Top Places for Runners in Davao City

by Jello-laganson

Friday, February 10, 2017

Top Places for Runners in Davao City

As a lot of people are aiming to get fit these days, running became more popular. It’s one of the easiest way to be healthy and get fit without spending too much on machines, gyms fees or food supplements. In Davao City  Philippines, more and more people are getting into different running activities from a regular jog on weekends, Fun Run Events, Marathons to Trail Ultramarathons. If you are a runner like me and planning to spend a week here in Davao, it would be best to try some of the best places to run here.


Davao’s People’s Park

If you just started running, the best place to run in Davao is at the People’s Park. Here, you’ll also find a lot of runners especially early morning and in the afternoon until evening. It’s a big park that could accommodate people who wanted to run plus the people who simply wanted to relax and enjoy the place.

You won’t feel awkward running at the park since you’ll be accompanied by other runners as well. And I could personally guarantee that people in Davao are friendly most especially the runners. It is safe here since the area is guarded by members of the Task Force Davao aided by security personnel of the park.

Here, you can run in circle with a distance of about 600-700 meters per round. A ten round jog here would be enough or about a 1-hour jog.

Island Garden City of Samal

Samal is well-known for the wonderful and clear beaches. During summer, a lot of people gather here to beat the heat. But, even days outside summer, people are still coming to Samal to hang out with friends, unwind and be away from stress.

The place is also ideal for runners.  There are already several trail running events hosted in different locations in Samal. From 21 km to 100km ultramarathon. Since the place is away from the city, there are few vehicles especially when you go trail running which I prefer. You can climb Mt. Putting Bato which is the highest peak on the island. Do not think about running it all the way to the top. Though it’s doable, only elites to that. Go up the mountain by jogging and walking. Do not force yourself too much. The goal is to enjoy your way to the top.

When you are not too tired, you’ll have the energy to enjoy the surrounding and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. Once you reach the top, you’ll feel even better. You’ll be able to witness the entire beauty of the island.

Eden Nature Park

Among the highest places in Davao City is Eden Nature Park. There are a lot of fun activities that you can do here so don’t miss this place. Here, you can experience sky bicycle riding. When you visit the place, you’ll realize that from Toril Davao city going to Eden, it’s all up hill. So what does it mean for runners? It’s one of the best places to train.

If you are a marathoner or ultra-marathoner, the uphill of this place would certainly get your heart beating fast. Yes, I’m not kidding. The moment I started running a marathon, I suddenly realized that going to Eden without any means of transportation would be a nice experience. I was half right and half wrong. Though it’s pretty much fulfilling to reach the top, it was also very hard for me during the first time. Most likely because I failed to prepare for it. The moment I thought about doing the run, I immediately scheduled it the next day. Lucky for me I managed to reach the top purely by walking.

So if you think you are prepared, I highly suggest you give it a try.

Calinan, Davao City

After going to Eden for the first time and you decided not to run it due to its tremendous up hills. There is a place that you will most likely visit and its name is Calinan. It is the place where you can find the breeding place of the Philippine Eagle in the City. Another tourist spot in the area is the Malagos Garden Resort. From Ulas to Calinan, mostly its flats and slight up hills. This is surely a runnable distance for those who are already running marathons.

The only problem I found when you run in this place is the area where the road is not too wide at Los Amigos Pantatan. Though currently there is a road-widening project there, I highly suggest you take extra precautions when running in that area. The best of the places you’ll be running is definitely safe.

Many runners run here from the city to train. It’s not a very different route, but good enough for training. Distance is about 20kms starting from Ulas.

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Datu Salumay

I included this area on this post because recently we had our Trail Marathon in the area last year in the month of November. If you are a runner and planning to visit Davao, choose November and join the Datu Salumay Trail Run Event. If you love the trail, you’ll never regret your decision. It’s not a very difficult trail but it’s not easy as well. It was my first time running the event and it took me 10 hours to finish the 42 km trail.

I’m not that experienced in running yet that why it took me a longer time to finish it. It was on this trail run even that I experienced my first running in the rain. Before I reached the finished line, it rained very hard. It made the terrain even more difficult but pretty much fun I guess. You already know what I mean if you are a trail runner. Curious about how it feels? Give it a try but make sure that you train and prepare for it.

So there you go, there best places for Running in Davao. Our city is definitely a great city to visit if you are on a vacation. There several running groups here making it a popular destination for runners as well. If you need a running buddy, hit me up.

by Jello-laganson

by Jello-laganson

Friday, February 10, 2017

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