Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Barcelona, Spain

December 15, 2018

by Daria Sidorenko

Barcelona is one of the cities, that you’ll love and remember. All over the year, you can see a large flow of tourists in this city. It explains a big interest in tourism in Barcelona, specifically in its culture, architecture, beautiful nature and charming locals.
There are so many attractions in Barcelona! You will have a big choice of where to go. My advice to you. If you have at least half a day in Barcelona, just take a bicycle for rent and ride all over the city, especially the downtown area. There are comfortable bike lanes and the rent price is 5-10 euro per day. You’ll get a lot of fun!

1. Sagrada Familia

One of the most famous buildings in the world. Millions of tourists visit Barcelona to see La Sagrada Familia. The temple has been built for more than 130 years, and it’s the most famous long-term construction ever.
Well, Gaudi new how to impress. When you stand near this temple, you feel yourself as a small ant. And your brain can’t actually understand, how it is possible to come up with such an unusual and huge creation.

If you want to enter inside of the Sagrada Familia, you should buy tickets in advance for two reasons:
• you don’t spend hours in a queue to buy them
• you get the tickets on a date you’d like, it’s better to do it in a week before the day you want to enter, otherwise, you risk remaining without tickets

15-29 euro. You can get discounts for groups from 9 and more people.

How to get:
Subway station – Sagrada Familia (L2/L5 line).
Bus stop – Sagrada Familia (buses 3, 19, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20, B24).

2. The Gothic Quarter

This place is a 100% must see! Narrow streets, medieval architecture and fantastic atmosphere will amaze you. Once you get here, you wouldn’t want to leave it. Spend here at least 3-4 hours or better a whole day.

What to do in Gothic Quarter:
• visit The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, The Church of Santa Maria del Pi
• if you get here on Sunday morning, you can watch a traditional dance – Sardana. It is in the front of the Cathedral (Pla de la Seu square)
• visit The Museum of Barcelona History, The Museum of Picasso and others. Actually, there are more than 6 museums in one place
• take pictures, lots of pictures! You will see the remains of the old Roman temple, the gracefulness of Placa Del Rei Square
• go to the old and famous cafes, such as “The Four Cats” (Els Quatre Gats)
• enjoy the atmosphere of the place, often there are musicians, that make it more positive

How to get:
It is not very close to the metro, so you better use a google map in your smartphone.
Subway stations – Liceu station (Line 3), Jaume I (Line 4).

Free. Most of the museums have paid tickets.

3. La Rambla

La Rambla is the most popular and touristic street in Barcelona. If you ever visit Barcelona, you probably have been here. Because it’s the main street.

What’s interesting in La Rambla:
• Many souvenirs and interesting shops for tourists
• Boqueria Market. Yummy fruits and veggies, charming sellers. The market was founded in 1840!
• Palau Güell – the Palace of Guell is one of the first works of Gaudi
• Principal theatre (one of the oldest theatres in Barcelona)
• Liceo theatre. If you like opera, you should visit such a famous theatre
• The Mosaic of Miro

How to get:
Subway stations – Cataluna, Liceo, Drassanes (L3).


4. Casa Mila or The Mila House

Gaudi’s creation. Was made on the basis of a “moving mountain”. My love of this house are the balconies. In our days there are the lucky ones, who live in this house. You can just walk around or you can get in.
Open hours – 9-23. A day-time pass ends at 20:00. Then from 21:00 to 23:00 is a night-time pass.

How to get:
Subway station – Diagonal Station (L3, L5).
Bus – 7, 16, 17, 17V, 22, 24.

Tickets cost very differently. 22 euro is a day-pass. They also have discounts for students, children etc.

5. Balio House

If you ever wished to get in a fairytale, you should visit this beautiful house, which is included to the UNESCO World Heritage list.
This creation of Gaudi marked the beginning of a new style, that has been applied in his other works.
Open hours – 9-21:00 (you should get in before 20:00).

How to get:
Subway station – Passeig de Gracia (L2, L3, L4)
Bus – 7, H10, V15, 22, 24. Bus stop Casa Batlló – Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

Tickets start from 24 euro, it depends on a program you want.

6. Montserrat Monastery (Monestir Santa Maria de Montserrat)

This place is the last in my must-see list, but not the worst, believe me. It’s not actually in Barcelona, it is northern.
The Monastery is high in the mountains. The road is beautiful and scenic, that’s why I advise going there by car or by bus or even by a train is a great adventure. Along the way, you will see a big rock. It seems like a Monastery is a part of a rock. The architecture is very unusual and impressive.
Montserrat Monastery is a holy place. Pilgrims all over the world come here to see the Black Madonna. By the legend, there was a light in a cave, and the image of the Black Madonna was found there. It was a miracle, and the decision was made to build a Holy Monastery.

What to do/see in Montserrat:
• get a ride at the funicular, check out all the beauty of its nature
• go to the hiking trails, it will be a healthy and unforgettable walk
• enter the Monastery, listen to organ music
• listen to the famous Choir Boy performances
• look at the Black Madonna, the reason, why the Monastery was built
• light a candle and pray for everything good in your life and it will be so!

How to get:
By train – get to the station Pl.Espanya, your stop in Montserrat Aeri. Than go to the funicular.
By bus – from this place Plaça dels Països Catalanes.

Free. The funicular is 7 euro one way (11 euro two-ways). It will be cheaper if you go to Montserrat by train.
Bus – 4,65 euro.

This is it?
Of course not. This is my (and I think many tourists will agree with me) Top-Rated programme. If you have enough days in Barcelona, you can also visit The Guelle Park, The Spanish Village, The Museum of the National art of Barcelona and a lot of more interesting places. You will always find what to do in Barcelona!
The good thing is that all my Top-Places are pretty close to each other (except Montserrat), so you can get a good walk or a quick ride by a bike and enjoy.

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