Things To Do In Winnipeg, Canada

Are you looking for a place to spend your holidays in Canada, a place to have some good time with your family, friends and loved ones? Winnipeg is one of the finest cities in Canada, very suitable for travellers and tourists. There are things to do in Winnipeg making it a place worth visiting. The things you can do in Winnipeg are below.

Tour the Assiniboine Park

City Park was the old name of this park and it is a suitable place for tourists. The name Assiniboine Park is after the people of Assiniboine. This park consists of a 700-acre forest, the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Other parts of the park are its miniature railway, the informal and formal gardens, the theatre and the rest of attractions. The Conservatory is the name of a botanical garden in this park where you can see up to 8000 trees, plants and flowers. Things To Do In Winnipeg These plants are not indigenous to Manitoba but they grow with ideal states inside Display Garden and Palm House. The English Garden here has 3 acres of trees, flowers and shrubs which are in local English style. This Garden serves as a place for tourists and indigenes to groove. The English Garden is available to people on each day of the calendar. The Formal Garden, the zoo, theatre and Pavilion are other attractions of Assiniboine Park. The rest of the attractions include the Lyric and the Theatre. Certain sports take place here like cricket, bicycle path,  baseball and playground.  The Assiniboine Park Riparian Forest Project is a place where you can see forests and have some recreation. 

Explore the Forks

The Forks is another tourist attraction in Winnipeg. This place is a meeting place, a historical artifact and green space.  The Forks is at the Downtown Winnipeg which is at the Assiniboine River and at the river confluence. Aboriginal people meet here including tourists from different places.  It consists of a cultural landscape which is available for people throughout the year. One of the places to tour at the Forks is the Forks Market. This market began as 2 adjacent stables and horse stalls which connected with bridges and courtyard. The market has a tower of 6 storeys which you can climb with an elevator or a stair. You can buy different things like wine, fresh fruit, meat,  and bread.  Other things available in this market include different artworks and crafts which are from up to 300 Canadian and local artisans. Other tourist attractions here are the Travel Minotaba Visitor Information Centre, the Manitoba Museum for children and the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. There is an inn here made up of a hostel of 5 storeys and the Rail Museum.

Groove the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is one of the places to visit in Winnipeg and  is a national museum. The aim of this museum is to solve issues about human rights by promoting the understanding of the public and encouraging mutualism and dialogue with Canada as  reference.  The opening ceremonies took place on the 19th of September, 2014. The museum was the very first museum with national features in Canada and is the first of its kind outside the capital of Canada. This is one of the finest places for travellers and tourists.

Explore the Winnipeg Art Gallery

This is the earliest museum of its kind in the country of Canada. Now it consists of 3000 artworks. Here you will see the largest contemporary and modern art. The rest of the notable aspects of the Gallery are photography, Canadian art, European and British art and the decorative art. You can browse through the works of the artists, researchers, curators, donors, collectors and many curators.  This Winnipeg Art Gallery is a place for new facilities and a contemporary art. It has an iconic structure facing the South to Manitoba Legislature towards Winnipeg. The new space includes an arts storage vault, lecture theatre and an art storage vault that is visible. It has up to 1300 artworks with a continuous and long ego for exhibition, publication and research. Its Inuit Art Centre is among the largest on the planet.

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