Top things to do in Tamraght, Morocco

July 10, 2019

by Georgiana Ionescu

Having perfect weather all year round and a beautiful seacoast, Morocco is the perfect place to discover a different culture, amazing people and breathtaking landscapes.
Here you can relax, enjoy the delicious North African cuisine and experience the beauty of this country. Among all my travels, this country has deeply impressed me due to the hospitality of its people, its rich heritage mix between Berber and Arabic, with Spanish and Portuguese influences. Impressive architecture, beautiful traditions and a way of life deeply connected with nature will definitely leave the mark among all its visitors.

Marrakesh is by far the most visited Moroccan city and offers plenty of touristic attractions and activities to satisfy even the pickiest of tourists. However, if you love the seaside but don’t want to go in a crowded place, then you should definitely pay a visit to a small village called Tamraght.

Located 17 km north of Agadir, this little village has become famous in the surfing community as here you can enjoy Africa’s best waves for beginners and advanced surfers. It is the perfect place if you love the sea, sunshine and is also recommended if you are travelling solo, with your family or friends.
Tucked away between the small mountains around, the village is quite small but enjoys a nice vibe. Beautiful white and blue houses with roof terraces decorated in an authentic Moroccan style provide the best accommodation for your holiday.
The closest airport is in Agadir, one of Morocco’s biggest seaside city. Depending on your date of travel and location, you can find a plane ticket at a good price from major cities in Europe. There is no train or bus service from the airport until the city, therefore the easiest way to get to Tarmaght is to take a taxi directly from Agadir Airport.

Where to stay

There are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation, according to your preferences and budget. The centre of the village has a few traditional Riads that are beautifully decorated in an authentic Morrocan style with an indoor garden and water fountain. Most guesthouses have a sunroof terrace where you can enjoy a traditional Moroccan mint tea, watch the sunset or even have a yoga session. If you prefer an all-inclusive holiday package, you can stay at one of the hotels that have been recently opened around Tamraght.
There are also many surf houses in Tamraght that provide accommodation as well as surfing lessons, equipment and meals included.

Where to eat

Tamraght has many coffee shops and small restaurants where you can eat. Try the traditional Moroccan Tagine which is a meat and vegetable dish cooked in a ceramic pot. Couscous, also a famous Moroccan dish is something you need to try.
International cuisine is available and you can find pizzas, pasta, sandwiches or burgers. Also, there are a few coffee shops that serve vegetarian and strictly vegan dishes. You may also like to try the variety of fresh juices that are popular in Morocco.

Tagine dish

Tagine dish

Otherwise, you can travel to the next villages, which are not very far and provide plenty of choices when it comes to eating out or grocery shopping.

Every Wednesday there is a local market in the neighbouring village, Aourir, called “souk” and is an interesting experience for a tourist. Definitely worth visiting!

What to do in Tamraght

For sea lovers, Tamraght is the perfect place to forget about everything else and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea, its soft sand beaches and amazing colours of the sunsets.

  • Definitely, you should try surfing at least once in your lifetime. Is fun, intense and really good workout. Imouran beach is very close to the village and is the headquarters of local surfers. There are few restaurants and surf shacks so you can rent all your surfing gear from there


  • Have a Yoga session at the beach.
  • Eat out at one of the restaurants in front of the sea. They have delicious seafood and fresh juices.
  • Have a walk towards Taghazout and enjoy the feeling of space and beautiful sunsets.
  • Have a day trip to Paradise Valley which is located a few kilometres from Agadir and is amazing. Natural pools and waterfalls are the highlights of the trip and the road to get there goes through a beautiful valley and a date palm forest. Avoid school holiday or windy days because the place can get a bit crowded.


Road to Paradise valley

  • Have a beach bonfire under the stars.
  • Take a trip to visit Imsouane, another small village with good spots for surfing. The view from the top of the village is spectacular.

View from the top of Imsouane

  • Spend an afternoon at a Moroccan Hammam, which is a place where you can enjoy a series of body cleansing treatments.
  • Have a relaxing massage session after surfing. Although there are a few Spas open in the village, some surf schools prefer to bring a masseur in the house, so there is also this option.
  • Make a day trip to Essaouira, a beautiful city located 150 km north of Tamraght. There you should visit the fish market and the old citadel.
  • Spend some time in Agadir and discover this beautiful city. You might want to do some shopping at the souk, enjoy a meal at one of the seafront restaurants and have a long walk by the beach.
  • Tamraght is a great place to socialize as well. Being a great surfing spot, here you can encounter people from all over the world in search of Morocco’s waves. Local coffee shops provide a good location for socializing, especially in the afternoon, after the surfing session while enjoying a nice Moroccan mint tea.  Even if you are travelling alone, the locals and the tourist are very friendly and welcoming and there are plenty of opportunities to meet and hang out so you will not have the feeling of being alone.

Fantastic weather all year round, great food, great people and plenty of spots where you can enjoy sunbathing, surfing or just long walks at the beach makes Tamraght the perfect holiday destination.


Georgiana Ionescu

By Georgiana Ionescu

Hi, My name is Georgiana, I am 32 years old. I am originally from Romania but I have lived in UK, France and Morocco for the past 8 years. I love traveling and discovering new places and new cultures! I work in different areas such as hospitality, office administration and online marketing and I love outdoor sports such as surfing and skateboarding!


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