Things To Experience In Mumbai

India. One country and multiple meanings. House to diverse cultures, food, colors plus one element that tops it all is food. Living in a country like India is like sliding on a rainbow because there are so many different or varied factors that you experience while living here. I have lived here from the time I have opened my eyes. Secularism is the motto. So many religions that bring contrasting souls together and celebrate every occasion. Mumbai – specifically as one can say is very chilled out with people coming from different religions, backgrounds, culture, and beliefs. People here believe that no matter what or where you’re, you need to be a good food partner and if you’re that then people welcome you with open arms. Mumbai is also called a city of dreams. People from all over India come here with a ray of hope to shine on the streets of Mumbai. Mumbai is a mother to all from gangsters to orphans to millionaires. The city embraces one and all. The sizzling dazzle of the city is its Film Industry. The stars that make the city, even more, brighter than ever. Also, on the other hand, the city consists of huge areas of slums that provide soothing shadows too so many heads. My strong recommendation to and all would be go all out to experience the hustle and bustle of the city and do not hold yourself back while tasting and relishing the enormous-gigantic street cuisine of Mumbai.

Linking Road & Colaba Causeway

A true paradise for those souls searching from shoes to bags, to local authentic jewelry to food and house crockery. You name it and you have it! Also, guess what? Cooperative shopkeepers don’t send you away without buying anything that you like and under your rate-card. The endless road that keeps giving you nothing but a variety of things to buy from and still you won’t be content. You’re sure to fill up your bags and go home with a huge smile on your faces. The shopping street in Mumbai is one of the busiest and loved places. Who doesn’t like shopping and exactly for the prices they’re looking for.

Street Food Party

Food and Mumbai, Mumbai and food go hand-in-hand. You can never expect to walk a place and not get anything to eat. The city serves everyone. Chaat stalls here are to watch out for. The best ones are at Hill Road, Bandra named Elco market. The most loved and preferred street food corner. The chilled flavored water served alongside sweet and sour food with savor with. Paani puri is the most love chaat food in Mumbai and in India. Every corner of the country and city has one shop or stall that serve pani puri. The blasting of flavors that will make your heart even happier than ever. Street food in Mumbai is most talked about food all over the world only because of the variety of delicacies it has to offer. Mumbaikars take pride in serving affordable and tastiest street food. One more type of street food which is highly loved in Mumbai is the stall Chinese that is served and in the most economical rate, anyone can imagine. How much can a cuisine get spicy, hot and tasty? Well, Asian Chinese surely can! Served hot and with so much love and not to forget at any time of day or night. Staying in a city like Mumbai one thing is absolutely sure. You can never sleep empty stomach. The city streets have everything to offer and serve. Strong recommendation: Do not miss Elco market’s Pani puri and other street food that they have to offer.  

Marine Drive

Want to hang out and don’t want to spend? You’ve come exactly at the right place. Situated perfectly by the seaside, calm your minds and souls here by absorbing the breezy atmosphere and enjoying the city lights. Marine drive is also known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’ because of the view at night portraits as though strings of pearls and gives one magnificent look. Well, from what I have noticed its also seen as a place where lovers meet and share their poetic love.

The heartbeat of Mumbai – Local Trains

The city’s heart lies in its transport. Mumbai is running and relying mainly on local trains that help the rat race even more easy and convenient. The city completely stands still if either of the means of transport is stopped or affected by varied reasons. Mumbai’s local trains are not just any trains that were built for transport but also has a heavy historical touch to it. It was the first railway network that was built not just in India but in Asia. Just like a human heartbeat that keeps beating, Mumbai’s local trains consistently provide its service and rarely get to slow down.

Haji Ali Dargah

A holy place where Muslim saints reside and people belonging to every religion and caste come here and tie their wish threads in a hope to get what they desire. Haji Ali Dargah is situated on the sea and thousands of devotees often come and visit the holy place. There’s one specialty about both the places, they have amazingly mouth-watering sweet centers right. Haji Ali juice center offers fruit creams. The taste of the same makes you feel as though you have stepped right inside heaven.  The feel of the cream is so creamy and in true sense it is. Once, you eat it you would feel sad after the sweet journey has come to en end. How can one say no to sweets! Can you? Mumbai and the people living here are welcoming and feel happy to share what the city has to offer. No matter what the city has been through, its people stand together in solidarity and support each other. Anyone who will visit Mumbai always feels loved because no one feels left out amongst the bustling sounds of the city. This is a city that never sleeps and its people are the one that gives the beat in the heart to the city. On your visit here be utmost sure to have a memorable time and amazing food. Stay Happy!  

Mansha Kotwal

To start with my name is Mansha which mean ‘Wish’. This alone states how dramatic or ‘wishful’ i am. My education comprises of me being a graduate in Mass media and majors and Advertising. I love movies and i watch every movie at least thrice to get an insight on it and then create opinions around it. I write as well. I write short poems in English and also in Urdu. I like to pen my thoughts down because it helps me release my feelings on the paper. I also have my own Instagram page which i am slowly trying to build. I write poetry in Urdu and i am happy that slowly and steadily people like what i write, also i like Drama 🙂 – Kidding.