Top 5 most underrated travel destinations in America

April 13, 2018

by Irene Drezek

In this world, there are so many many places to see. Even just here in America, there are hundreds, even thousands of travel destinations.  Today, we are going to explore 5 of the many underrated ones.

1.  Sedona, Arizona

Although there is a chance that you might have heard of this travel destination, I doubt that you have ever heard someone talking about it as they may speak of Florida or Los Angeles.  Despite this, Sedona is was one of the best places I have ever visited.  It is a very artsy place.  When I went there were a few craft fairs going on with a bunch of neat things being sold.  I bought a cute ring and a magnetic bracelet.  In the image above, I have shown the Chapel of The Holy Cross which is a church built right on top of one of the beautiful red rocks that Sedona holds.  To actually get to the church you must do it of climbing but it is so scenic and very interesting.  On one of my many hikes in Sedona, I picked up some pebbles and when I rinsed them off, my hands started getting an orange coloring on them.  Turns out, the little stones were really a bunch of dust from the dessert all pressed together.  I believe that the Natives used to use this as their face paint.

2.  Old Mystic Village, Connecticut


Old Mystic Village is such an incredible place for families and couples.  Even if you just want to escape the pressures of life and go and live in a small town for a few days, it is perfect.  Walking around in Old Mystic village is so much like walking around in an old town, hence the name.  Generally, when I am in an old town I feel like I am at a history museum but in mystic, I don’t get that “educational trip” feeling.  They have a cluster of shops and boutiques in the Shops at Old Mystic Village and these little stores have such cool things.  There is a store open, all year long but is entirely dedicated to Christmas!  Besides the stores, one of my all-time favorite restaurants, the Steak Loft is located right in Mystic!  They have the best salad bar ever.  As I previously stated, Mystic is definitely old-timey but it is not a boring and educational trip.  However, there are many opportunities to learn some new things in Mystic.  For example, you can go and visit some marine animals in the Mystic Aquarium.  If that does not suit you, around the holiday season, they have something called the Lamp Tour which is a tour at night where you travel in a tour group through old buildings.  You learn a bit about the past and it is also very interesting because it is like a play that you see as you travel building to building.

3. Greenwich Village, New York

Ok, I know what you are thinking… New York City is definitely not underrated.  However, I doubt that you have ever heard someone speaking of New York City and say Greenwich Village.  Even if you have, you have not been hearing as much of it as you would hear of Midtown Manhatten.  Greenwich Village is  a great place to take families because you still get to experience NYC but without as much of that “hustle.”  There are many stores to buy clothing and accessories here.  In my opinion, the best part of Greenwich is that it is an artsy town.  Plenty of record shops fill the streets for all of the music lovers out there.  Washington Square Park is a great place to sit down on a bench and take a break from your interesting day.  And if you get a bit hungry, stop at By Chloe, a vegan restaurant/cafe that has a few locations in New York and Boston.  They do get quite crowded as the day wears on for celebrities often come and just because of their amazing vegan mac and cheese.  You won’t want to miss a bite of it!  Just remember, there is much more to New York City than the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Plaza.

4. Gulf Shores, Alabama

For the young adults out there, this warm travel destination will have you head over heels.  A very nice zoo and water park are here for the very little ones.  But mostly, just take in the rays and relax of this beach for a week.  Maybe go bird watching because there is certainly no lack of birds here.  If a calm and resting trip is not your idea of a vacation, try zip lining over the sand dunes… Yes, I did just say zip lining!  Go parasailing and see the ocean way down below you.  Maybe rent a boat and go out and zip around on the ocean for a while.  Maybe see if there are any party boats that are going out on your time here.  Try to schedule your trip during one of the many festivals here.  For example, look up in the air as many hot air balloons soar by right over your head.  And if you get your timing just right, you can watch the tiny little sea turtles migrate.  Whether you time your trip to see such events or you are just looking for a spring break trip, there is never a shortage of activities in Gulf Shores.

5. Key Largo, Florida

The best of us know what the Florida Keys are but they truly are underrated.  Snorkeling in Key Largo is the most popular activity there by far.  The coral reefs there are absolutely beautiful!  Pictured above is just a glimpse of one, the Molasses Reef.  You can’t even do as much as touch a coral reef though, or else you will be finned, a very costly fine.  Still, as long as you are careful enough, the reef will remain protected and so will your wallet.  Besides this, there is a lot to do on land.  Just even looking around at the tropical buildings and shacks is interesting.  Dining is very nice as well.  Get into the tropical experience by going to Breezers Tiki Bar.

Irene Drezek

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