Tiruchendur- An eye candy for culture seeking travelers.

December 14, 2018

by Narasimhan

If you are that kind of person who really seeks adventure of a kind which you try to find different cultures and ethics of different communities, I am pretty sure Tamil Nadu, India would be a great place to consider. I have been born and brought up there and I have traveled a lot of places in this state. One of the greatest experiences I had was a trip to the southern parts of Tamil Nadu, noticeably in and around a great city Tiruchendur, where there’s a lot to learn about the diverse culture of the devotees.

This city is mainly known for one of its precisely constructed temples in the name of lord muruga which is one of the six abodes of sacred temples. It’s the main tower is 130 feet high which is built 300 years ago. Hindu mythology says that It is the place dedicated to Lord Muruga for his victory over a battle. It is a treasury for archeologists, to be precise. The great temple can also be noted as an astonishing piece of architectural perfection. Its one of the must-visit places in Tamil Nadu where you can find the ancient culture and also can enjoy your trip at the beach.

Another interesting fact is that during the ruthless and devastation tsunami happened during 2004 which took away thousands of lives from coastal regions, experts in the field astonished because places near to Tiruchendur got devastated yet the Tiruchendur temple stood without even a single damage.

Dusshera in Tiruchendur.

It will be really a great festival in this city and the cities to its vicinity during ‘Dusshera’ which is usually celebrated in North India in a different style and the people over here celebrate it in a really unique and different manner. It will be a really great trip if you plan a trip during the month of October during which you will be able to enjoy this culture. People who are real devotees who feel that their life has changed because of any idol they are worship, they wish to dress like the same idol whom they worship. It will happen like a parade every day for 12 days straight. They feel that it is one way of paying back the idol which made them who they are right now. I got an opportunity to see this parade and capture the sight this year. One of the pics have been uploaded in this article is a man dressed like his idol god ‘Kali’ who actually got into the role and quoted that he felt the rush in himself when he reaches the peak of divinity.

The place where the set of devotees stay and start the parade from.

A small band which will lead the group of crossdressers to let the public know the devotees are arriving

How to commute?

There aren’t any direct flights to Tiruchendur. If you are a traveler from overseas, you should first land at either Hyderabad, Chennai or Mumbai and from there, You have to take a flight to Madurai from which Tiruchendur is just a three-hour drive on road. You also have the choice of traveling by train too which might have better options but a longer journey time. Even though it takes a longer time to commute, traveling by train is a really good choice if you are in a tight schedule.

Where to stay?

Tiruchendur is a city of national importance and also a famous tourist spot. The city is filled with a lot of options to stay in hotels, and also in a lot of varieties too as per your budget. You can always get the royalty of being a tourist. Even the executive rooms will be in an affordable price range so you don’t have to worry about the money you might overspend in staying. Even though you will have a tight schedule since there’s a lot to enjoy the whole day from the early morning until midnight, most of the renowned hotels have greatly maintained rooms to doze off after a day filled with fun.


Must visit places around Tiruchendur.


This is a big deal because Tiruchendur is a great tourist place for only temples and only one beach, you might as well plan to stay for a few more days and enjoy the other tourist spots around. The town called Manapad which is just 18 km from Tiruchendur is a known for its St. Xavier’s church which is unique as the history says St. Xavier himself visited the place five centuries ago.


Another nearby town is Kulasekhatapattinam which is known for Dussehra festival as mentioned before. You will find around hundred times more devotees in this town than Tiruchendur where it will be a feast for your eyes with folk dance, rage-filled cult based band, artists who gave their life for this and devotees who believe on their idols. All these places are the coastal areas, so every town you visit, You will also get a chance to chill at the beach.


There’s also a city called Papanasam which is not exactly near but its worth a visit. It is a place filled with nature, and nature only. It is in tirunelveli district which has few tourist’s attractions like Agasthiyar falls, Thamirabarani river and Papanasam dam where you can have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature. Ambasamudram, which is near to Papanasam is also a great tourist’s spot which has few falls and dams too. To be noted, Some of the falls dry out during summer, make sure you ensure everything from the agency before you choose your trip’s date.

A scene of priests lighting lamps which is a ritual to bring prosperity to the world.

Things to mind before packing your bags

  • Although all the places that I mentioned in the above article are really great, the internet connection is really troublesome at times, it will be slow, but it will be enough to make calls.
  • Finding international guides are not that easy if you are going to travel by yourself. If you are going as a group led by a tourist agency, then you are good to go. So make sure you find a good agency before starting the trip.
  • All the places have a beach in its vicinity, but it will be really hot during summers, sometimes unbearable too. So make sure you have all prerequisites ready.
  • Some of the coastal parts won’t have coast guards and the seas are really dangerous at times, example during tides. Protect yourself and be safe during these trips.

By Narasimhan

A college student by day. A writer and photographer by dusk. I am a person who is lives with a passion to capture a moment, in a way it's visually enticing by pictures and also brain-teasing with words. I worked as a content manager for a few couples of businesses and also has a dedicated blog, mainly concentrated on writing, traveling, philosophies and digital marketing. I have been practicing this 4 years now and still learning some new aspect of it, every single day. If you are convinced about my experience, let's connect! Hoping to work with you soon enough.

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