Top 5 Places to Visit in Sagada

Philippines is a country filled with natural wonders and if you want to go on a vacation to unwind and relax away from the city life, Sagada tour is right for you. Check out the top 5 places you should never miss in Sagada.

1. Hanging Coffins

Just the name of the place itself has a vibe of a location that is rich in culture—Sagada, but what makes it stand out more than the rest is the 2,000-year old Igorot tradition of hanging their deceased on the side of the cliff. It is believed that the higher the coffin, the closer the deceased will be to the ancestral spirits. It is also important to note that not every Igorot will have the privilege to be rested on the side of the cliff. Those who died from illness and infancy will not be allowed to have a place there in fear of bad luck. It is only reserved for Igorots who died from naturally or from old age. If you are observant enough, you will see a chair hanging alongside the coffins. It is actually part of the pre-burial tradition where the deceased will be secured on the chair so families can pay respect to the dead from their homes before finally resting the corpse inside the coffin. In order to reach the famous hanging coffins, a local guide will accompany you to the destination. You will have to trek your way passing by a public cemetery and different interesting views along the way. There is a teddy bear hanging on the cliff, there is also a dummy wearing a jersey and a cap. These make the trek feels shorter. Because your eyes are seeing many interesting things. It will only take you a couple of minutes to arrive at the destination from the starting point though. Once you set your eyes on the culturally rich place, you’ll feel an unexplainable feeling of finally seeing what you just read on books and web articles is amazing. The place is a bit eerie yet educational and interesting

2. Sumaguing Cave

If you are into spelunking, Sumaguing cave is just for you. Just be sure to have your joints prepared because aside from the distance that you’ll cover from the entrance way to the cave, you’ll also have to have the energy to walk, hop and climb your way inside the cave. As of 2019, it has an entrance fee of Php250.00 for normal caving and Php550.00 for a more advanced caving adventure. Choose your flavor, regardless, it will still be an experience worth trying. The cave is very dark inside, so the local tour guide provides a kerosene lamp as the source of light. Upon entering the cave, you’ll notice a peculiar smell. It came from the bats’ wastes. It’s bearable though, it’s not the rotting kind of stench. The local tour guide in Sagada is very accommodating and will make the experience extra fun with all of his witty jokes.

3.Bomod-oc Falls

If you enjoyed using your energy and stamina in spelunking, well you’ll be needed more of those to reach Bomod-oc Falls. You’ll have to trek an estimated one-hour under the heat of the sun or the raining sky and another one-hour on the way back. It may sound challenging but isn’t that what makes it exciting? Before the trek, you will be provided with a stick as support by a local tour guide on the journey. You will also be given an option to request for a jeepney to meet you halfway on the way back in case you’ll have your energy too low to continue trekking. A piece of advice, never hesitate to accept the stick, it will serve as your lifeline along the way and never forget to bring water as well because there’ll be no water station on the way to the falls. Keep your self hydrated. The journey to the falls is a bit exhausting but very magical, you will walk on a narrow pathway surrounded by rice paddies with an overlooking view of the mountains. This world is beyond wonderful.   After an hour trek, you’ll finally reach your destination with a combination feeling of success and awe.

4. Kiltepan: Sea of Clouds

Do you want to know what it’s like to be above the clouds without flying? The view in Kiltepan is best known for its sea of clouds and beautiful sunrise. You’ll get to Kiltepan on a jeepney and you have to get up really early in the morning to catch the sun and sea of clouds. It’s very cold on top of the mountain so be sure to bring your jacket unless you can tolerate the cold. The average time for the sun to rise is at 6:00 am, and if you got there a little early, you can relax for a bit. There are stalls in the area selling champorado, rice porridge and other kinds of food to fill your stomach. You can also choose souvenirs. The sunrise is very beautiful and captivating, the clouds may or may not be abundant but take my word, this place earned its fame. It is truly magnificent. If you rode a jeepney, the designated driver will give you a choice to ride on top of the vehicle. If your adventurous blood pumps at the thought, go ahead and hop on. It will be so exciting! It feels like riding on one of the amusement park rides only without any seatbelts on. An adventure! Just be careful though so you won’t fall… nobody will be there to catch you when you do. Kidding. You’ll pass through a narrow pathway with tall healthy pine trees on the sideline with a cold wind that hits your face. It will remind you of Twilight.

5. Sagada Pottery

Don’t be scared to have your hands dirty if you’ll accomplish a beautiful art out of it. It is fun to form shapes and especially in learning something new. Remember when you were young and fond of molding clays? Pottery is basically the same. While you’re inside the pottery house, a lady will show you how pottery is done. You will also be introduced on what type of soil should be used and how long will it take to dry off completely. There are a number of people in Sagada who uses art as a way of living such as pottery and weaving. These are one of the most interesting kinds of art. It will be worthwhile to visit this place. You will also be given the chance to make your own design for only Php 100.00. I’d highly suggest you to try it.    

Karen Kate Seronay

Traveling is love nothing but love love love! If it’s not that obvious yet, I love to travel! Exploring the wonders of the world makes my heart full every time and I want to make the best out of life. I may have yet to discover the beauty of the places outside the Philippines but I believe I am not missing that much because the paradise that lies in the Philippines are magnificently breathtaking. For the past few years of exploring my lovely country, from the mountains to beaches I can say that I am so lucky to have these within my reach. I also came to realize that a healthy dose of gallivanting made me feel more alive than I ever was. There is much more to life than in the small town I live in. People may disappoint you but the wondrous places this world has to offer will never do. You know what? My bags are ready for my next escapade!