Things to do in Dubai

January 1, 1970

by Jona Santos


A fast emerging city and one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates is called Dubai. A place full of luxury cars, high-end restaurants and beautifully designed buildings and skyscrapers. One would think that there is nothing to go to in this captivating place, but I am here to change all of that. Here are some of the tourist spots that you should go to.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa holds the world record for being the tallest building. You can get a view of this mighty building when you are eating al fresco in Dubai mall. You can even go to Burj Khalifa’s at the top to get an aerial view of Dubai.

Dubai Mall

This mall is so huge and it even has an indoor aquarium, an ice skating, and a ginormous fountain that has a fountain show every hour. Here I have seen the biggest Patchi store, and it was so big I cannot believe that they only sell chocolates. I am in awe how big the store is so I have an idea in my subconscious that this store will never have an “out of stock” moment, but one day after new year and the mall was open until 2 am, shoppers where everywhere and all the stores are being bought to and the big Patchi store had its “out of stock” moment. at that point in time I realized how locals love sweets, maybe I’m a local in my past time, that’s a thought. Surely, roaming around this mall surely is considered a cardio.

Dubai Frame

This new attraction just had its soft opening last January 2018. You can go at the top of the frame, walk over the glass floor from one side to the other, and see the new or modern Dubai on your right and old Dubai on your left. After walking at the top of the frame you might get tired, but don’t worry there are some snacks that you can buy at the top if you consider Godiva chocolate covered Strawberries as a snack then everything is fine. Because the location of the frame is a secluded area, there are mini-restaurants at the foot of the frame that you can enjoy.

Deira City Center

This mall just like Dubai mall has a fountain, and every night it has a fountain and light show that you can watch. For me, this is a must-see, because of the figure of a woman in lights dancing from the fountain to the building and it would be her stage as she dances with the music.

Miracle Garden

If you love flowers then this is the perfect place for you. You will see different structures made of different colors of flowers. Flowers all around you, you will feel like there is no problem in the world. This really is a happy place. Furthermore, no need to say that you will get nice pictures due to the beautiful Dubai sun and colorful flowers because you surely will.

Butterfly Garden

Just outside the Miracle garden is the Butterfly garden, which makes sense. Kidding aside, of course, you will see different kinds of butterflies and moth as well. Also, there are butterfly mosaics of the Sheikh of Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – and the crown prince of Dubai – Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

City of Desserts

All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt


If you’re a fan of Lotus Biscoff, for Americans, or you might know it in its other name Speculoos, for Europeans (but tastes the same to die for tasty caramel) then you’re in for a treat! Parker’s Lotus Drama is a must taste, the best dessert for Speculoos lovers. They also have drinks that are inspired by this popular biscuit. Really a Lotus Biscoff/Speculoos heaven.


The only Red Velvet cake that I eat comes from this place, and as one of the dessert presenters told me this is His Majesty’s favorite, I just don’t know if he is referring to the Sheikh or the crown prince. Another one that you must order is the Milk Cake, they have different flavors for this but my personal favorite is the plain one. There is also another dessert that we have tried, and it did not disappoint us, it is called The Ultimate Dessert and it was so good.

red velvet cake and milk cake

The Ultimate Dessert

Cafe Bateel

Bateel Date Pudding is one of the signature desserts and it was heaven.


This place offers a lot of cute pieces of bread and desserts. You will find it really hard to choose on what you want to order because you will want to order it all. If you cannot really choose on what to order then here are some suggestions, their small Japanese cheesecake, Creme Brulee, and mochi are some of the must tries. For the drinks, I ordered their Lychee milkshake with pearls and some lychee strips (it’s like nata de coco strips, so yummy).

Chocolate Mochi

Small Japanese Cheesecake with caramel sauce on the side and Dulce de Leche cupcake

cute pieces of bread

Shakespeare and Co.

Fondant Au Chocolat, their version of molten lava cake is made to perfection. When you order it they will serve it to you after 20-25 minutes because they will serve it to you fresh from the oven.

Fondant Au Chocolat

Cheesecake Factory

I opted to order the plain cheesecake and it was nice, cause sometimes I don’t want too much whats going on in my food.

cappuccino and plain cheesecake


For some healthier treats frozen yogurt has taken the limelight. Pinkberry stores all over Dubai is always kinda full so if you are a health buff it is kinda joyful to see people trying their best to have the healthy options.

Magnolia Bakery

There are lots of choices here, from ice cream to pastries to cakes, you name it they have it. Of course, I ordered lotus cheesecake, well anything with lotus sure is yummy. their coconut macarons are just superb.


Mamak’s Burj Khalifa is must try and really great for pictures. It is a tall flat kinda crispy bread that stands so tall with condensed milk. I have had the gooiest cookies of all time here in Dubai and you can buy it in Ben’s cookies, they have a stall in Dubai mall that offers a lot of cookie flavors that will wake up the cookie monster in you. Dessert tables in different hotels are also given emphasis, they offer a wide selection of colorful desserts that make you wanna skip your main meal and go straight ahead to desserts. Wherever you go in Dubai, there will always be something sweet awaiting for you.

burj khalifa

Banana pudding, creme brulee, and pineapple cake

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