Tips for Backpackers in Salzburg, Austria

January 1, 1970

by Sara Durães

One day I decided to go backpacking through  Europe and, of course, I had to include the beautiful country of Austria during my trip. My aim was to get a different perspective of the country itself and its cities and typical villages. I went from the capital Viena to the middle of nowhere, and that’s where I discovered Salzburg, the fourth biggest city of Austria. In Salzburg, you have the chance to travel back in time, but at the same time, you’re able to enjoy the modern lifestyle too.

Hohensalzburg Fortress – A top attraction in Salzburg

Start your day going up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. It has the most incredible view over the city. The Hohensalzburg Fortress is a must thing to see if you’re curious and a culture fan. You can get to the fortress by walking or using the Festungsbahn funicular train. Although using the funicular seems easier and funnier, in my opinion, there’s nothing like going by foot through the small and cosy streets of Salzburg. Why don’t stop on your way to eat a delicious Kaiserschmarrn? Be sure that you discover all the marvellous spots that the city has to offer on your way up. You can spend a lot of hours in the fortress, learning about Salzburg and Austria’s past and you’ll never get tired of it. When returning, catch the funicular.

1.Hohensalzburg Fortress

Must see in Salzburg – Mozart’s influence and funny stores

When you return to the wonderful Mozartplatz, you will find the most delicious Pretzels, and if you’re lucky to go to Salzburg in the winter time like I was, you should drink a glass of hot wine to complete the experience. Don’t forget to visit the Mirabell Palace with its colourful garden.

Recommended for Mozart fans

After this, while you’re heading for the city centre again, it’s time to search for some of Mozart’s influence. Going to Salzburg I was excited to see and learn more about Mozart’s birthland and to visit his birthplace and later family residence. If you enjoy classical music this is a legendary place to go. With this in mind, you can’t forget to go to the Mozart-shops that are spread all over Salzburg. I found the cutest souvenir ever – a little Mozart bath-duck.

2.Cute Mozart bath-ducks

The big surprise

When I went to Salzburg, I was really excited to see all the amazing Mozart-shops, but to my surprise, I found another unexpected store – a Christmas decoration shop. It’s open all year round and it has some of the most unique decorations for Christmas I’ve ever seen. It was funny because I thought that it was only one shop in the whole city. But I was wrong. During my stay in Salzburg, I found at least three more cute Christmas shops, another unique characteristic that Salzburg has to offer.

Backpacker’s tips – walk by the river and through St. Peter’s Cemetery

Like I said earlier, I was backpacking in Salzburg. I wanted to see the city in a different way but also in the cheapest way possible. So if you, like me, want to save some money, there’s nothing like a stroll by the city river – Salzach. It has a lot of bridges which you can use to go from one side of the city to the other making shortcuts. I really enjoyed spending some time just walking around the city centre, getting lost in all the small and tiny streets that Salzburg has to offer, to stop to listen to the road musicians on my way. By the way, you should also spend some time of your day walking through St. Peter’s Cemetery, a beautiful fully preserved cemetery, that most seem like a garden.

3.St. Peter’s Cemetery

Top one nightlife experience – Shamrock

I hope you’re falling in love with the city like I was. If I haven’t persuaded you yet, there are more things that I can tell you about my time in Salzburg. Another must do thing, and for me, this was a really different experience, is to end up the night going to the most famous Irish pub in Salzburg – Shamrock. I had the most incredible time. If you like football and live music, Shamrock is the place to go, an amazing multicultural pub.

Best backpacker’s recommendation for hostels

After a long and joyful day, it´s time to rest, and for a backpacker like me, there is nothing better than a hostel. I truly recommend the YoHo Hostel, a youthful and inviting place to stay. You can be sure that you’ll meet some new people and make some friends. My stay was a great experience. The top hostel in Salzburg is YoHo (of course), but there are more – Summer Hostel Salzburg and Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus are great too.

Must do for festival lovers – Salzburg Summer Festival

As you see there’s a lot of stuff to do in Salzburg. You can also join another kind of activities, mainly cultural ones, like the Salzburg Festival, established in 1920, that takes place every July since then, which joins a bit of music and drama.

A multicultural city – From the Old Town to the Alps

All in all, in my view, Salzburg gives you the opportunity to renew your energies and get yourself inspired by all the beauty and magic of the city. Like the Unesco-listed Altstadt-Salzburg, the “Old Town”, with its gorgeous baroque architecture, a must thing for art lovers, the Alps surrounding the city, that gives it an outstanding environment, the amazing Siegler- Salzburg beer with a specific taste and not talking about the simple characteristics like the store-signs.

One thing that I honestly enjoyed was that I spent only two days in Salzburg and I was able to see and do the main touristic attractions. But I also know that I could spend two weeks in the city and I would always have something different to do.

At last but not least, I just want you to remember you will have an incredible time. Austria has a lot to give and you will love it! I’m sure of that! So, if you haven’t decided yet where you should go on your next journey, Salzburg is patiently but anxiously waiting for you.



Sara Durães

By Sara Durães

I´m an adventuress 18 years old Portuguese. I did a gap year, which fulfilled my dream of backpacking through Europe. Since ever I've been fascinated about exploring the world nature, people and culture. Wanting to become a journalist, I´m currently studying Journalism and Publishing at Bath Spa University. My aim is to be able to write about the world and its culture while traveling the world.


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