Things to see in Bangalore, India

Being from India, I know a lot of tourist spots around here- and Bangalore is NOT one of them. But here and there, people do visit Bangalore from time to time. Some of the tourists don’t even go for the rare architectural attraction spots in Bangalore. This place isn’t for that sort of tourism… or at least that is my perspective.

A few tourist spots

Yes, though I said there aren’t many places that are ‘must see’ in Bangalore, there ARE spots. If you google ‘Bangalore tourism’ there are buildings that pop up- some of which look similar to each other. One such is the Bangalore Palace.

The Bangalore Palace

Touring the Bangalore Palace in Bangalore… it’s pretty easy to remember too, isn’t it? Though the Bangalore Palace comes among the top central tourist attraction spots in the city, it is more ideal for people who love history. Well, if one loves beautiful antique architectures then it’ll turn out to be great here too. If the Bangalore Palace is on your to-go-list, getting a guide for yourself is strongly recommended as it gives a much better experience of the place.

Panchanlingeshwara Temple

Another one which I found pretty cool… but was unable to make it anywhere inside- is well-known as the Panchanlingeshwara Temple. I did take a moment to look at it and believe me: it is far more breathtaking when you really look at it. The name of it is also known by the age old locals as Panchan Linga Nageshwara Temple.

Streets of Bangalore

You might find this one a little awkward but I think there are tourists who are there to literally take strolls on the streets of Bangalore. Not only is the roadside market extremely diverse, but it is also spectacular to watch people move around so fast. Added to the beauty is the country’s fact as we know it. We all know that India is diverse in terms of types of people. So all sorts of people can be seen walking on the streets- some with colorful attires and some naturally 7-foot tall people who have their own community!

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden or popularly known as just Lalbagh is probably the most famous tourist spot in Bangalore. What makes it so well-known? Putting it simply, the spot is very old… and its gardens are over two hundred years old! This sure is a tourist spot for many but for the locals there, it can be for morning exercises and jogging. Apart from the scenic widespread gardens, the building Lalbagh Glasshouse is not to be missed… and you can’t miss it as it lies amidst the gardens. The glass house resembles the fashion as of London’s Crystal Palace.



If you are keen on observing fast-pace environments and people and are looking forward to seeing some amazing old architectures- learning a little history and enjoying wide spaces with gardens, Bangalore would be ideal for it!          

Manas Patil

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