Top 5 One day treks of Pune in India

July 18, 2019

by Sugandha Singh

The connection between the city of Pune and the exquisiteness of monsoon season is an unbeatable one. The city residents reside beside the flourished mountains covered in shades of green as far as you can see. And believe me, the view is spectacular.
For the ones who are new in the area, you have come to one of the most loved cities of Maharashtra in India, and you too will fall in love with this place.
So if you want to know how you can manage these breathtaking views and make the best of your weekend, then here are the best one-day treks near Pune. The reason they have claimed as best because I have been to all of them and every time all I can think is, Oh My God! Why haven’t been here before?

1. Torna fort

One of the highest hill forts of the district is capable of taking you to as high as 1400 meters above sea level. Yes, it is and no doubt the view from this level is going to be terrific. Trek to Torna fort is one of the most preferred treks of the area for various reasons and you are about to find out why.

Best time to visit: The entire monsoon season
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Time to complete the trek: 4-6 hours
Trek starting point: Velhe village
Travel time to base point: 2 hours (60 kilometres) from Pune
Findings at the top: stunning view, active waterfall and great moments with arrangements of snacks
Perks of this trek: Get a chance to have a look at the nearby peaks and choose your next destination.
Historical importance: This was the first fort captured by the Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1643 when fighting for an independent India.

View from Torna Fort

View from Torna Fort

2. Rajgad Fort

This fort can be easily spotted from your recent trek point, Torna fort. Now don’t get to think that what difference it would make to hike to a level just like the previous one. Here’s why this one special and worth a visit.

Best time to visit: As long as monsoon is active
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time to complete the trek: 5-6 hours
Trek starting point: Pali/ Gunjavane
Travel time to base point: 2 hours (65 kilometres) from Pune
Findings at the top: Try and Enjoy the view of Bhatghar dam along with the path that you just covered. After that, take a moment to relax because you’ve conquered another peak of the district.
Perks of completing this trek: try and spot the previously visited destinations, find new ones and enjoy a hot cup of chai from the local vendors
Historical importance: This fort was a centre of Maratha Empire spread across India for almost three decades.

View from Rajgad Fort

View from Rajgad Fort

3. Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad fort has been the witness of the many major battles of the history. And as you move forward, you’ll hear the stories that these walls have to share. This long-lived and closest fort to the city is a perfect one-day trek point at a height of 750 meters from the sea level. Here’s what you need to know about the magnificent view if offers and the fortress itself.

Best time to visit: As soon as you when the monsoon has arrived
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to complete the trek: 2-4 hours
Trek starting point: Donje village
Travel time to base point: 1 hour and 30 minutes (35 kilometres) from Pune
Findings at the top: Sit at the top of Lion’s head (the meaning of Sinhagad) and enjoy the view just the way a conqueror would do.
Perks of completing this trek: Have a look at the widespread Sahyadri mountain range of the western ghats of India. And delight in the peace and natural beauty that brought you here.
Historical importance: Lies in the centre of the Maratha forts of the Sahyadri range and don’t forget the Battle of Sinhagad.

4. Lohagad Fort

Who says Pune is home to steep one-day treks and not for the ones who want to take a few steps only to enjoy the natural beauty. Well for these trekkers, Lohagad fort is the destination they were looking for. Located on your route to Lonavala, this trek offers a chance to witness the magnificence of nature in the shortest time possible.
Best time to visit: During the monsoon in Pune
Difficulty level: Very Easy
Time to complete the trek: 1-3 hours
Trek starting point: Lohagadwadi village
Travel time to base point: 2 hours (52 kilometres) from Pune
Findings at the top: The Scorpion’s tail is the endpoint of this fort. Take a moment to cherish the beauty amidst the clouds and the architecture of the fort as well.
Perks of completing this trek: You’ve reached 3400 meters above sea level and that too of a UNESCO world heritage point.
Historical importance: This was safe enough that Shivaji Maharaj used to keep his treasures inside the strong walls of the fort.

View from Lohagad Fort

View from Lohagad Fort

5. Tikona Fort

Last but not the least, Tikona fort is equally great as any other fort in the area and yes, it is in my top 5. This triangular shaped fort has more surprises for you that you can count on your fingers. And I would guess there is no other triangular shaped fort in our India.

Best time to visit: When the monsoon showers have hit
Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
Time to complete the trek: 4-6 hours
Trek starting point: Tikona peth
Travel time to base point: 2 hours (60 kilometres) from Pune
Findings at the top: Yes, you guessed it right, a view like no other. Well, how can it be when it offers a bird’s eye view of Pawana lake and its sister hill Visapur fort.
Perks of completing this trek: Cross another one day trek from your list, enjoy what you came for with a hot cup of tea and snacks from local vendors.

View from Tikona Fort

View from Tikona Fort

Don’t let the tag of a ‘Fort’ confuse you with the many options available to you. All of them have a uniqueness of their own and as you hike one by one, you get to know why they are different and that you made the right decision.

Sugandha Singh

By Sugandha Singh

I have got a line to stick to: stay busy, stay sane and that's what I am always up to. However, the activities for the same do vary. I keep myself involved with travelling, be it solo or in a group, getting a taste of different cuisines, interact with strangers and get to know their world better than any journal and writing all relevance of what I experienced. And being from an army background has given me the right push to make the best of whenever and wherever I am.


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