Things to do if you visit Romania during the summer!

If you plan to visit Romania next summer this are few things you should know!

Well if you are young, at school, Universty or just young, irresponsible and crazy, Romania is the place to be during the summer. You will ask me “why you say that?”

Let me tell you a few things about Romania. First of all, the weather is amazing all summer and the people are really friendly. It is impossible not to make new friends here, well possibly if you are a grumpy person, but that is not the definition of young and irresponsible.Trust me if you love people and you like to be surrounded by them, they will love you too.

Second of all, Romanian people know how to party, they get those insane events where you just need to be.

Imagine Festival-2016

imagine festival 2        imagine festival

So if you want a party in the woods, with cool underground music, nice beer and lots of people dancing, Imagine Festival is the place to be. They will promise you a nice weekend in the Snagov Forest (that's 40 minutes away from Bucharest), where you can camp, listen to good music and learn new things like archery, spray painting or even yoga and meditation classes.

Okay, so you want to get of Bucharest. Yes, it is crowded, agitated and sometimes too hot for your taste. So this is a  good opportunity for you to discover what the  Carpathian Mountains hide and you can go to Waha Festival. Just take your tent, sleeping bag, and few warm clothes and join the Waha world. A few days up on the mountain in Covasna will be all you need to connect with nature, intense music and fun people. Six stages with live music are waiting for you to enjoy them. You will find a great family there, a family that doesn't need words to communicate that will understand everything you want to say just by looking at you. The whole experience is very intense you will rediscover yourself and find out who you are afraid to be.

Waha world-2016

waha 3       waha 2

A beautiful forest awaits you there. Fresh air and smooth grass; it is there for you every summer so don't miss it! Just be sure you do not get caught in that world too much and you will have a ride home. We got lost in the experience and before we knew it, we woke up after a few days with no money to get back to Bucharest and lots of luggage to carry down of the mountain. It took us 15 hours to get back to Bucharest, 15 hours in which we walked 6km, we hitchhiked, changed 2 trains and slept in a train station for three hours. Yes, all that was super fun and like I said Romanian people are really friendly but make sure you are safe before you hit the road.

Imagine Festival and Waha Festival are not the only places where you can have fun during your summer in Romania. If you are a comfortable person but still like nature and good music, SummerWell is a good festival to attend. The festival takes place at Stirbey Domain( 30 minutes away from Bucharest) and apart from good music you can learn the history of Stirbey Palace and the history of aristocratic families that used to live there in the 1900s

Some of the bands that played at SummerWell were Borns, The neighbourhood, Years&Years or Hurts, but the real show was made by The Chemical Brothers. Yes they were in Romania last summer and they made an insane show, the best I have seen all year. It was the kind of show that gets you high without even trying a beer. I can't wait for the next year festival; I bet it will be an awesome party.Are you not convinced yet? Wait, I have more,


summerwell2         summer

Are you not convinced yet? Wait, I have more…

If you are a true rocker you need to know that Bucharest is the host of Rock the City festival, in 2016 Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Muse rocked Bucharest. Oh let us not forget about Maroon 5, Sia, and Rihanna, they were also in Bucharest last summer.

I feel like I have forgotten something… Oh yes, The Hollywood Vampires were in 2016 in Romania, they even visited Dacula's Castle. You know that Castle where Dracula's story started, based on the real story of Vlad the Impeller, a king of Transilvania area, who used to punish thieves by impaling them. If all the events that are organised in Romania for young crazy irresponsible people did not convince you, although I'm sure it did, you should know, Romania has great beaches. So if you want foam parties with hot girls on the beach, we have that. If you want wild parties and sleeping on the sand, we have that and if you want to chill down with cool music and a great book, we can make room for you to do that. This summer ended,  Universities started again and we all went back to our responsible lives, but there will always be  next summer and I'm sure Romania will surprise us again.Take advantage while you are young and get to be irresponsible.It will not last for long, but it will be long enough for you to enjoy this freedom.

Dracula's Castle

bran           bran2

Do not forget to smile, do not forget to live but most of all do not  forget to travel. Just by travelling you get to know new people, new places, new cultures and Romania is a country that can teach you how to appreciate life and live it at full intensity, well, not just Romania but every new country that you  visit. Do not be afraid of the unknown or new things, those will define who you are and will help you discover yourself.

Every new friendship you will make on the way will last forever and will mean a lot for you because the experiences you have shared together.

Travel!Don't be afraid and hopefully enjoy Romania soon, it is worth it!

Anca Bratu

Hello, My name is Anca Bratu, I’m a 24 years old, I study journalism and I really love to travel and write about all I see. Hopefully, you will like what I write and I will make decide to travel and discover the world.