Toubkal mountain – Southwestern Morocco

Mountain Toubkal

Summit Toubkal

From my childhood I did learn in school about Toubkal Mountain, or Djbel Toubkal like as Moroccan people call it, I learn it is the highest mountain in Morocco and North Africa and second highest mountain in Africa with 4167 metres (13671 ft) of height.I get older and i am start to going to trips, i did visited almost all Moroccan cities but always my dream to get climbing the Toubkal. This week i will achieve my dream, my old dream will be trust this week, I was happy and passionate, my trip starts by travelling from my city Casablanca to Marrakech by bus, then I get a taxi to Imlil, it is beautiful town, and it is the last point up of transportation then there is no way to transport just the mules or on foot. I come to Imlil it is a beautiful town and it is the last point up where transportation then there is no way to transport just the mules or on foot. I am spend the night there with my friends in Imlil we did rent room in pension, we are meeting there peoples between them some group from Russia also they are going to climbing Toubkal.    

The Road from Imlil to the refuge:

For climbing Toubkal we must going on foot from imlil to the refuge (almost 12km between the mountains we are going from 1700m of altitude to 3200m of altitude), it is the nearst point who climbers going there for rest one night and starts th next day at early at morning climbing toubkal. Refuge toubkal mountThe second day : we get awake early, we get our breakfast and we get our backpack than we are walking between the mountains to reach to the refuge,on road there are place named “Chamharouch” (some peoples think that is the shrine of the king of Gin Chamharouch and they go there to give him offerings in return thei think he will give them what they need), so here we are getting break and we get to eat, we are continuing our road to the refuge, we did almost four hours of walking among the mountains, we are coming to the refuge, i set up my tent out of it, but my friends, they are choice to spend the night inside, I meet some peoples there in their tents we set on fire we are doing tea and cooked dinner, i am going to sleep for awake early, i set the alarm in my phone at 3:30AM.  

Climbing Toubkal mount:

The third day I get awake at 5AM, my phone does not ring because the battery is discharged I am getting breakfast than going to my friends I found them waiting for me we got the road to the summit of Toubkal, we are among the mountains we did not see it, and we must walk almost 3 hours for coming to the summit, the road was hard as we are losing the way and we get another way who will take us to Lake Ifni, after almost one hour of walking we are known that is the wrong road, we get back to the refuge for the third time, I see some peoples coming back from the summit, I am noticing from where they are passed for going on the other side of the valley, I am following their road, my friend start to tell me it was so late we must go back, people going to summit and coming back and we are in the beginning of the road,I have answered him, I have no problem if I go late, it is better to did not go and didn’t achieve my dream, I am going on the road alone and my friends going back to the refuge, after almost 1 hour of walking I met 3 young men on the road of the summit, i am asked them to accompany them, they are agree, one of them, he is climbing Toubkal before, he knows the road good, I was so tired because I spend all my power in the morning when we are losing the way I was going slowly I get to eat dates and chocolate to get less power than in the half of road I decide to get back because have no more power, they are said me just try you will do it come with us, that get me little motivation I get stand and walking slowly, only one idea in my mind to come late, it is better to don't come, I am telling them I will follow you slowly just left me here I start to walk alone I meet a lot of people on the road the half was from USA, Spain, England … All they said me nice worlds who get my motivation, I get almost to the summit I am asking some men with his boy if I am near, he told me you have almost 15 min you are at the summit, I have no more power I ask them to give me water because I am forgetting to get water on the road, then I am seeing three men coming I am meeting them I am asking them to accompany them just to get little motivation, after that i know he is Lahcen Ahnsal and his wife, he is an champion in Marathon sand, he give me some advices, after almost 25 min i come to the summit of Toubkal (at 01:00PM), i am found there the 3 men who i am meeting on the road waiting for me, i get back with them to the refuge the way backة was hard some places on the road leading to the sliding and i have no more powerة but i was walking slowly to the refuge, was hard but finally i am doing it and i am climbing Toubkal i am achieve my fream.

Last night at the refuge and the way back to Imlil:

tent the story does not finish here we are spend nice evening, my friends coming spend the second night beside of me out of the refuge, I am finding good people who were here taking it inside my tent, at night it starts raining all night and was so cold more than the last, in the morning I am waiting when will stop raining to pick up my backpack and go back to Imlil,i was waiting a lot until 9:00 AM I am picking up my backpack and tent under the rain, my backpack was heavy and it gets more weight with water of rain, all my my items moistened, it was so hard was very cold and raining over on me all the road until Imlil, I did almost 5 hours on the road to come to Imlil there are no rain there I get drunk tea and “Msemen” (Moroccan Pancake) than I geta taxi to Marrakech.    

Two Days in Marrakech:

jamaa el fna Marrakech is beautiful city and touristic peoples come from all the world for visit it teher are lot of places to visit there for example Badii Palace and Palace bahia, old places from the 17 and 19 centuries, old building, tehre are also The place Jemaa el-Fna, Silo Koutoubia, El menara, … tea      

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