Tijuana the multicultural Mexican corner

January 1, 1970

by Sophy Zu

Hello, I’m from Tijuana, Mexico, the Multicultural Mexican corner, but I will tell you is much more than that.

I’ve arrived at Tijuana being a child and as many of the population, I love TJ as I’ve born here.


Old Tijuana

Picture from History Archive of Tijuana

Have you ever listened to the song “Welcome to Tijuana”? well, all that starts many years ago with the American alcohol prohibit law from 1920-1933 when the American citizens living in California used to cross the border to drink and party in the city, at that time the Revolution Ave. becomes very popular and the local economy starts to grow around the night entertainment. They even construct our first Casino “The Casino Agua Caliente” with a great architecture and luxury receiving famous personalities of that age from all over the world, some of the history tellers use to mention “Al Capone” was a regular client of the Casino, but now in our present the Tijuana Citizens are writing a different history.More about our History


Yes! We live on the border with San Diego which is great but, believe me, we have our own thing! Let me give you many multicultural examples if you love to eat here we have an interesting mixture of international flavors, our chefs are very careful to prepare unique dishes at the every restaurant and of course at the street food, but gourmet. Imagen that!

Vegan Tasty Taco

Picture from El Mazon Vegano Taco

  • Kokopelli Tacos made it by seafood and prehispanic herbs.
  • Taconazo (meat tacos with a lot of real guacamole).
  • EL Padre Nuestro “La torta de chilaquil” (a bread with a lot of chopped tortilla inside, red or green sausage and chicken or meat).
  • If you are vegan or veggie now we have a lot of offers, like vegan donuts  “El burro rayado” or the  Vegan tasty tacos “El Mazon vegano“.
  • Gastro Cinema food court, a unique place constructed like the old fashion film age full of different food restaurants open air with great gardens and inside you can watch your favorite movies for free.
  • Orix Capital a restaurant with a famous Octopus Burger.

About Fill Industry, imagine to come with your friends to a big terrace in downtown Tijuana and have a great time watching an art film tasting artisanal beer and eating chilaquiles Sunday morning at Cine Tonala, Yum!!



"Tijuana Book Fest"

Picture from Tijuana Book Fest

Now is also good to visit downtown Tijuana any time because of art, inside the halls (pasajes)you can find a big antique bookstore and shop for the cheapest price ever,  local artist painting alive and local fashion urban brands.
 We love to take the streets! every month we have more than 5 festivals like:

  • “Street Opera Fest” made it every July in one of the oldest neighborhoods “la Colonia Libertad”
  • “Entijuanarte” our biggest art fest.
  • “Paella and Wine Fest”
  • “Beer Fest”; “Tequila Fest”
  • “Wine Fest and more…




Coparmex Youht Business Chamber

Coparmex Youth Business Chamber, taken from my personal archive.

If you are interested in the business you definitely most come to Tijuana and see what our youth entrepreneurs are doing with technology and art. Every week is different binational meetings like:


  • “The Creative Mornings”
  • “Tijuana Innovadora Meetings”
  • “Hackathons
  •  Coparmex business breakfast and after work (Biggest Business Organization in Mexico).
  • Canacintra Meetings (Industrial Chamber).
  • Canirac Meetings (Food Industry Chamber).
  • BIT Center Meetings (Technology and Innovation Center).
  • Canaco Meetings (Tijuana Chamber of Commerce)


Tijuana Trasciende art at the border

Tijuana is the Mexican City with most nonprofit organizations, so every week they have activities with many topics, sustainability, migration, art, economic, politics; human rights, women or child causes and more. So if you love social causes you have to live the experience to work in a local community because we are constantly receiving people from all Mexico and may part of the world and in the and many of them stay to live here and improve our cultural richness, Like:

  • TIJUANA TRASCIENDE  Urban art interventions
  • “Juguemos a leer” Let’s Play to read program for kids
  • NFIA “Brotherhood Border Mural” painting every Saturdays with Enrique Chiu Artist
  • Tijuana Calidad de Vida, Sustainable Farms activities.
  • El Comedor del Padre Chava, daily breakfast activity for migrants.


In sports, we also have a lot of bikes and running competitions every month and nearby you can go hiking, rappel, swim, mountain bike or surf, our city location will allow you to go easily to the beach, mountains or desert inside Rosarito, Ensenada or Tecate in just a few hours driving. 

And of course, you definitely have to come XOLOS to a football game or TOROS baseball games, because of we really now how to get fun inside the stadium with great cheerleaders, snacks, beer, and music, believe me, is a unique experience how Mexicans celebrate the scores at the games.

About art, you should definitely spend a Sunday at  CECUT  and watch a movie at our Planetarium Center, or Tango learns for Free, listed to the Youth orchestra, learn to paint or bring your kids to the “Cuenta Cuentos” (storyteller activities for kids). Our best museums and cultural centers are:

  • CECUT, located at Zona Río
  • CEARTE, located at Tercera Etapa Rio Tijuana
  • Casa de la Cultura Playas, inside Playas de Tijuana
  • Casa de la Cultura Altamira, Near Down Town
  • Museo del Trompo, located at Tercera Etapa Rio Tijuana

For Mexican traditional art and grocery, I recommend you to go to the “Mercado Hidalgo” on Sundays, you will found piñantas, Mexican candies, food, fresh veggies; Coffe and artisanal curious, is like go to all over Mexico in just one place.


Of course, we still having night clubs to dance and drink but as I said we are much more like that and I dare you to come and explore the city, because Tijuana is a place for adventure travelers loving life, so that part I will let you explore because at night you can found many bars, dancing clubs, live music bands, and restaurants, so just come and look around.

International Dinner in Tijuana with tourist of many nacionalities

International Dinner in Tijuana with tourist of many nationalities



I Love TJ

Entijuanarte Fest

Is it safe to come to Tijuana? Look every city has their own realities but sometimes the media use to exaggerate, my advice to come safety are:

  • Come in groups is more fun and you will break the fear to come alone.
  • Use the Couchsurfing to meet local friends loving to travel ask them to hang out with you.
  • Respect our city as much you respect yours, do not drive and drink
  • Use google maps and if you are coming from San Diego or arrive at our Aiport use UBER to get the address or a local CAB
  • Be conscience all the time and enjoy all we have.
  • Almost in every business accept dollars and speak English, but if you prefer you can come with a friend speaking Spanish.
  • Add to your social networks the places that you will want to visit and almost all of it can answer you by facebook message.
  • Plan your activities before to come and ask advances to the locals.
  • For more about, read Tijuana at the New York Times

That’s it! the people here is very kind especially for the tourist and they will treat you as nice you are with them or better, as I said Tijuana is a Multicultural Corner and you will find whatever you want to find, so keep that in mind and enjoy because this city is so alive!

Hope you have enjoyed this article and if you want to know more about Tijuana as locals or email me to [email protected],  and if you dare to come, write me your experience I will more than happy to know how was it for you.


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