Things to do in Quebec City

Quebec City, Canada. The city where I was born and raised is one filled with a wonderful past. By being the only french province out of all the provinces of Canada, Quebec is being more recognized globally as a very historical province worth a visit. So, here are a few of the landmarks I highly recommend as a local for all types of travelers and budgets. Enjoy !


Old Quebec

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old Quebec is truly a must-see if ever you are in the city of Quebec. With several very affordable guided tours such as food tours, beer tasting tours or simply sight-seeing tours, there are multiple ways to visit the Old Quebec. Local artisans, gift shops and restaurants with local food are all over the streets which make it the perfect place to buy a special something to bring back home and remember your trip to Quebec.


The funicular is what links the Old Quebec to the Terrasse Dufferin (which is also accessible by a staircase) or the Upper Town to the Lower Town and it is a very fun and unique way to travel. Basically a cable railway on an inclined plane, it takes the visitors up to the Terrasse Dufferin while giving them a wonderful view. Opened since 1879, the funicular is still fully functional and a great way to get to the Upper or Lower part of the Old Quebec.

Chateau Frontenac & Terrasse Dufferin

The spectacular Chateau Frontenac was, at first, the residence of the governors of Lower Quebec and Canada, but since then, it has now been transformed into a 5-star hotel since 1893 and is the most photographed hotel ever and can accommodate more than a thousand people in its 600 rooms and 18 floors. Furthermore, the Terrasse Dufferin is a terrace that is just in front of the Chateau Frontenac which has a magnificent view of the Saint Lawrence river. Also, make sure to continue your journey on the Upper Town to see the Saint-Louis Gate.

Montmorency falls

The Montmorency falls is a spectacular waterfall in the city of Quebec which is surrounded by a park. Staircases as long as a suspension bridge right over the falls allow the visitors of this fall to have multiple perspectives of the falls themselves as well as Levis which is located on the southside and the Saint Lawrence river. However, for those who prefer not to walk up and down the staircase, a Funitel is available to carry visitors from the base of the falls to the top.

Quebec City Hop-on Hop-off tours

For those who want to visit the city but prefer not walking, for a few years now, Quebec now offers double decker bus for tourists to hop-on and hop-off wherever they wish to in the Old Quebec. Visit the Old Quebec faster and with incredible views with le Bus Rouge!

Plains of Abraham

Known by its historical beginning as the land where the French and British empires fought for the land and its inhabitants, the Plains of Abraham is one of Canada's most important parks. It is now consistently filled with local residents or visitors who enjoy the views and the trails as much as the tranquility of the park for a day in the park to have fun under the sun or a late night walk.  Several activities take place year round such as the pentathlon and the Carnaval in the winter so there is always something different to see. In addition, the Cap-Blanc stairway is made up of 400 stairs for the courageous who want to travel faster from the Lower Town to the Plains, but do not underestimate the stairs which are very demanding so make sure to be in good shape beforehand.

Musee de la civilization

Established in 1984, the Musee de la civilization is located right in front of the Old Port with a beautiful view of Levis which is the city located right in front of Quebec which is accessible by the Quebec-Levis Ferry or by car with the Quebec bridge. Its mission is to make known by all, the rich history of Quebec which has contributed greatly to the improvement and embellishment of the city of Quebec in the present day and its culture. One of the current exhibitions which I have seen is The Library at Night which is quite particular but truly educational and out of the ordinary. Narrated by Alberto Manguel and produced by the internationally known Robert Lepage, visit ten libraries from all over the world with a 360 degree technologically advanced immersive experience.

In addition, while being in the Old Port, make sure to take a walk on the Samuel-De-Champlain Promenade which is located right on the edge of the Saint Laurence river for a peaceful walk with great views.

Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec

The MNBAQ is the ideal place to discover Quebec's art and its artists from all time periods. Built in the 1920s, the MNBAQ is the first museum founded by the Quebec government. And now, for less than 20$ per person, a guided tour is offered to visit the entire museum. There are always several exhibitions presented at the same time making it possible to discover private collections from Quebec residents as long as foreign art. With more than 38 000 works of art dating back to the 17th century to today, the exhibitions are always very educational and interesting making it possible to expand your knowledge of art and its cultural movement.

Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne was originally a shrine to honor the patron saint of Quebec, Sainte Anne herself. Completed in 1946, it has been said by several that the Basilica has made miracles and that it has cured and saved people from their disabilities. Visitors from all around the world come take a visit to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne for her religious past as a receiver of more than 50 000 000 pilgrims each year and for her architectural beauty. With several services offered on the site such as a souvenir shop and guided tours, the Basilica of Sainte-Anne is a touristic attraction for the religious as much as the atheists.

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