October 23, 2016

by Irmusa-kighuradze


About Georgia

Are you aware that in this wonderful world was born extraordinary country, which is called Georgia. Georgia is wonderland. It is rich in its magnificent hills, mountains, rivers, streams. Those who at least once visited this country may agree with me that these words are less for the expression of its soul. But it is modest as a child and it is as clear as water. Living in this country we do not only exist but also live with extraordinary life. This superiority is given by our God and there is the glory for it! The country is small but filled with refined soul, the heights of the mountains, the plains and the smell of the fields of fresh breathing.  I am happy for I live in Georgia. It is my birthday Country and never thinks to leave this place. It fascinates and draws like a magnet. Time stops here, since you implemented fully in the wonderful life. They’re coming minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years, and all this time is not enough, I can assure you that the time we have is not as important as life itself and you tell the time is a life and I would agree, but we do not become slaves of time.


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Tbilisi is historic city that attracts thousands of tourists. There are some main places to see that I can recommend during your vacation. In Georgia are a lot of churches and monasteries from the BC ages. After many battles during his history there still survived some ruins. I think it is more excited when you have opportunity to see, touch and experience an antiquity.

    • Sioni or Sioni Cathedral- is the historically main temple of Tbilisi. It is Located on the banks of the Kura River in Old Tbilisi. It was built on the orders of the Byzantine in 6 century, But destroyed by the Arabs in the 12th century. David IV builder erected here new one.
    • Vorontsov Palace-home of the king’s viceroy in the Caucasus was built in 1868 on the site of the former palace of the governor and partially retained its shape. It is the oldest building on Rustaveli Avenue. It is built in the style of a palazzo of the Renaissance. The palace is surrounded by a lush garden.
    • Bethania monastery-Tourists staying in Tbilisi, must visit founded in the 11th century and still active monastery Bethania of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, which is 16 km from the capital. Monastery rightly called one of the finest examples of Georgian church architecture.
    • Tiflis passage -is one of the symbols of Tbilisi. It is built in 1912-15 years by the well-known patron of the arts in the city and public figure Alexander Melik-Azaryantsa, it is dedicated to the memory of his daughter. Across the front of the building “stretched” funeral wreaths, and in the corner of the box are made in the form of tears.
    • National museum – building of the museum styled old Georgian architecture – is a museum located in the Caucasus in 1825. The most valuable exhibits of the museum – Gold Fund: coin minting mediaeval and ancient jewelry from the mound Trialeti (2 century BC.). One room holds controversial Museum of Soviet Occupation.
    • Glass pedestrian Peace Bridge- on the River Mtkvari connects the Old Town and modern Tbilisi – it offers an excellent view of the many attractions of the city. The wavy design of 156 m was designed by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi together with the French engineer Philippe Martineau illuminator.

Old Tbilisi

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When we are planning our tour always think to escape all thinks around and try to properly manage our time. So, if you have less time in Georgia, you have to spend at least half-day exploring old Tbilisi. You can get around most places on foot or get in Hop On-Hop off buses. The old city district comprises countless important historic buildings. It’s a no.1 attraction in Tbilisi. There you can visit sulfur bath in Abanotubani .  Acording to the legend, it was when King Vakhtang Gorgasali‘s falcon companion fell into the worm sulfur spring, this tended the discover warm sulfur spring. The word “Worm” in Georgian is pronounced as “Tbili”. This is why the name of our capital is Tbilisi.

Step by step

Walking through Shardeni and “Bambi’s rigi” street you find yourself in another world. These streets were restored in 2006 and returned its original face. Streets are distinguished by its European and Asian Architecture and numerous Cafe-bars. It makes it picturesque and interesting for tourists. There you give chance test a local food and listen nice music or just drink coffee for a while. Continue our tour by visiting „ Sioni“cathedral temple; then follow The King Erekle the Second’s street. Street is well known by its various souvenir shops and galleries. At this place tourists can buy some memorable things. At the end of the tour kind to visit Metekhi church and temple „Sameba“which is one of the first biggest temple in Eastern Caucasus and cloister complex which is existed nearby temple. Narikala district a beautiful ancient castle with breathtaking views over the city. You may take a cable car to reach it or go on a challenging hike uphill. This beautiful view will stay long in your memory.


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Mtskheta is a place that loves Georgian peoples. At weekends more Georgian families try to visit this place. This ancient capital of Georgia was Mtskheta which is located 20 km from Tbilisi.  Mtckheta is a sacred place for every Georgian, because of its saint places. This ancient city is called “second Jerusalem”. There St. Nino placed a Christian cross and started preaching the Christian faith. This also explains the Mtskheta status as the holy city, which attracts tourists and Christian pilgrims from around the world. The main objects that attract tourists and pilgrims are:  Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, one of the oldest and most revered temples of ancient s picturesque monastery Jvari -Unique and striking examples of medieval religious architecture in the Caucasus. Mtskheta is nunnery monastery (XI c.). King Mirian and his wife Queen Nana are buried here.

My recommendations

Stroll through old quarters of the city, where buildings of 18-19 centuries are preserved. In case you decide to get known about the history of Tbilisi you should visit the National museum of Georgia which itself includes the museum of Archaeology with a collection of exhibits of ancient history Georgia (including the skull of an extinct fellow “homo sapiens”), also Art, Numismatic and absolutely wonderful Doll Museum. Good to visit the open air ethno museums at Turtle Lake.
And don’t miss to try Georgian delicious food.


By Irmusa-kighuradze

I am Irmusa. I am from Georgia. My country is very beautiful and attractive. Georgia is waiting for you! I will try to introduce it with all its charm. I love travel,I love people and I love peace.


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