped by to gas up and headed off. It took us five minutes to reach Lahug. Lahug is another town where you need to pass by to start riding the highway. Lahug has It Park where all call center agents, programmers and even online teachers are there to work with other countries time. So we passed by from there and rode up a very steep road about 34 degrees, where we've passed Marco Polo hotel, a five star hotel, the legendary hotel in Cebu. We've been there with my sister before at their “Blue Bar” and we've seen the stunning lightnings from the city and oh, it was really gorgeous. There are so many places to visit from Lahug to Busay. So, we've finally met them at Maiqui's Bakeshop at exactly same timing with my cousin Mary Cris. So we rode  and started to chase pavements. The view was really incomparable. Cebu City's building, roads and bridges were really small to look from our top view. We didn't lose sight from each other even the road was curve or even there were many vehicles and cars passing by. Well, that's the main reason while we rode together; to connect an invisible chain between us.

Short Rain Along The way

While we enjoyed the view,  there were small droplets from above and oh, it was rain showers. The drops were slowly pouring and pouring till we couldn't take it anymore and had to find some places to shelter. Fortunately,  the night before, we were able to buy raincoats for the both us, me and Ben  because that night before was rainy too. So, we hurriedly put on our raincoats and drove again. They were really amazed how could we be so prepared and we've got everything in times emergency. Well, me and Ben have driven round Cebu island, from north to south and we've experience being in a very heavy rain without any coats brought and we were so wet. Well, during this time, we didn't really bring the rain coats in purpose. As I said, we've just bought them the other night. Lucky we were. And so the rain didn't pour so long. The weather was kind to us. It has never let us down. So, we rode again. Along those areas were small stores managd by ordinary family to help survive everyday. They displayed fruits and vegetables, which were my favorites. I really liked to stop by and checked but they suggested, maybe it would better to stop when we come back. So I agreed. It was majority. The boiled sweet corn were really tempting but I let it passed by. Anyway, I'd be coming back for you.

The View

So here we are enjoying the view, the fresh air breeze that  can never be found in the city. City is really so stressing, from the very noisy horns to very dark  smoke from their engines. Well at least here, we've forgotten for an hour of stresses and problems. It really lessen at least. Thanks to mother nature as always. You are our forever cure.

Accidentally Captured best moment

What else should we do? Take a selfie, more and more before our battery runs out. Until, this happened. My sisters boyfriend didn't noticed the camera mode. He was already recording and perfectly captured that rare moment where most people missed to take. Well, thanks to kuya Archie for his perfect mistake. He took perfectly blury shots of my sister while my sister was really on the mood of taking posts like a Victoria Secret model when kuya didnt even take one at least good shot. At least, my sister was happy for taking that video. He was saved by that. And so, we didn't stay very long because we have a baby with us and we still needed to stop by that stores over there. As we headed back from our way, we've started to see vendors with their small kiosk lining up. Okra, boiled corn,  lettuce, eggplant and many more variety of vegetables were in display. I bought 1 kilo of lettuce, 1 kilo of boiled sweet corn and half of Okra. Suprisingly, I only spent  about  less than 100 pesos. Amazing it was huh. Really! I would love to climb up this mountain everyday during my grocery time. We headed back to our houses again and we kissed goodbye. It was an experience worth expressing. 14249980_510410765830915_8010879439537833445_o 14257696_510378975834094_8881329761086973165_o 14305350_510118159193509_1185562396294982193_o


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