Things to do in Sydney, Australia

Things To Do In Sydney, Australia!

Sydney is well known for its iconic beaches and beautiful views, but what really are the best things to do while you're there? Sydney has several hidden gems among its more well-known tourist destinations- that are guaranteed to make your trip one in a lifetime! Lets start with some classics. Everyone has heard of the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach, but what is the best way to get there? And what exactly do you do once you're there? Here are some things I found during my time in Sydney!

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is beautiful, and is definitely one of the larger beaches with its white sands stretching roughly 1km. Bondi is the most famous beach in Australia so you can expect it to be pretty packed during peak season. There are tons of things to do at and around the beach so be sure to give yourself a whole day! (Maybe even a couple) Depending on the side of the beach you are on- the waters vary in roughness. The North end is great for swimming, while the Southern part is generally more for those inclined towards surfing. There are several shops along the beach that will provide you with a quick snack or a hearty meal while you enjoy your day catching some sunshine! If you want to save some money- pack a lunch and some snacks and bring them with you. One of the popular activities while you are at the beach for the day- is the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte beach! Make sure to bring your camera and snap pictures all along the walk. It takes roughly 2 hours to do a round trip, so make sure to bring loads of sunscreen or you will get a nasty burn. If you are looking for something a little more low-key, there are several beaches within walking distance to Bondi that are still great for swimming, but have far less people! In terms of getting there: public transportation runs fairly frequently all day. Just be aware that there can be quite a lineup waiting for the bus from the train station, and especially waiting to catch a bus back at the end of the day.

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is definitely a must do for most Australia keen travellers. Depending on whether you go at day or night gives you a bit of a different opportunity for experiencing it! During the day you can take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens on your way there (though the gardens close in the evening, so make sure to give yourself some time) Pose for a couple photos and walk up the steps. Take a brief walk along the harbour and get something to eat at one of the many restaurants along the way! During the evening- stop in for a bite to eat at the Opera House restaurant (Bennelong Restaurant) and relax with a couple drinks from the bar. It's usually pretty packed all day, so it might be a bit of a wait for the food- but its worth it. Afterwards relax and enjoy a show in the Opera House itself! Tickets can range in price, but you can get a ticket for fairly cheap as long as they aren't sold out. During night or day you will have a marvellous view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which you can opt to climb by booking ahead of time. (If there aren't shows playing that you want to see at the Opera House- check out the Capitol Theatre or Lyric Theatre)  

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a wonderful way to spend your day! Plan for an early start to your day as the mountains are roughly a 1.5 hour drive from the city. Especially if you are renting a car- try to get out as early as possible. (If you are renting a car, you usually have to return the car by 5pm) Once you arrive, you will have a beautiful view ranging as far as you can see. There is a merchandise shop as well as some places close by you can get some food from. You will be able to clearly see the 3 sisters rock formation, and can even walk along a path/stairs to get a closer look. There are several trail walks you can do that vary in length depending on how long you can alot. If you are keen- there are several places you can get accommodation if you are wanting to give yourself a couple days to see as much as you can! Some other famous things to see while in Sydney include: Luna Park, Manly Beach, Camp Cove, Sydney Olympic Park or the Taronga Zoo! If you enjoy scuba diving you can even go on a scuba dive adventure with the sharks at the Sydney Aquarium! On a budget and want some cheap activities to do while in Sydney? Want to have fun, but want to do activities where you won't be surrounded by tourists? There are several other activities you can do that are budget friendly!

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is well known for its lively club and bar scene, but during the day it is a great place to take a gander and see some unique shops! It has a wonderful gay pride atmosphere and is across the street from Hyde Parka great place to relax and read a book, draw a picture or have a picnic!

St Marys Cathedral

Conveniently located by Hyde Park as well! St Marys Cathedral has beautiful architecture inside and out. Take a look at the master crafted stained glass windows and take the opportunity to sit and rest for awhile. The Cathedral is free to go in, though you can make a donation if you feel inclined.

Sydney Library

The Sydney library is massive, and at times it will have free exhibits going on. It is definitely worth a look, and is right across from the Botanical Gardens, so you can easily take a couple hours during your day to explore the 2 together!


Chinatown is close to the Central train station, so getting there is quite easy. There are tons of unique stores, malls and shops scattered throughout the streets. Buy a unique treat at an asian supermarket or take pictures of the interesting buildings!

Featherdale Wildlife Park

You can easily access the park by Public Transportation by taking a train and then a bus! Make sure to plan to get their early so you can hold a snake. During different times of the day you are able to see several animals get fed and learn interesting facts about them. You can pose with a koala and pet kangaroos, wallabies or a wombat. The wildlife park is smaller than the Taronga Zoo and much quieter, but you can still plan to have a good portion of your day here learning all about native Australian animals! There is a shop for souvenirs as well as a place to get food or ice-cream. To save money pack a lunch and don't forget sunscreen.

Open-Air Cinemas

Sydney usually has several different open-air theatres up and running (though keep in mind they close down during the colder months). They are a great way to spend your evening, get some fresh air and see a movie out in the park or on a roof!

Puzzle Rooms

Make sure to call ahead of time or check out the websites to make a booking. Generally you can make bookings for groups of up to 6 people, and each location has a few different rooms you can choose from. Try to solve all the clues and escape the room in time! Usually the time allotted for a booking is 1 hour, but they are a fun way to spend an afternoon and get your mind working! There are a few in Sydney- but you can compare what is available at Mission Room Escape, PaniQ Room or the Enigma Room!  Other things to keep in mind: There are usually several markets going on during the week or on weekends. (Check out Paddys Market) If you have some spare time head on down to the Chinese Garden of Friendship or Newtown!   Article Pic 2      


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