Top 4 Family-friendly Places in Mérida Venezuela

January 1, 1970

by Sela Obando

Many who visit Mérida, Venezuela believe that all in the city is absolutely beautiful as it was a couple of years back but the truth is that things change, and cities most of all change very much in time, which is why you must be aware of the today-places, not what someone saw a couple of years back. Checking what is the most popular it is not always best, also checking what others saw while there it is equally important and making sure that you will have the best time ever, like hanging out in the sun, or running around the huge trees and taking awesome photos.

If you are travelling with your family or your significant other you might like these 4 places which are beautiful, green, open and really family-friendly.

The Heroines Square

This is perhaps the most common place you must have heard about when you ask about Mérida, it is an old square in the centre of the city, close by to the Mukumbarí Cable Car (Teleférico de Mérida), it owes its name to the heroines of the city during the War of Independence; and it is a great place to spend an afternoon, if you have children, they will love to run around in the square or play in the climbing wall for the kids which has been there since I can remember. On the right side of the square, you walk down a flight of stairs and find the food street, local cuisine and delicious desserts for everyone in your party. To the left side of Las Heroinas, you will find hotels and restaurants, towards the end of it, there is a whole walk with souvenirs vendors. And if you have an active nightlife, there are a couple of local bars and dancing clubs you will find close enough to Las Heroinas.

The Heroines Square (Mérida – Venezuela)

Sucre Park

The Sucre Park, most commonly known as Milla Park because of its location, and also as the 4-balls Square due to the four immense spheres in the centre of it is a beautiful park with huge incredible trees that make you feel like placing a blanket on the ground and lie down for a couple of hours, just be wary of pets wandering around. In the middle of the park/square, you will find a monument to Gran Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre, and behind him an artificial cascade that hopefully will be functional when you visit. Around the park you can find the Milla Church, a couple of hotels, and a wonderful place where they sell “popsicles”, mind you, that is the name of the ice cream but in truth, it is not your common popsicle, these one although delicious are little square ice creams which you cannot miss. The Sucre Park is always full of tourists and families, but the best time to visit is around ten in the morning or after three in the afternoon when the sun is not so high.

Botanical Garden

The number three pick on our short list, the Botanical Garden, located a bit off the city centre in Alberto Carnevali Avenue, La Hechicera Sector, you must have a car to go to this place, a cab would bring you to its door, a bus ride will take longer and will not leave you exactly at the gates of the place but rather a five-minutes walk from it. This incredible garden is home to many indigenous trees and flora from the country, it is ideal for kids who love running around in the sun, you should bring a meal and enjoy it under the trees. There is a particular place where many take pictures, this is the little bridge which is excellent to commemorate your visit to the Botanical Garden. Around this place there is not much to do because of its location, there are two buildings before entering this garden, but they are government building facilities. However, there is a new place close to the garden which is the best for animal lovers.

Bridge Botanical Garden (Mérida – Venezuela)


This is an absolute favourite, you cannot go wrong when it comes to interacting with animals and Biocontacto has managed just that, it has beautiful sightings, cute animals, guides and helpful people all around that lets you know which animals are most likely to peck you in the back of the head and which are as docile as a kitten. Biocontacto is fairly new and one of the first big parks, kind of zoos that lets you play with the animals. It is close by to the Botanical Garden, however, if you are planning on visiting both places in one day, you better go real early in the morning, since there is much to see and experience here. You will get to see and interact with: parrots, snakes, baby chicken, ducks, ostriches, llama, pony, goats. One of the best thing about this place beside the fresh air, is the fact that you can feed the animals, you can get buckets of food and simply enter their living spaces and feed them, they are very friendly and as long as you do not hide the food from them, you should be perfectly fine.

Llamas – BioContacto (Mérida – Venezuela)

If you go to Mérida, Venezuela and find yourself looking for a place to relax with your family, then these are the most common places to find that entratainment, family-friendly, green open spaces, fresh air, interacting with animals, it all goes to show that there are still cool places to visit but you have to make sure to always look for the most updated sites, because, for example, the Bethoven Park, it is not a place you would like to go with your family in this modern time, no matter what the pictures display, it is not what it used to be a long time ago. The most important thing is to enjoy with your family and Mérida continues to be one of those places that not only party people can enjoy but also those who like to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Sela Obando

By Sela Obando

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