Things to do in Indonesia, Batam Riau

Speaking about Indonesia, it is a country consisting of over 17,000 islands, most of them usually uninhabited. Indonesia has some of the most spectacular underwater marine life. The staple food here is rice but many also do depend on fishing. But there also another set of people who depend on tourism for their livelihood, and oh yes, they will make sure you enjoy your stay. So if you want a spot to relax, Indonesia would be just the right place, with its everlasting warm weather.

Batam Riau: A small island

Batam Riau is a city which also happens to be an island of about 20km from Singapore. It is a city which is developing at a fast rate in its industries, so it is entirely an industrial area. But there are some fascinating features here that make it an amazing tourism spot. In an attempt to succeed in making Batam Riau a popular tourist spot, many resorts, hotels, and amazing facilities have been set up here. What’s more? The prices of tourist packages to this place are quite reasonable and worth it. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a place in Indonesia to loosen up, this place would be a sensible choice. It takes about an hour of a ferry ride from HarbourFront, Singapore to reach. Now we all know that Indonesia is famous for some of its coastal regions, so I suggest if you are staying, why not stay at a resort nearby to the ocean. Nongsa Point Marina and Resort is, in my view, one of the best places to settle down. It doesn’t matter if you are on your honeymoon, you are on a trip with your friends or having a family vacation, the resort has the best accommodation facilities for all. The resort is a large area covering a beautiful hilly region. Large chalets cover the place and from many, the view of the ocean is available which makes it even more amazing. And of course, never forget the water sports when you’re here. Click here to know more about Nongsa Point Marina.

Must do things in Batam Riau

Visiting the Barelang Bridge

If you’re visiting Batam Riau for a holiday, make sure not to miss out the Barelang Bridge here, as it is an amazing sight and probably the biggest landmark here in Batam Riau. The Barelang Bridge consists of 6 bridges, all of the different types which connect the islands of Batam. The first bridge is the most spectacular one of them all which is held up by cables. It’ll definitely be a great spot if you’re looking forward to clicking some amazing photographs.

Love corn? Then make sure you have it!

If you do reach up to the first bridge, then make sure to have some corn! For they have the best finger-licking fried corns on their cobs. These stalls which sell corns are located right after you cross the first bridge and are usually found open in the evening.

Enjoy the ride

The next upcoming bridges aren’t so popular as the first one but the arch Rempang Galang will be another eye turner for you. So what is there to check out after you cross these bridges? Well, apart from a few beaches, nothing much really. But it’s not where you go to that makes it interesting, it’s how you travel that makes it interesting. The road in this region is really smooth but the sight of it gives a feeling that you’re on a long roller coaster which is merely an illusion. Just as everything else, there is a drawback. If you’re planning to visit the Barelang Bridge, just don’t plan for it on a Sunday. There is usually a heavy traffic on the evening of this particular weekend.

Nasi Padang: An Indonesian delicacy

By mentioning food, there is another thing which you shouldn’t miss if you come to Indonesia. Make sure you make a stop at a Nasi Padang restaurant for a meal, it’s a kind of a special buffet system with ultimate food flavors.  Speaking about the restaurant, I’ve been to various of these restaurants and the tastes are usually alike. So it doesn’t really make a difference to whichever Nasi Padang restaurant you step into. But if you’re insisting, a suggestion I would make is the Sederhana Restaurant. The price range isn’t so high and the food does seem worth its price. Another thing to ensure during your stay, have a person to translate for you (unless you know Bahasa Indonesian of course), as most of the locals do not speak English.

Snorkeling spot

If you’re taking a holiday alone or with some of your best buddies or have a deep interest in looking down at the beautiful marine life, there’s a small island probably only a few kilometers from Batam Riau called Abang island. This is referred to as one of the famous places in Batam Riau for snorkeling. You’ll be taken in a small boat to the island as there is no public transportation made available. When I’d made my trip there, I reached the island by evening so we had to settle down in overwater houses. Staying there isn’t as comfortable as the resort I mentioned before, but due to the hospitality of the people there, you’re sure to get a homely vibe. I had even asked if they had a guitar there and someone had lent me one for that night! The following morning, we had to suit up in our costumes and they provide flippers and the snorkel gear. We’ll be taken on a boat about some distance from the island where we can dive in and start the discovery of the life below!

Seafood: Last but not the least

Now, if you have come all the way to Indonesia, it would be a kind of a disgrace if you left without having seafood as your meal, wouldn’t it? Nasi Padang that I mentioned earlier is one thing alright, but having real seafood is another. By real seafood, I mean of having crabs and prawns. There are maybe many spots in Batam where you can buy seafood but the most famous spots known to all the locals living there are Golden Prawn 555 and Golden Prawn 933. They usually serve fresh delicacies.  


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