Top 8 must see places in Egypt

January 1, 1970

by Irina-ghioc

“Cleopatra, pyramids, pharaoh, the Nile, camels, buried treasures, Tuthankamun, Isis and Osiris”. Rings a bell? I’m sure it does. To me it did since I was just a child and few months ago my dream came true: I visited Egypt!

I am fascinated by the ancient times, mysteries and secrets of lost worlds, so the trip to Egypt was one of the “must see country” on my list. After a short research on the weather and culture, I packed light, comfy clothes, that respected their culture (long dress, skirts, and cover ups for the times when I will visit the cities). I was expected the hot weather, but you don’t know the meaning of “very hot weather” until you visit Egypt, trust me! Having cold water in my bag all the time and wearing sunscreen was a part of my “survival kit” there. The best time to visit this country is from October to April, being easier to handle the skin burning Sun and the air very hard to breathe.

Egyptian flag

Also keep in mind that that area is quite dangerous and the tourists are still protected by the army so they will be safe during the visits to the sights. The ones who have a weak heart should avoid this trip because there it too much adrenaline. It’s not very comfortable, I admit, but the greatness of what you will see there will erase every objection you might have concerning this country.

There are many things to write about this experience, but if I will have to convince somebody that Egypt has a lot to offer, I will simply show my 8 favorite places I was lucky enough to see:

1. Egyptian Museum of Cairo

All the history of the ancient Egypt is concentrated in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. You won’t have time to see all the 120.000 items that are supposed to be there, but the view of the jewelries and the artifacts found on the Tomb of Tutankamun will leave you breathless and with memories for a lifetime. Pay attention to the eyes of the mummy masks, they look incredibly real! In perfect order and with travel guides that were describing in different languages the most interesting parts of the Museum, the visit was short, but I was able to get the essence of the place.

6.Egyptian Museum



2. The Pyramids of Giza

Don’t be surprised when you’ll reach the pyramids. You won’t expect them to be so close to the new city, or looking so small than imagined (or, at least , that is how they appeared to me). One of the Wonders of he World is still a mystery and is much more to see inside than outside, that’s for sure. It’s possible to enter the pyramid (after paying a fee), but it will be a short, almost in the dark visit, and air hard to breathe. It’s very hot there and you can feel sick if you enter the pyramid, even if it’s for 2-3 minutes.

1.The Piramids of Giza

Everybody wants to take pictures with the pyramids, so be patient if you won’t have enough space to do your selfie! Usually is less crowded in the morning, they said.

3. The Great Sphinx

The Sphinx is another mystery of Egypt. You can see the erosion due to the wind and the sun effect over time on this enormous sculpture and we were told by the guide that the Egyptian Government will put a glass structure around it for protection. half lion/half human statue is more than 70 meters long and 20 high. As the majority of the ruins of the ancient Egypt, this impressive statue is still a mystery for the archeologist. I felt happy to admire it and I will leave the unanswered questions for the researchers.

2.The Great Sphinx

4. Queen Hatshepsut’s Tomb

You can admire Hatshepsut as being the first woman who ruled this country and helped it flourish and expand.
A Queen’s Temple is as breathtaking as a King’s Temple, and I was amazed to see the details of this feminine touch in the architecture. Don’t miss it!

3.Queen Hatshepsut Temple

5.Valley of the Kings

I dare you to enter the tombs located deep in the ground! The most famous tomb is the Tuthankamun’s, but a total of more than 60 are located in this dessert valley that supposed to keep the pharaoh’s mummies for eternity. It was forbidden to take pictures in the Valley of the Kings so you will have to be prepared just to live the moment and enjoy the view. The interior of the tombs (just 3-4 meters that are opened for the public) are full of hieroglyphs in beautiful colors.

4.Valley of the Kings

6.The Temple of Karnak at Luxor

Also known as “The Most Perfect of Places”, or the biggest temple ever built, the Temple of Karnak is a harmony of massive columns through which you can walk in full admiration. The Hypostile Hall , Colossus of Ramses II and the Great Festival Hall of Thutmose III are the highlights of this temple.The columns are so big that it takes 6 adults to reach the diameter. They say that the light show in the evening is one of the best in the world! You have to see it for yourself to believe it!

5.Luxor Temple

7. Colossi of Memnon

Two giant statues with the role to protect the entrance to the Amenhotep’s tomb, that were transported to Luxor.

7.Colossi of Memnon


8.Bedouin village

Bedouins are descendant from nomads and perfectly adapted to the desert conditions. There are many rituals made since the birth of a new baby so they can be immune to the venom of the snakes, spiders and scorpions. They use plants to heal and clothes adapted to the weather. Camels are their best friends, and they offered me a short camel ride also. The women prepared simple, but delicious bread and the man served us with hot tea. Yes, hot beverages help us cool down in the desert.

Beduin village in Egypt
As in the famous Latin phrase sais: “Veni.Vidi.Vici” (I came. I saw. I conquered) I confessĀ  I had the pleasure to visit, to see the wonders with my own eyes and to be conquered forever by Egypt.

Enjoy !


By Irina-ghioc

In love with our beautiful Earth, its places and people, I'm traveling to feed my hungry soul and I wish to share the beauties I've seen with the ones that are in the pursuit of happiness.


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