Top Seven Things To Do In Abuja.

    Hello, I want to help make your stay in Abuja one to remember. How was the trip? I hope it went well. Now, while in AbujaI can imagine you’d want to do and try everything and I know exactly how that can be. Well lucky for you, I know a few places in Abuja you would like.

1. The Tuck Shop

First on my list is a lovely little place called The Tuck Shop. This place is at No 3 Bangui Street, off Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Wuse 2. Now The Tuck Shop is your typical movie like truck except it does not move. It has a very nice background for pictures and the food is good. The menu is basically made up of Chips, wings, burgers and hot dogs. It is also affordable. The most expensive item on the list is the full platter which costs 1800 naira. I know, I thought so too. However, the tuck shop is in an open place and it is not big. It is best for take-out. Although, on very lucky occasions, it might be empty and dining there works out well too. The members of staff are friendly and a smile never hurts so they give you one or two or six. Below is a picture of the full platter.

The full platter at The Tuck Shop


  2. Yogurberry

Moving on, we have Yogurberry. It is located at No 2 Bangui Street off Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2. This is a shop that sells frozen yoghurt and other breakfast menu items. Now the thing with Yogurberry is the atmosphere is really nice. It is very conducive and usually very temperature friendly. It is also very price friendly. Their cup sizes range from 1000 naira to 2000 naira. Their menu comprises mainly of frozen yoghurt and waffles in different flavours and with different toppings. Dining in and take out are possible here. It has a cute background for pictures as well and it is a very couple friendly place.

3.  Jabi Lake Mall

   Third on the list is Jabi Lake Mall. It is located on Bala Sokoto Way, Jabi. It is interesting to note that Jabi lake mall is the fourth largest shopping mall in Nigeria. Now, like most malls, you can find almost everything here. From furniture to food. Jabi lake mall houses over one hundred and twenty different shops. I know. You can’t go to them all but well you can try. The shops in Jabi lake mall include worldwide franchise, Miniso which sells almost anything you want to buy. There is a Samsung shop as well. Very convenient. There are several jewellery shops and clothing shops which house very good designers. The Body Shop also has a place in this mall in case you were looking. Silverbird Cinemas is in the mall as well. You could see a movie or two or three. There are seven restaurants in this mall. These include the very sought after Dominos Pizzeria, Finger licking, pocket draining, brain freezing Coldstone and the Close to home Kilimanjaro. Not to over excite you but this mall also houses Shoprite which is somehow a mall on its own. All restaurants here are very children friendly. Take out, dining in, whatever floats your boat. Well it’s not called Jabi Lake mall for nothing. There is a lake behind it and boat rides are authorised. Very cozy and couple friendly. The scenery is breath taking. There is a picture below and below that picture is one of a rainbow patch which features around the mall for the photography freaks. It’s okay to be one. You look beautiful anyway.

The boat scenery at Jabi Lake mall.

The Rainbow patch at Jabi Lake mall.

The mall offers underground and upstairs parking spaces. There is a picture of the Underground parking space below.

The Underground Parking Space at Jabi Lake mall.

   Some other shops in the mall are; • Coccodrillo Nigeria that sells children’s clothing • Diva House that sells jewellery. • Game Stores • Grey Velvet; A fashion boutique • House of Tara • Mango • Novesa London • Office everything • Pandora

4. Marcoriano Chinese Restaurant

   Let’s go International for a second. The Marcoriano Chinese Restaurant serves lovely Chinese food. This place is at Third Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate. It’s a very beautiful place and the food is good. It also showcases some art and good flower vases. The price is a little on the high side especially for the very traditional Chinese meals. However, a very good serving of Chicken fried rice or noodles costs 1250 naira. That is okay I guess. Also, this place charges a service charge and VAT separately. It is also next to a pizzeria. Italy and China side by side, that should make you smile.

5. Magic Land

   Its time to talk magic so let’s go to Magic land. Magic land is a place well named. Most children get here and they do not want to leave. It is an amusement park located at Constitution Avenue, Wuse. With over twenty fun but gut wrenching activities to do, childhood looks more desirable in Magic Land. The gate fee is 300 naira per person and each activity is priced differently. It is also very picnic friendly and all age welcoming.

6. Eagle Square

I feel like flying so I’ll take you along. We’re going to Eagle Square. Since 1999, this place has continued to wow people from the Central area of Abuja. It is a place to be when you want to feel what Old Nigeria felt like.

7. For The Adults

Don’t worry adults, I got you. Abuja has it’s fair share of Nirvana and what not. With Hotels like the Hilton, Sheraton and karaoke bars, not just I but Abuja will entertain you. Also, Abuja is known for her concert shows and festivals. Summer in Abuja is a good time to be alive.


    Well, I have told of places to go, places to go twice, now how to go. Well you cannot stand on the streets of Abuja for five minutes without attracting three or four taxis. The fares are very fair according to your destination. Bolt and Uber also operate full time in Abuja and most of the drivers are nice to a fault. Please by all means, have a wonderful time in Abuja. Ciao! Au revoir! Adios! Tchau! Zaijian!


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