Toulouse: "La ville rose"

January 1, 1970

by Pame-garay

Toulouse: “La ville rose”  

Here we are, in the so called “La ville rose” a cause of all the buildings with an orange-pinkish bricks, so when you see the city with a wide angle you can see it pink. Toulouse is one of the most important cities in the south of France, is actually the capital of its own region which is called Midi-Pyrenees. It is also one of the most important amd biggest cities in the metropolitan area of France.

The location of Toulouse is just awesome, you can take your car and you can be in just 2 hours in Andorra which is a shopping paradise, everything is tax free, so you can even go and do your groceries there and have a good time; also is 4 hours from Barcelona, Spain; 2 hours (150km) from the Mediterranean sea or if it’s winter time you can be in 2 hours and a half (189km) in the Pyrenees’ mountains and practice your skills for snowboard or ski.

As the image shows, you can be in a little short distance from the snowy mountains and from the beach.


Canet Plage, FRANCE [Août] (1)

This city has a particular smell, and that is lavender! Yes, that’s right, lavender! Lavender is a traditional product from Toulouse, they make soaps, shampoos, candies, teas, candles, etc., everything you can imagine they will make it with lavender. Actually this was an essential product for the beginning of the city’s economy.

Nowadays the strongest source of economy in Toulouse is the manufacturing for aircrafts industry. One of the biggest industry worldwide is just called in this city, the company is called “Airbus”. Most part of the population of Toulouse works in this company, also a lot of people from all over the world come here to work and be part of this big company. One of the most important facts, is that this company produced the largest plane for passengers in the history.

The weather in this pink city, can be change a little. Seasons are really remarkable in this city, autumn you can realize when all the leafs from the trees have fallen, winter you don’t have snow but it can get really cold, and if you are lucky you can have a white Christmas, depending on each point of view. Spring! Is the most beautiful season, everyone is waiting to watch all the flowers blossom, have longer days, take out all the coats, but you have to be careful with the wind, this city suffers a lot of strong winds; a famous and local phrase for the spring time is “Do not take off any cloth string” because you can feel the warm of the sun but also the cold winds and all of a sudden you will have a cold. And last but not least, the summer is great! Finally you can take out your shorts and flip flops out.

Spring and summer are full of activities, a lot of concerts and festivals start to come out, and just in the “Place of Capitole” which is one of the most concurrent places in the city, is just at the center and is where everything Is down, you have shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, shows, etc.

Toulouse has a lot Lac de la Ramée, FRANCE [Septembre] (4)of lakes in which you can do some paddle boarding or practice your fishing, or if you are a good swimmer you can refresh yourself and have a good swim. Even if you are not a water person you can enjoy the lakes by having a barbecue by the lake or a picnic, or take a ride with a bike, skates or just by walking and see the amazing sunsets mother nature give us.

The lake shown in the picture is called “Lac de la Ramée”, also a park with a ton of activities around nature.

Lac de la Ramée, FRANCE [Septembre] (1)

Toulouse, FRANCIA [Avril] (1)

As an European city, rivers cannot be missed so, “Le Canal du Midi” is one of the most important rivers and one of the largest in whole France, also it has “La Garonne”, “Le Touch” and “Hers-Mort”. People can have a really nice tan just by the river, or lay in the grass and have a good play of cards, beer or just have a good time with friends or even a romantic date with a glass of wine and cheese, obviously, you cannot miss cheese and wine while you are in France.


One of the most famous bridges is “Le Pont Neuf”, where everyone at any time of the day and no matter which day is full of people having a drink and enjoying its views and at night the light changing colors.

Toulouse, FRANCE [Août] (11)


All of these places you can reach them by metro, bus or even by bike. Everything is really closed from the city center.

Toulouse also has some museums to visit, as the “Space Museum” which gives all the experience as if you were really in space or in a spaceship and makes you feel like a kid again.

It has also some art and history museums; the “Toulouse Museum” is a museum of natural history, which is in the biggest parks of the city which is called “Jardin du Plants” which of course has some lakes with ducks, beautiful paths to walk, relaxed or play a sport by the grass, or have a good meal.

Summer has a lot of cool activities, but that doesn’t mean that nothing goes on in winter, of course it does! In winter Toulouse has the ice skating rink outdoor and indoor, also the “Marché du Noël” it takes place in the “Place du Capitole” and it lasts almost two months, is a place where you can buy all your Christmas gifts but with a special and original twist, also have some of the most classic French meals for winter, as the “alligot” “tartiflette” which are dishes with a lot of cheese and potatoes, really good and the delicious “raclettes” which is actually Swiss but French have adopt it really good.

The “cassoulet” is one of the most famous dishes in Toulouse which consists of beans and duck or sometimes sausage. The sausages from Toulouse are also well known, and they have a lot of different ways to eat them, also a lot of duck products as the “Confit du canard” or “foie gras” some people find it a little strong the first time they taste it, but the clue is to find the best balance, something fresh or with a low key taste.

So, don’t waste time, come visit Toulouse you’ll find people of all ages, and for sure you’ll have a great time, discovering the south of France, so pack your bags and hop to this city.

Toulouse, FRANCE [Août] (25)


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