Top Three Reasons to Visit Redcliffe

Located in Australia, north of Brisbane; Redcliffe is a home-grown country town with the heart of a big city. Whether you’re after a peaceful stroll along the dazzling waterfront, a tasty bite to eat, or a night “on the town”, Redcliffe has something to offer. I have lived in Redcliffe for the past five years; and, as you will see below, there are a few reasons for visiting Redcliffe that I believe are worth your while.  

1. Let me start with my favourite reason to visit Redcliffe: the Waterfront!

If you were to ask ten locals what is their favourite place in Redcliffe, or why they have lived in the same area their whole lives and would never leave, I believe that at least eight would say that it is because of the water. You don’t have to be a lover of the beach or of swimming to appreciate the sheer beauty of the Redcliffe waterfront. There are many other things to do that do not require a change in wardrobe or even getting your hair wet.

Pack a Picnic

One fun idea is to pack a picnic for lunch, find a table in the shade and cool breeze, and to simply enjoy your surroundings. Depending on which area you choose for lunch, there are plenty of little playgrounds for children to play, areas of beach to build sandcastles or to make sand angels (an interesting alternative to snow), and to dip your feet in the ocean waves rolling by.

Walking/Bike Path

You can also check out the walking/bike path that runs along the water’s edge all the way from New Port; where you can view dozens of boats and properties lining the waterfront, through Redcliffe, and right across the bridge to Sandgate: a little place we used to frequent growing up for our family picnics. The path is a perfect place to join the early morning/evening fitness gurus, take an easy stroll, or just to sit back on one of the conveniently placed benches to watch it all happen. There is hardly a more impeccable moment in Redcliffe than sitting and watching the sun rise over the ocean. I do have one word of warning: in Spring, the magpies and plovers can enjoy the waterfront just as much as their earthbound counterparts. Please be mindful of the surrounding trees as there really is no delight in being swooped and surprised while trying to enjoy your visit.      

2. Redcliffe Jetty Markets

It is Sunday morning and the markets have started. Redcliffe Parade is now filled with a mixture of smells; ranging between a hot breakfast, an abundance of fruit, and a selection of enticing fresh pastries. You can hear the berry man informing passers-by of his freshly picked produce, a few dogs meeting each other for the first time and playing together in the street, locals catching up over a hot coffee or freshly squeezed juice, and children playing happily in the playground. Each vendor is looking out from their unique little shop with a smile and a wave; offering their goods and services ranging from massages, fresh juice, hand-made clothes and bags, records, pictures, books, music, churros, pet accessories, vegetables… It may only be a small cordoned off section of Redcliffe Parade, and it may only be a little market, but it is well worth a look if you have a spare morning. As with many markets, buying from these vendors is also a great opportunity to support local farmers and businesses. Recommendation Time! Try to get to the markets somewhat early. There is plenty of parking around in the car park and surrounding streets, but getting in early gives you an opportunity to see the freshest produce; and also means that after the market, you have the remainder of the day to continue on your little adventure. Find out more information on the Redcliffe Jetty Markets here  

3. Eating Out!

For such a small city, Redcliffe has an impressive amount of variety when it comes to eating out. Two main places of note are Bluewater Square and along Redcliffe Parade.

Bluewater Square

The first, Bluewater Square, has a few little restaurants that offer a range from Italian, Sushi, Burritos, and Steak to name a few. On the other hand, if you’re wanting a nice place to meet up with a couple of friends, there are also a couple of café style nooks offering a hot cup of coffee or tea and a delicious slice of cake… or two. What I really like about eating at Bluewater Square is that the restaurants and cafés are not overly crowded. Being a few minutes’ drive from the water and main shops at Kippa-Ring, it is in an ideal and easy-to-get-to location. However, it seems to be sufficiently tucked away that getting a table does not generally require a reservation a week in advance. Find out more information on Bluewater Square here  

Redcliffe Parade

The second, along Redcliffe Parade, has an even wider variety. If you were to take a walk or a drive along this road you would see restaurants for almost any appetite. Fish and Chips, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Fine Dining, French, Steak, Fast Food, a collection of little cafés, Ice Creameries, Chocolate Shops… I don’t think that I have listed them all, but you get the idea. Big or small meals, on a budget or splashing out, it is hard to go home hungry. Another Recommendation! The Restaurants along Redcliffe Parade can be quite popular, especially for dinner on a weekend or for breakfast on a Sunday morning. To ensure that you and your party are not disappointed, it is a good idea to call ahead and book a table. Even if it is a quiet night, you can feel like a V.I.P. being led to your table marked with a little “reserved” sign. All in all, Redcliffe may not be the largest of places to visit, or have the biggest of names in the world, but it is a place with heart. With it’s beautiful waterfront and scenery; assortment of shops, restaurants, and cafes; Redcliffe is somewhere that once you’ve been, it is difficult to forget.


My name is Erin, and I have been writing fiction and articles since a young age. Bringing with me a new-found love of travel and health, I am now enjoying finding new topics to discover and to write.