Top 4 Historical places in Pune city India

June 13, 2019

by Satish Shethi

Pune city is one of the oldest cities in India. As kings and Maratha rulers remained here they made some excellent royal residences, landmarks, and forts which are worth to explore in Pune city.

Let’s see the top 4 historical places in Pune worth to visit

Historical Red Palace in Pune

The Red Palace is one of the oldest and beautiful historical places in Pune. The Red Palace was built by Shahaji Bhosale who was the father of King Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior. It is constructed in the year 1630. The King Shivaji spent several years of his childhood with his mother Jijabai at Red Palace.

Red palace in pune city


The incidents and life of King Shivaji’s life are pictorially represented on the walls of this palace. There is also a garden dedicated to Jijabai (King Shivaji’s Mother). There is a remarkable depiction, showing young King Shivaji plowing the land. There are also four umbrellas on the terrace of the palace, which is the prime attraction of the Red Palace.

King Shivaji has cut off Shaista Khan fingers in this Red Palace and this entire incident is represented in enormous oil painting and this is a major attraction for all history enthusiasts. Read Why King Shivaji cut off the fingers of Shaista Khan

How to reach Red Palace in Pune

The red palace is very popular in Pune city. It is located at Kasba Peth, Pune. The nearest landmark is Municipal corporation bus station. This palace is very close to Shaniwar Wada fort which is another most important historic place in Pune city in India.

There is no entry fee to visit this place.

Historical fort Shaniwar Wada in Pune

Another most significant historical place in Pune city is Shaniwar Wada Fort. The Shaniwarwada Fort is a milestone site in Pune city and is very well known for its historical footprint. The Shaniwar Wada was a royal residence built by the king Bajirao Peshwa in the year 1732.

Initially, it was a huge architecture, which was capital of the Maratha Empire but in the current situation, it stands in ruin state due to various military attacks and fire incidents that occurred during the 18th century.

shaniwar wada fort pune


A Historic Architectural Masterpiece

Although in damage state, Shaniwar Wada fort continues to be one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in Indian history.

Notice the mind-boggling carvings on the columns, bastions and the curves. What is as yet perfect of this fortress is a couple of guns that were recovered over time by experts. Worth to take a look at the remaining parts of well-known fountains of thousand jets shaped like a 16-petal lotus.

Beautiful Garden

shaniwar wada fort garden
Another real motivation to visit Shaniwar Wada fort is the light and sound demonstration that happens in the palace grounds of Shaniwar Wada fort that depicts the time of King of Shivaji’s rule. The show is run from 7.15 pm to 9.10pm.

On the other note, while doing the research I came across the haunting story of Shaniwar Wada fort read here
Entry fees of INR 5 and it is at a walkable distance from Red Palace.

Historic Rajgad Fort

The Rajgad Fort is not only the historical place in Pune but also a very popular tourist destination due to a beautiful landscape. The king Shivaji Maharaj choose Rajgad fort as his capital and the longest living place for more than 25 years.

If you want to view the finest heritage and enjoy adventurous trip near Pune city then Rajgad fort is the best place.

Rajgad fort pune


If you visit during monsoon or post-monsoon you will see the staggering lush green mountain and valleys. The path to the fort is winding and one of the beauty to experience from this fort is the sunset.

The Rajgad fort is identified with major historical events including the birth of King Shivaji’s son “King Rajaram”, the demise of King Shivaji’s Queen Saibai, the arrival of Shivaji from Agra, etc.

The Rajgad Fort have stays of structures which included private quarters, state workplaces, bazaar or business quarter, granary, armory, temples, and so on and the Padmavati water-supply lake is a real focus of action on the fortress.

The Rajgad fort is a heaven for trekkers with pleasant lavish woods.

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How to reach Fort Raigad

To reach Rajgad, one has to travel towards Nasarapur or Bhor Bus Station from Pune. The best time to visit Rajgad fort is post monsoon and the entry ticket is free.

Dinkar Kelkar Museum

One of the Pune city’s pride is Kelkar Museum. Every art and music follower visits this historical place in Pune. The Museum has a gathering of 21,000 of a kind and precious antiquities that were gathered by Dr. Dinkar Kelkar.

The Museum houses primarily decorative items and other craftsmanship objects, generally from the 18th and 19th century. Presently the Museum is under control of the Department of Archaeology, India.

Dinkar kelkar museum pune


The Museum is devoted to Raja Dinkar Kelkar by his renowned father Dr. Dinkar Kelkar and it was set up in 1962.

What to see at Museum

The Museum is the three-level building that has different sculptures going back to the fourteenth century and it houses decorations made of ivory, silver and gold and fine accumulation of melodic instruments, war weapons, and ancient big vessels.

Other objects that are on display are Mughal lamps, sketches, and different collectibles, canvases on the scenes from legendary epic Ramayana, nutcrackers, Ganpati’s weapons, cut royal residence entryways, superb ceramics gathering, vessels made up of earthenware, copper, and metal, and so on.

Dinkar kelkar museum pune

A standout amongst the most appealing components of Dinkar Kelkar Museum is the model of the Mastani Palace which was originally built in the year of 1734. Also, the Institute of Musicology and Fine Arts is located inside the museum.

Entry Fee
Rs 10 for Children below 12 yrs and 50 for Adults above 12 yrs.

How to reach
Kelkar museum is located in the center of the Pune city and easily accessible via road. It is located at Shukrawar Peth, Pune.

How to reach Pune city in India.
Pune is one of the upcoming IT cities in India so it is well connected by road, rail and air network. If you are in any part of India then you can easily reach Pune.

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