Top 4 places you must visit in Warsaw

Are you looking for a great destination to get away from your daily life? Do you want to see as much as you can in a short period of time? If your answer is yes, Poland is a great country with its capital to make it happen. Warsaw is a capital city of Poland with a mixture of historic sites, modernity and green spaces. People like to say that Warsaw is like a Phoenix risen from the ashes. I’ve been in Warsaw before but it’s always been a short stop to get to the airport from central station and vice versa but I’ve never been here as a tourist. So one day I and my boyfriend (my travel partner) bought bus tickets to Warsaw and I started planning our trip. I’m always responsible for planning itinerary when we go abroad and what can I say – I LOVE IT! So, I’m excited to share my experience, places you need to see and of course the route you can use for your trip. 48 hours – that’s how much you need! Let’s go!

My TOP 4 places to visit in Warsaw

1. Warsaw old town

During the WWII Warsaw old town was ruined and only after the war it was rebuilt as it is today. It’s also included in UNESCO world heritage list. The Old Town market square is the oldest part of the Old Town with breathtaking colorful houses (they’re the most impressive part) around it and also with a lot of restaurants and cafe shops. In the middle of the square, you will see the MERMAID –  symbol of Warsaw. One of the legends suggests that Warsaw mermaid’s sister is the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen which separated from each other in the Baltic Sea. Don’t forget to visit the Old Town Observation terrace. A lot of steps to go up but the view is amazing. It’s a perfect spot to observe the main square and Warsaw skyline. If you like a great view from the top you must visit it. The Old Town Observation terrace costs around 5 PLN.

2. Lazienki Park and palace

Lazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw in the city center. It’s a perfect place to take a log walk, a picnic or even a bike ride. Full of architectural monuments and the landscape itself is gorgeous especially during spring when everything starts blooming. If you look around closely you’ll definitely find some red squirrels that aren’t afraid of people! The most impressive part of the park for me was the amphitheater. Being there make you feel like you’re visiting the ancient Roman forum. The stage is separated from the audience by water. I think this feature makes this place unique and memorable. You can also visit the palace (inside) but at that moment weather was great so we spend our time walking around and enjoying the nature. You should try this too!

3. Copernicus science center is a science museum.

It contains more than 400 interactive exhibits that are not only interesting for kids but for adults too. We’re so excited to go there but got disappointed at first because all cash desks were closed indefinitely due to the number of students who were visiting the museum. After waiting for half an hour, we managed to buy tickets (regular ticket cost 31 PLN) and get inside. And I wasn’t surprised at all why adults love this place too. A lot of activities, science stuff and games that catches your attention in every step and you want to try everything that is in the room. We spent there more than 3 hours so plan your time in advance. TOTALLY WORTH IT!   4. Palace of Culture and Science The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building not only in Warsaw but also in Poland. Also, it’s a center of theaters, cinemas, concerts, scientific institutions and so on. I highly recommend you to visit this center on culture and also lift yourself to the 30th-floor viewing terrace where you will see the whole Warsaw city from the whole angles. And most importantly it’s cheap! Only 20 PLN per person.

Food is life

Don’t know about you but I LOVE food! When I go abroad one of my goals is to try local food or find a restaurant or bar. I always rely on reviews and comments of other tourists. But this time was a bit different. I’m from the country (Lithuania) that shares very similar local cuisine so I haven’t tried anything I haven’t tried before. I have to warn you that all traditional polish dishes are very stodgy. I can tell you this while you’re traveling in Poland you must try Polish red borscht soup, pierogi (polish dumplings), golabki (stuff cabbage rolls). I can highly recommend you a place that I fell in love with and if I have a chance I will come back there for a dinner one more time. The place is called MANEKIN I had most amazing crepe pancakes and the portions are huge. Even my boyfriend struggled to eat it all and he eats a lot. And I almost forgot to mention that is quite a cheap place to eat! One crepe cost around 15 PLN. If you’re in Warsaw and hungry don’t forget to visit MANEKIN!

Warsaw itinerary

Finally, we reached a section where I will share my Warsaw itinerary. It doesn’t mean that you need to follow it but it might be helpful. Before that, I just want to mention one important thing. I avoid using public transport, taxi, uber and etc. but there is always an exception when the distance is quite big. If you can walk long distances do it because only then you have an opportunity to find and enjoy places you didn’t know about. 1st day:
  • Palace of Culture and Science
  • Prozna Street
  • Saxon garden
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Grand theatre
  • The presidential palace
  • Royal castle
  • Old town
  • Barbican
  • Warsaw Uprising Monument
2nd day:
  • Copernicus science center
  • Visitationist church
  • Smaller basilica of the holy cross
  • Nowy Swiat Street
  • Royal bath park
I enjoyed my stay in Warsaw even if it was a short stay. During these few days, I managed to see everything I’ve planned. I only regret that I had so little time. Next time I’m in Poland I’ll definitely visit Krakow because I heard so many great things about this city!

Simona Valio

I’m Simona and I’m 25 years old. I live in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. I fell in love with traveling during studies at university. As I like to say one of the biggest things university gave me was the ability to travel, explore the world and meet new people. I took the opportunity and participated in Erasmus and Erasmus+ programs. The places I’ve bee to are Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Gran Canaria, Italy, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Croatia. My traveling adventures are far from over because I believe that one day traveling will become not only a hobby but also my profession. Next stop – ASIA!