Top 5 Best Things in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

January 1, 1970

by Amber Loflin

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico is a quiet little town along the Sea of Cortez. When a person flies into Los Cabos they have a choice on two places they can go: Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. Needless to say, this time I am choosing San Jose del Cabo. This town may be small compared to Cabo San Lucas, but it is rich and full of culture and life. Read below to find out my Top 5 Best Things To Do In San Jose del Cabo!

The Art Walk

The Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico is a very well-known event for both locals and tourists alike where local artists and art galleries come together to put on a walk-through art display that you will never forget. Whether you enjoy the serenity of admiring the art or not, it is a night you will not want to miss as this is the reason to come to San Jose del Cabo. As soon as you walk into the downtown plaza in San Jose del Cabo you will see an abundance of life emerge all at once. There is a great variety of art available for the eyes and ears in the form of music, dancing, paintings, murals, handcrafted jewelry and so much more. The Art Walk is continuously growing every week. We are sure to go visit the magical Art Walk every chance we get. The Art Walk is only available two nights of the week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and only from the end of October until the beginning of June.

Check Out The Official Art Walk Website Here.

Photo Above: Melted Glass Art

Acre Baja

As you may know, San Jose del Cabo is located in the Baja California Sur which is mostly desert, but did you know this small town in the middle of nowhere has some of the best organic farms in the area? One of those organic farms just happens to be Acre Baja. This little farm to table restaurant is well off the beaten path, and you may even reconsider going once you are on the little dirt road. I assure you, you are not lost. This place is set back so there is enough room for the farm to grow, and the animals to run freely. Recently we took a trip for their weekly Pizza Buffet. Acre Baja is a great place for people of all ages to go enjoy an organic cooked meal, have a cocktail, play some games, or even in the big leagues- have a wedding. Yes, they just introduced to us a new package they offer which is three areas of the farm for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner with dancing for your special day. It is a sight to see. 

Check Out The Official Acre Baja Website Here. 

Photo Above: Acre Baja Entrance

Organic Market

Who likes farm-fresh organic vegetables, fruits and more? We do! Every Saturday morning off a little dirt road in San Jose del Cabo there is an Organic Market taking place. People from all over town bring in their freshly picked fruits and vegetables to sell along with many other items. Recently, we came across a man selling ready to cook fresh meats at a booth inside the market, and a woman two tables down selling this fantastic drink called Kombucha. There are vendors selling hand crafted items, home-made jellies, and organic body creams. The music is playing, dancing is taking place, yoga sessions are a highlight, and there are many things for young children to do also. This is definitely something you do not want to miss if you are in San Jose del Cabo on a Saturday.

Check Out The Official Organic Market Website Here.

Photo Above: Fresh Vegetables from the Organic Market

La Playita

A diamond in the rough, La Playita is home to many luxury hotels including the JW Marriot and the newer Hotel El Ganzo located directly on the marina. Here you will find many small family restaurants. This area of San Jose del Cabo has very slowly expanded, and I do think that is with good reason. This place is better left as untouched as possible as it is simply immaculate already. We recently went for a bike ride around the marina, and it was very peaceful and relaxing to hear the waves and smell the salty sea air. There are a few activities to do in La Playita including the Wirikuta Gardens, Dolphin Discovery, and even ATV riding. We highly recommend them all. It is a very hard choice to turn even one down, but if I had to choose the best time I had in La Playita, it would be when we went on the bike ride pictured below. We have done almost all the things previously listed.

Photo Above: My wife and I in La Playita

The Estuary

The hidden wonder simply known as the San Jose del Cabo Estuary sits just outside of the touristic area alongside a hotel at the end of the street. Here is a great place to take your towels, snacks, and umbrella and watch the different types of birds flying around and swimming in the lake. Avid bird watchers would be in paradise in this secluded location of the Hotel Zone. We have also seen people kayak through the lake to get a closer look at the birds, and more than likely fish and turtles. It is a very safe, and peaceful location to stop in. Do not forget to bring your camera to get some really great snapshots of not only the lake, but also the ocean on the other side. If you are walking down the path you will be between the lake and the Sea of Cortez. Although it is out of the way, it is worth the walk.

Photos above: The Estuary, and Birds in Action


Thank you for stopping by to read the “Top 5 best Things in San Jose del Cabo”. Please keep in mind this article is my own personal experience as a tourist and this is not a complete Travel Guide to go by as there are many other things in the beautiful San Jose del Cabo to do and see. Also note, the best time to come is during the Winter/Spring time. It is much less hot, but very enjoyable. San Jose del Cabo is a great place to spend your winter vacation, but that is for another article. I am hoping to expand the range of the articles written. Thank you for your support!

Amber Loflin

By Amber Loflin

Hey! My name is Amber Loflin, a small town Mississippi girl currently living in the beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico with my beautiful wife, Claudia, and our chihuahua son, Lupito! We love living here, and hope you enjoy reading about our beautiful little slice of paradise. Don't worry, more articles are coming! Thank you for stopping by.


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