Top 4 cosy coffee places in Middelburg

Middelburg for coffee lovers

Middelburg is the capital city of Zeeland – Dutch province. The city has a rich history since it used to be one of the most important port cities in the Netherlands. There are a lot of historical buildings, churches, or just old-fashioned looking houses that together create this atmosphere of a medieval fairy tale. Middelburg is not a place where you go for good parties (even though students organise some, I should give them a credit). It is the place you visit when you feel tired from the routine of big cities. The place you visit when you need to relax either on your own or with your family. It’s the place with gorgeous architecture, rich history and, of course, good cafes and restaurants. And today I would like to tell you about my top 4 cosy coffee places in Middelburg:
  1. Expresszo
  2. Robuust
  3. Røst
  4. Sint John


Expresszo is a cosy coffee bar located on Pottenmarkt 22, in the centre of Middelburg. It’s surrounded by Town Hall, main shopping street and a lot of other restaurants. This is probably why the place is not well-known even by local citizens. Expresszo takes a small corner near the other café and even though it has its own green terrace with a few tables, the bar still stays unnoticed by a lot of people. Inside, the Expresszo has a lot of lamps and light bulbs. There are several “hidden places” where you can sit either alone or with friends and separate from everyone else. The benches are covered with soft fur, the light is muted and the music is really nice and calm. Expresszo gives an opportunity to exchange books, so the bar owns its own mini-library. All of this adds to the relaxed and snug atmosphere of the bar. Apart from the wide range of coffee and tea, Expresszo serves breakfasts, lunches and bakery products. Finally, good news for those who like the spot very much! Expresszo provides two rooms on the top floors, where you can stay for the night. coffee bar Read more on an Expresszo website 


Robuust is, probably, one of the most popular coffee places in Middelburg, which is not a surprise, since the bar is situated right in the centre of the city. You can see the Market Square and a Town Hall from the window. Or even sit on the Market Square, because Robuust also has tables outside. Inside, however, the bar is decorated with a lot of musical instruments, flowers and wooden furniture. The atmosphere is very cosy and inspiring. A lot of students come to Robuust during the breaks between the classes to order delicious iced coffee or quickly have a bite. Robuust is known as a good place to study at, but it also organises a lot of events like its own birthday celebration in July. Robuust, in my opinion, can be described in only three words. “Coffee, music, studying“. The first word is quite an obvious choice. Music is something that Robuust definitely promotes. Musical instruments on the walls together with vinyl discs on the menus can serve as a proof. And studying is mainly a result of the closeness of the University. Robuust coffee Read more on a Robuust website


Røst is a food and espresso bar on Sint Janstraat 45, a bit further away from the centre. Despite its location, the bar is quite famous amongst the citizens, especially students. It is not uncommon to see students sitting there for several hours, drinking delicious coffee, enjoying their salad and finishing an essay or a project. That is why, the bar regularly cooperates with the University – promotes or hosts the events organised by students, provides a student discount, etc. Røst is not only a bar, it’s a place for personal and cultural development. Apart from cooperating with the local cinema, it is also famous for its artworks exhibitions. It’s not uncommon there to see a piece of art created by local or even international artists. Røst is an amazing place to visit with friends on a sunny day since it also has a little cosy terrace. Røst Middelburg Read more on a Røst website

Sint John

Sint John is situated on Sint Janstraat 40, almost on the opposite of Røst. And even though both places are proud of their coffee, the bars are completely different. Sint John is a very old-fashioned place. Wooden chairs with different patterns carved on them, a variety of coffee grinders, old cupboards – everything creates this peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the place. Sint John serves not only delicious coffee but also amazing toasts. What can be better then start your day with Javaanse Mocca and Pizza toast? I can confidently reply that nothing. The place is not very well-known amongst students, but local citizens visit it quite often. Sint John has an enormous terrace outside, so the place is especially busy during the summer. Sint John coffee Read more on a Sint John website

How do I decide?

All the places are situated close to each other since the city itself is really small. You could probably visit all of them in a day, but after trying four cups coffee in a row, this drink might become your worst nightmare. My advice would be – try to answer the main question. What are you searching for? If you mostly care about the perfect location, your choice is Robuust. No other place is closer to the centre of the city. If, however, your main goal is to spend some time on your own and avoid big crowds of people, you should probably try Expresszo. It may happen, that you will actually be the only customer since the bar is not very popular. If you are an artist or just is interested in art, Røst is the best option for you. And, finally, Saint John. Personally, I always remember my grandma's house when I visit it. The place reminds me of my childhood and that is probably why I like it so much. Ranking these amazing places on their coffee is useless since each has its own recipes, products and the way of serving. But there is one thing I can promise – all of the spots are amazing.

Tanya Zikratova

I am a Ukrainian student in the Netherlands who finally got an opportunity to explore the world