The Wonderful Beaches of Quezon Province

September 27, 2018

by Glenny Ermita

A remote municipality of Burdeos, Quezon has a plethora of beaches. Its waters clear and blue; its sand fine and white; and its night sky filled with stars so bright. This is, indeed, a must see sight!

To Burdeos and Beyond!

Burdeos, Quezon is not difficult to reach. You have plenty of choices if you are from the metro.

Here is a quick guide on how to get there!

  • Raymund Bus in Sta. Mesa – around Php 430

  • JAC Bus in Cubao – around Php 428

  • Van in Legarda – around Php 450

  • Sta. Cruz Route

Reaching the Port and the Road to Burdeos

Upon arriving at the Anawan port, you’d instantly feel the excitement. Look up and you’ll see the clear blue sky. Look down and you’ll be amazed by the life underneath. Look around and you would see children jumping off the bridge into the water. Who wouldn’t want to with that inviting kind of vibe? Anyway, the road to Burdeos is not an easy one. You’re up for a rough ride. As you jump off and on your seat, however, you wouldn’t be able to help but admire the skills of your driver. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the passable road can only fit a single jeepney. The driver had to sound his horn every now and then just to ensure that the vehicle in front would be aware of his presence. And there were portions where you are only an inch away from falling off a cliff. One wrong slip and a tragedy can happen. Now picture traversing that road through the rain with all the drama of slippery mud and praying to God you arrive at Burdeos safely. Exciting, huh?

Finding Lodging

Did I ever mention that Burdeos is an untapped treasure of the Philippines? Well, that is true. So you would understand why there are not much accommodations to choose from. In fact, there is only one hotel in the area and it costs around Php 500 per room. Some locals have opened their homes for a cheaper price. You can visit their municipal hall to ask about available lodgings or you can just approach a resident for questions. They know each other well in that area so practically anyone can help you.

Things to Do Upon Arriving in Burdeos

After that long trip, you may be tempted to stay in bed. But I beseech you to explore the place after a few moments of rest. Start off with the nearest beach by renting a tricycle if you’re travelling with few companions or a jeepney again if you’re with a bunch of people. It will only cost you Php 50 each. You would have thought, though, that having the same ride with the same road and probably the same driver, you’ve gotten used to it already. Well, you thought wrong. You’d still be on and off your seat on this one. But don’t worry. The travel time is shorter and the road has more paved portions. After reaching your first beach, your immediate thought would be jumping into the water. The sand may not be white at this end but the water sure is clear and oh so marvelous. What a sight! It’s also perfect for a little picnic, probably even some booze. And just when you thought you’re already having a good day, there is an island just 5 minutes away from your location. You can ride a boat for only Php 400 for 7 people, why not right? Boy, you would be so glad to take that offer. The pristine water and fine white sand are comparable to the Potipot Island of Zambales. Spending the whole afternoon in that bliss is worth it!

Going to the Islands

Come the next day, you need to get up early no matter how good it feels to just sleep. Because I promise you, the tour would exhilarate you better. Ride a tricycle for Php 30 towards the mini port then rent a boat to start your expedition to the different islands of Burdeos. Their rate is now Php 3000 per boat. But this is already for the whole day at your own pace and time. And if you plan to explore again in the succeeding days, you will get a discount paying only half the price per day. Isn’t that a treat? Brace yourselves, everyone! After an hour of boat ride, you’d be surrounded by surreal miracle. Islands here and there. Beaches everywhere and nature fair and bare.

Attractions in Burdeos and Where to Spend the Night

Only a number of tourists know about this haven so you can enjoy the islands with very few people or maybe even on your own. Here are three of the many beaches to visit in Burdeos.

The Island of Puting Bato

Let’s start off with Puting Bato. Apart from the beautiful sea, it also has a huge cave you can brave to enter. And hear this, it’s for free! You would only need to pay for a room if you plan on spending the night there.

Luli Beach and Sandbar

Next stop is the Kalanggaman Island of Burdeos. The locals call it Luli – short for lulubog, lilitaw. The long stretch of sandbar becomes visible during low tide and submerged at high tide, thus the name. Needless to say, its waters are of different shades of blue and the sand fine and white.

Anilon Island

You can head on to Anilon Island after that for a more comfortable lunch break. This place is nothing short of paradise. It is the other end of the sandbar with prestigious rock formations. You can even rent a banana bed for only Php 100. I recommend spending the night at La Sotera if you’re up for a little island life. It has cottages and treehouses so you’re good to go. The sunset here is phenomenal and the night sky is breathtaking! Stars fill the frame. This is perfect for bonfires, games, jamming, and some trips down memory lane.

Burdeos has more islands and beaches similar to the ones mentioned. Just ask the boatmen and they’ll take you to the best places. Happy beachin!

Glenny Ermita

By Glenny Ermita

Mabuhay! I am Glenny from the Pearl of the Orient - Philippines. Though I'm an engineer by profession, I'm a writer by heart so I am currently working as a technical writer.


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