Top Places to Visit in God’s Own Country-Kerela

May 20, 2019

by Swarnambal John

Welcome to Kerela! Rightly called God’s own country, the place abounds with natural beauty in its pristine form. Located at the Southern tip of India Kerela beckons you with golden beaches, high mountain ranges, emerald backwaters, and compelling art forms.

There’s plenty of things to do in Kerela- you can relax in the houseboats that sail in the lazy backwaters, listen to the village folksongs, enjoy a safari, bathe elephants and discover remote festivals that impress your soul.

Above all, you can enjoy exciting flavors of foods that you never dreamt existed. Here are some of the top places to visit in Kerala.


Described as the Venice of the East Alappuzha holds a prominent place in the maritime history of Kerela. This beautiful place is essential for backwater holidays, boat races, marine products, beaches, and coir industry.

A delightful experience in Alappuzha is the houseboat cruise. These boats are a revoked version of old houseboats that were used to carry tons of rice and spices. If you’re planning a stay in the houseboat, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of life in backwaters.

The rooms inside the boat are furnished just like any other hotel room. The best part is that you can enjoy a delicious variety of fresh fish preparation caught from the backwaters.


Famous for its jagged peaks and exotic lush greenery Munnar is located in the Western Ghats of Kerela. Lush green tea plantations abound in the serene hills of Munnar. Adventure travelers eager for paragliding, trekking and hiking can obtain spine-tingling experiences here.

This place serves as the commercial center for some of the World’s largest tea estates. I remember visiting Munnar with my friends back in my college years. As soon as you land there a feeling of serenity engulfs you. I believe it’s due to the greenery everywhere, the sounds of the chirping birds and the gentle trickle of the waterfalls present there.

A visit to Munnar is not complete without a visit to the Echo Point. This place marks the confluence of three majestic mountain ranges. Echo Point is located at the lap of a quiet lake with misty mountain ranges covered with dense trees. Stand there and shout your name and your voice will reverberate along the mountains.


Kovalam features three spectacular crescent beaches and is a favorite haunt of tourists since the 1930s. It is a beautiful bay of calm waters suitable for sea bathing. Leisure options abound in this heavenly place sunbathing, sea diving, herbal massages, swimming, catamaran cruising, and unique cultural programs, are just to name a few. Westerners love this place because of its shallow waters and low tidal waves.


Called as the Gateway to Kerela, Kochi is a bustling commercial port city with a trading history that dates back to 600 years. Some of the best places to visit in Kochi are the Jewish synagogue, Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, Chinese fishing nets and Veeranpuzha lake and backwaters.

Constructed way back in 1547, by the Spanish speaking Jews the synagogue boasts of some rare antics and beautiful chandeliers. Similarly, the Mattancherry palace also displays the paraphernalia of the kings of Kochi.

The Chinese fishing nets attracts hordes of tourists and is one of the most photographed places in all of the town. Likewise, Veeranpuzha is a beautiful lake that has a series of brackish lagoons, and lakes which lie parallel to the Malabar coast and form beautiful backwaters.

Come visit Kerala and immerse yourself in the grandeur of God’s own country.

Swarnambal John

By Swarnambal John

I am Swarnambal John, a health and wellness blogger and a writer.


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Divya sachdeva.

May 31, 2019

Kerala is a place where you can experience the beauty of nature. The places of Kerala makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature. There are various places where you can have some quality time with your partner and spend some cozy time as well. Kerala is becoming hot favorite honeymoon destination as well. I must say you have listed some amazing places to visit in Kerala which no one can afford to ignore. Thank you for sharing this information.