Tobago: 5 places to visit on vacation

January 1, 1970

by Olodumaretouch


 Tobago is the smaller island of two Caribbean islands called Trinidad and Tobago. I am a born citizen of Trinidad and once a year my sisters and I visit this little paradise. You can get to the island either by boat or plane. We always travel by boat because, the scenery is far more beautiful and exciting than traveling by plane. It took us one hour to get there. We got off the boat in Scarborough. The boat harbor is situated here. 


Main city

Scarborough is the capital of Tobago. It is on the southern side of the island. When you look around, you will see fast food restaurants, banks, supermarkets and taxis waiting for hire to take you where ever you needed to go. A little way up the street is the islands main market, cinema, a library even the Tobago house of assembly (THA), where they handle all the local government affairs. We shopped for a while to get what we needed. I love and admire Scarborough because the town is small and convenient to everyone (everything in one area), really amazing. We headed to the market to buy some fruits, vegetables and spices. When I entered the market the sweet aroma of all the produce and spices was in the air. Further, into the market you will be greeted with small clothing stalls with beautiful colored clothing worn by manikins waiting to be sold. Majority of the island population lives in the area. After I finish buying whatever we wanted, we went over to the island historical landmark, located on the highest point of Scarborough.


Tourist attraction Tobago

Fort King George is like a memorial site of Tobago’s military past. When we reached the fort, I felt a strong energy flowing through my body as if I was part of this undying history, in the war time. The fort itself was built in the 1770s and was named after King George the third. The cannons from the war are still seated the way they were, overlooking the coast as a remembrance of the many wars that were declared on Tobago. Fort King George is now home to Tobago museum which was once the barracks guard house. The museum opens daily for visitors, to showcase the artifacts of the Amerindians and the military. Documents with historical values can be found here. I sat on one of the cannons and looked over the view of the coast and I must say it’s really spectacular. From here we hired a taxi to take us to where we would be staying. We didn’t have to book any guest house or resorts because we have friends living here, so we were able to save a few bucks, but for anyone who wants to visit. There are accommodations available. You must book a month or two in advance because according to the time of year places will be all booked up. The next morning, we were up and about ready and prepared to journey to Pigeon point Heritage park.


This place is considered as Tobago’s top tourist attraction beach. From Scarborough, it took us about 2 hours drive to get to the beach. When we got there, we paid a small fee to get in, which was really cheap. On entering, we spotted a few craft stores. You can purchase souvenirs, music disc, maps even clothing here. We strolled the shore until we came to one of the palm covered huts with its handmade seats and table. I immediately rest down my bag and ran towards the aqua blue water. Directly in front of me stood a magnificent jetty resembling the look of a board walk with a thatched roof. This jetty is said to be the most photographed jetty in the world. There is a variety of food on sale in the park, from pizzas to the famous bake and shark plus more. We didn’t purchase anything because we cooked our own food, I even made my own bake and shark. The beach was full of life, with kids having fun, music playing and people windsurfing which by the way is more popular during December through to June. The park is also available for wedding bookings and other events. After eating and securing my stuff I was ready to head out onto the glass bottom boat to the Buccoo Reef.


The reef

The reef is located a short distance off Pigeon point. We boarded the glass bottom boat from the jetty and was on our way to the reef. When the boat was above the reef, I looked down and saw the beautiful colorful fishes and corals. I even saw a manta ray just swimming pass going its merry way. Entering the water was not an option for me because I can’t swim also I was afraid of the manta ray because the size of that creature was half my body. I just sat and viewed the ambiance of the underworld.


The famous Tobago pool

The Nylon pool is like a gigantic pool in the ocean. Its located offshore about a mile or less between Pigeon point and Buccoo Bay. Princess  Margaret named it in 1962. The water here is shallow and gentle it’s also knee-high, yes you heard me knee-high!! I was so amazed by this. What a miraculous thing right!. It’s really fascinating. To me the best time to visit this pool is when the sun is setting. The warmth of the sun on your body and the spectacular image of the sun rays fading as the sun disappears.


This beautiful, remarkable, peacefully island is so much more than the few places I highlighted. It have alot of other events such as traditional festivals, sporting  events and carnival celebrations. Places with majestic surroundings like the rainforest, botanical garden and much more. Don’t hesitate to come visit this paradise it will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime .best regards


Ps: None of the above photos belongs to me.




By Olodumaretouch

Greetings. I am akeisha , I am 33 years young. I am from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago .by trade i am an electrician and a certified supervisor. I love to travel so I always try to ever so often. I don't like being stagnant and I adore nature . I enjoy being in new places because there's always an adventure waiting in the great unknown. My main aim is to inspire anyone interested in writing and to show the world there is more to any island or country that meets the eye.


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