Top 4 Tours in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago in the Caribbean side of Panama, almost in the border of Costa Rica. The main Island where most of the hotel, restaurants, and markets are doesn’t have a beach, but all the tours leave from the main island, Bocas Town. Besides visiting neighboring islands, here are the top 4 tours you can and should do in Bocas del Toro:

Cayo Zapatilla

Without a doubt the most beautiful island in Bocas del Toro. With many shades of blue and white sand beaches, this island is a Caribbean jewelry. Cayo Zapatilla is composed of two islands, Zapatilla I and Zapatilla II both part of the Bocas Marine National Park, the second one being the most visited. The tours usually leave in the morning and last around 8 hours, returning in the middle of the afternoon. The value can vary, but it can be up to $45 per person. The island doesn’t have much structure, so be prepared to stay for a few hours in the sun, also bring water and something to eat with you. You can choose to have lunch on the island or to have lunch on your way back in Cayo Coral.

Cayo Coral and Bahía de Los Delfines

If you go to Cayo Zapatilla, you will probably stop at Cayo Coral and Bahía de Los Delfines on your way back, those two stops are included in many of the tours in Bocas del Toro. Cayo Coral is usually the stop for lunch at the tours and, most importantly, a great place to do snorkeling. The variety of corals is amazing, just be careful, once you are in the water keep your body floating horizontally, the corals are very close to the surface and really sharpened. Bocas del Toro is known for having great biodiversity and if you are lucky you may even see some dolphins on their natural habitat at the Bahía de Los Delfines.

Playa Estrella

In a free translation, the name would be Star Beach, that’s because you will find a transparent sea with a lot of starfish by the beach. The beach is amazing and beautiful but during busy days it can get crowded and takes away a little of the paradise touch from the beach. The good news here is that you don’t need to hire a tour to get to Playa Estrella, you can but you don’t need to, you can choose a cheaper way and go either by bus, taxi or rating a bike (the best option in my opinion).

Isla de Los Pájaros

Isla de Los Pájaros is one of the most unique in Bocas del Toro, but you will need a little bit of luck since the island is in the middle of the open sea and if the ocean is too agitated the tour will be canceled. And in the Caribbean, rainy days happen with a high occurrence so if you get lucky and the conditions are favorable, do not think twice.

Thanara Zancanaro

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