Top Tourist Destinations in Abuja Nigeria

January 25, 2019

by Onodu Charles

Abuja became the capital of Nigeria in the year 1991. The city is regarded as the fastest growing in the world. It features the best attraction sites in Africa. The city has many things to offer to foreign and local tourists. There are plenty of hotels, parks, museums, and other must-see places. It became the capital of Nigeria because of the central location. Whether you are visiting for a leisure trip, or you are on a business trip. There are interesting places you can visit. Once you are in Abuja, there will be no dull moments.

1.Aso Rock Presidential Villa
2.Aso Rock
3.Millenium Park
4.Chad Basin National Park
5.Abuja Art and craft village
6.Julius Berger Water Front Park
7.Jabi Lake
8.Hilltop Life Camp
9.Sueno Lounge

1 Aso Rock Presidential Villa

Abuja has the best man-made and natural tourist’s destinations. One of them is the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, which is currently the seat of government. The presidential villa is where the president of the federal republic resides. It is located in Abuja three arms zone, which is in the Central Business District of Abuja. Presidential Villa is close to the Supreme Court and the National Assembly Complex. If you make a trip to the three arms zone, you will have access to the headquarters of the executive, judiciary, and legislative arms of the federal government of Nigeria. If you want to see where decisions are taken in Abuja, you can make it to this area next time you visit Abuja.


2 Aso Rock

You cannot visit Abuja without making a trip to Aso Rock. This tourist destination is located in the outskirts of the city. It consists of a large outcrop. Perhaps, this is the most outstanding tourist destination in the capital city of Nigeria. The rocks reach the height of 1,300ft. If you approach Abuja, the first national edifice you can notice is the Aso Rock.


3 Millennium Park

Millennium Park was inaugurated at the beginning of the millennium, and that was how it got the name. The park is the largest public place in Abuja. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 2 of England, inaugurated it in the year 2003. The park is very close to the presidential villa. It has a river, which runs on the parks rectilinear axis. The river divides the park into two parts. One part of the park is for uncontaminated nature while the other part is for scientific knowledge. If you want to observe nature at its best, you can make it to the park.

4 Chad Basin National Park

This is park once hosted Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the year 1990. It is perhaps the best point of interest to tourists coming into Abuja. It is regarded as the conventional basin of Lake Chad. Local and foreign tourists make it this attraction destination.


5 Abuja Arts and crafts village

Abuja is also famous for art and crafts. This center is an important tourist’s destination. The village is located close to the Silverbird Galleria, which is in the Central Business District in Abuja. The village attracts hundreds of local and foreign tourists. It is perhaps the best hangout destination in the capital city of Nigeria.


6 Julius Berger water Front Park

This waterfront park is the best recreational spot in Abuja. It is the second best recreational destination in Abuja. It is a special hangout in the capital. It features:

Coastal trains
Roller coaster
Merry go round
Drop water tower
Spinning rides
Games arcade and so on. If you visit this park, you will have fun and entertainment. During festive periods, this is the popular choice for parents to spend time with their kids.


7 Jabi Lake

Perhaps, the most interesting tourist destination in the city is the Jabi Lake. It is perhaps the most visited attraction destination in the city. In northern Nigeria, aquatic life is not common, for this lake to be in Abuja, it is a remarkable sight. The lake is great because it offers a lot of side attractions. If you are looking for the best outdoor experience in Abuja, you have to make it to this lake. If you are a game enthusiast and you are interested in beach volleyball, table tennis, water sports and so on, the Jabi Lake is the place to go. The next time you come to Abuja, you must make Jabi lake your first port of call.


8 Hilltop Life Camp

If you are looking for a place of relaxation and sporting event, you can always visit the Hilltop Life Camp. Most people come here for romantic treatment. It is ideal for you because of the central location. It attracts thousands of tourists yearly.


9 Relaxation and hotel accommodation

Abuja has the best luxury hotels in Africa. You can get any type of hotel in Abuja. Some of the hotels are:
Sheraton Hotel
Grand Ibro Hotel
Transcorp Hilton Abuja
Rockview Hotel Abuja
Fraser Suites

All these are located in Abuja. There are less expensive hotels as well. If you are on a budget, you still get an affordable hotel reservation in Abuja.


10 Sueno Lounge

Sueno Lounge is there for your comfort and spa treatment. After tedious day’s work in Abuja, you can head to this lounge. This remains the best place for relaxation in Abuja. This spa offers different kinds of treatments. People visit the center for shiatsu massage, facials treatment, as well as hot stone massage and so on. It features a restaurant where you can get different kinds of local and continental dishes.

11 Zimbabwe

Perhaps, your visit to Abuja cannot be complete without a visit to a spot called Zimbabwe. It is located in the outskirts and offers different kinds of dishes. The foods are not only special they are also affordable. Different kinds of food are served here such as local palm wine, fish, chicken, barbecued beef, bushmeat as well as spicy traditional and local dishes and cuisine. If you are looking for a great place for evening relaxation, you can head to this spot. It has plenty of things to offer you.


Abuja is the most beautiful place in Africa. The city has lots of attraction sites such as the Aso Rock, Zuma Rock, Jabi Lake and other places. If you visit, you have plenty of things to do, see and eat.

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