Top 4 Bucket lists to tick off in Spain, Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol (literally meaning coast of the sun) is a travelers’ paradise located on the southern part of Spain along the coastline of Malaga Province. Every year, Costa del Sol enjoys in excess of 325 days of sunshine that have made it the perfect destination for people targeting a unique holiday thrill. If you have been searching for a great destination that can work for you both in summer and winter, Costa del Sol is a unique destination that never disappoints. But climate is just one aspect. When I was transferred to Costa del Sol in spring of 2018, I found a region rich in culture, cuisines, and art. In this guide, I share with you the top secrets of making your travel to Spain, Costa del Sol, a thriller.

Four Must Visit Places When Travelling To Costa Del Sol

While Costa del Sol has made a name for its unique beaches and sunshine throughout the year, there are specific places that make it irresistible. The following are four must-visit places when travelling to Costa del Sol:


Though many people mainly acknowledge the airport, it is also packed with many attractions. The city is well known for its Andalusian charm through historic attractions including the Picasso Museum and the famous Roman amphitheater.

Pueblos Blancos

After enjoying the exotic hot beaches, I found Pueblos Blancos a perfect place for escaping from the heat. It comprises of white-washed villages such as Farajan, Pujerra, and Cartajima that are characterised with picturesque sceneries.


Located at the heart of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar provides travellers with an opportunity to enjoy the Spanish sunshine and do shopping in top stores such as Marks $ Spenser. On weekends, I never missed scaling the rocky outcrops to enjoy breathtaking views using cable cars.

El Caminito del Rey

This is a narrow gorge approximately 100 meters high that was initially considered the most dangerous place to walk through on earth. After reopening, I took courage and walked through it. It is frightening, uncertain, and for sure, not for the faint-hearted. However, it is pretty safe to explore.   

Top Costa Del Sol Beaches for Ultimate Thrill

Every year, millions of people visit Costa del Sol to enjoy the lovely Spanish facilities and cuisines. More importantly, I found that a lot more people travel to enjoy Costa del Sol’s beaches. Here are the top beaches that will make your holiday not only fulfilling but also memorable.

Playa de Burriana (Burriana Beach)

I found this Costa del Sol beach impressive because of its fine sand, diverse shops, and pathways. Visitors to this beach can access and use all its facilities including play areas, showers, and volleyball courts.

Playa Malapesquera

This beach is a preference for travellers who fancy beach and water sports. Whether you want to simply play beach volleyball or top water sports, this beach is the place to be. You will particularly like the fact that renting kayaks or surfboards is easy. Even if you do not know how to surf, there are plenty of trainers on the beach. It will only take a short moment to learn and surf off like a pro.

The La Malagueta beach

This beach is centrally located in Costa del Sol and is a favourite for visitors who want to reside close to the city. The beach has picturesque green sections lined with palm trees that allow visitors to enjoy the cool Mediterranean breeze. I recommend this beach because the neighbouring rentals make it easy for tourists to visit the beach every day. It is also adjacent to the Malaga airport hence perfect for those who would wish to make quick travel arrangements when their holiday is over.

Playa de la Carihuela

This beach is a great place for travellers who want to enjoy calm and shallow waters. For example, if you are travelling with family or do not want complex sports such as scuba diving, this beach could be the ideal place. Besides, the beach is located close to Torremolinos which makes it easy to access using a bus or car. To enjoy the picturesque sceneries on the beach, you could opt to explore the beach using a bicycle.

The Best Costa del Sol Resorts

Irrespective of your preferred travel destination, the stay can only be enjoyable and memorable if you get good accommodation. Costa del Sol resorts are known as the most exclusive hospitality facilities in Spain. Because of their diversity, visitors are assured of a perfect match for their budget and style. Here are the best Costa del Sol resorts to consider:

Algeciras resorts

These resorts are located on Gibraltar Bay and offer visitors an amazing view of the Morocco Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, and mild temperatures.

Benahavis resorts 

Benahavis resorts provide a magnificent view of Costa del Sol nature because of adjacent sceneries from Rerrania de Ronda Mountains, and Guadaiza River. The resorts are perfect consideration for travellers who want to go hiking in Costa del Sol.


This resort is located only 11 miles from Malaga Airport and at the foot of the scenic Sierra de Mejis Balmaceda. The unique location makes the resort a perfect point for travellers who want to either explore the sea or land.

Fuengirola resorts

Fuengirola is a small community with great resorts that make visitors always want to come back. Because it is located only a short distance from Marbella, approximately 10 minutes drive, travellers interested in short vacations/getaways find it very convenient. It is especially impressive if you have interest in golf because of the unique golf courses or water sports because of proximity to the sea.

Four Recommended Things to Do When Visiting Costa del Sol

Travelling for holiday is no longer only about relaxing in your hotel room. Many people coming to Spain want to explore its rich history and diverse facilities. Here is a complete list of must do things when you come visiting Costa del Sol:

Eat churros and pitufos

In Costa del Sol, the local cuisine is a great way of understanding the local Andalusian culture. Ensure to try espeto de sardinas that are available in most restaurants. You should also have tea with chocolate and churros (a uniquely long doughnut) and enjoy breakfast with pitufo (a small portion of bread that can be eaten in many ways).

Go shopping in Del Sol

The impressive thing about Costa del Sol is that shopping facilities are always close to the main attractions. Therefore, whether you want to watch a movie, go sports fishing, or relaxing on the beach, take time to buy some Spanish stuff to carry home when the holiday ends.

Play golf with new friends

It might surprise you that golf started in Spain before spreading to the rest of Europe. Since historic times, Costa del Sol boasts of top golf courses, and resorts such as Fuengirola, well known for their impressive courses and trainers. Note that you do not even need to know how to play. The courses have trainers to assist you to get started with golf. Impressive!

Explore the Costa del Sol nature

Costa del Sol is one of the top nature rich areas in Spain. You can explore top parks such as, Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, or visit the Torcal de Antequera, and the Dolmens. You can also explore various water sports such as scuba diving, sports fishing, and surfing.


Do you want to have an unforgettable holiday? Well, it is time to try a proven destination such as Costa del Sol. Whether your goal is to explore the nature-rich Mediterranean Sea region, or simply enjoy the lovely climate, this is one destination that will never disappoint. Use the above guide to know what to do, where to stay, and places to visit in Costa del Sol.   

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