Top Seven Locations to Visit in Slovenia in Summer now.

Last summer, we crossed one wish out of our bucket list. Going to Slovenia was one of our dreams and it came true in July 2017. One of my mantra when travelling is that I plan my days very well before going there. Luckily my boyfriend feels comfortable driving abroad and so it is easier for us to visit different places. Here is a list of my top locations in Slovenia which I would not think twice about going again.

Jasna Lake

My top choice would definitely be Jasna Lake in Kranjska Gora. We lived in a Radovljica, a town 20minutes away from Lake Bled. In order to reach Jasna Lake we had quite a long drive, but Slovenia is such a beautiful country that long drives can provide an opportunity to see such amazing sites. In my opinion, Jasna Lake is one of the most beautiful scenes my eyes have ever seen. The reflection of the mountains in the crystal clear waters of the lake is simply breathtaking. Make sure you wear some layers because it can be a bit cold especially if you go early in the morning. When we arrived the sun was still quite low and when the sun rays hit the surface of the lake, we could see a thin layer of water vapour. I can assure you it’s a manifest to the eyes, and surely worth visiting.


On our way to Jasna Lake, we passed through Vrsic pass. There was one particular spot which was so worth stopping in to take photos. In my country where I live in, Malta, we do not have any mountains so I might be a bit too astonished by the beauty of the mountains but to me, it was an amazing view to stop and take photos.

Postanja Cave

Postanja Cave is one of the biggest underground caves in the World. Such an amazing natural wonder is fascinating to me. When I experience such greatness I always realise how small we and our existence is, in comparison to such greatness. The cave has taken the forces of Mother Nature for millions of years to create such an intriguing underground system of magnificent caves. The temperature in the cave is quite low and if you try to be a hero like me you’ll end up wearing a Harry Potter style cape in order to keep yourself warm. For some parts of the tour, you take the train which will take you deep inside and then you can continue to explore the cave on foot. No flashes are allowed but the cave is well lightened in order to continually create a great atmosphere.

Lake Bohinj

In order to reach Lake Bohinj, the GPS gave us a detour and we ended up driving on the Lake pier by mistake. It was quite funny to see the astonished look on people’s faces already on the pier. Once we managed to figure our way in the parking we went down to swim. In our country, we do not have any lakes so it was our first time to swim in a lake. It was surprisingly very cold compared to the Maltese beaches, but nothing compares to swimming in a lake between the mountains. The feeling of swimming is different from that of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

Vintgar gorge

For those in love with the sound of water and simply love the idea of water flows, rivers and waterfalls, Vintgar gorge is a must do. In this location, you can take a path which follows the river canyon. Parts of the paths are overhanging wooden passages that cross the river. I couldn’t stop taking photos because wherever you look you see a breathtaking view. You just keep taking photos so as to be rest assured that you will not forget any part you see.

Virje waterfall

In order to see this waterfall we parked very far away and I must say I had my share of complaints from my boyfriend. We had to walk along the Trenta Valley but we could have done most of the walk by car. Personally, I think the walk was worth it because we saw an amazing waterfall in the end. The waters under the waterfall were freezing, my toes turned purple the minute I dipped them in the water, but I guess it is because we are not used to this because there were others who were swimming and splashing in the waters that surround it. On our way back towards the car, we took another route and this time we walked through the woods. It was an amazing walk yet I was a bit scared because there was a sign that bears might be lurking around. I really did not fancy the idea of being chased by a bear but we made it safe and sound.

Velika Planina

This was one of the places I did not plan from home to go there. It was the owner of our hostel we were living in that suggested we go there. In order to reach this location the owner told us there was a cable car but we didn’t find it so as adventurers we decided to hike it to the top. Now we are both quite active, my boyfriend more than me, but personally, I felt like I was gonna die by the end of the hike. I think it was the altitude, but my heart was racing so fast I couldn’t keep up. But I did it in the end and it was once again worth it. If you are not a fan of cows Velika Planina is not your place because Velika Planina is invaded with hundreds of cows walking freely. Their sound is the only sound you hear and everywhere you look you will see cows. The views from up there are breathtaking. Make sure you mind your steps because you might accidentally put your feet in one of their faeces.   That was, in a nutshell, some of the places I really loved in Slovenia. There are many more places I visited which I loved such as Lake Bled and Lubiljana, but I tried to mention the places that you don’t normally read about when researching about Slovenia.

Melanie Saliba

I am Melanie Saliba I was born in Malta and I have a passion for travelling. I am 23 years old.