The Unconventional Winter Walk to the Islands of Helsinki

Helsinki The capital of Finland and its islands at winter time

Helsinki in winter
Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is one of the best cities in the world. Feeling a fresh breeze and hearing the cries of seagulls, you realize that this is a city on the sea. It is beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter it has a special gloomy northern charm that you can feel wandering through its streets. You can spend quite a bit of time from the big city to go straight into the wild or to be on an island surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Many of the islands of the archipelago are open to you. Reaching on foot or for a small fee, sitting on the ferry, you may find yourself on the rocky shore, or in the forest wilderness. Many islands of the archipelago are well-known and visited by tourists and locals, some less frequently visited.

I'll tell you how to make an atypical walk around the islands, which you can walk on only in cold time of the year. A period when the islands can be reached by foot using a pontoon bridge. For these islands is the period from mid-November to mid-April. It's great that so by clicking on the wooden bridges from the big city you can get to a place where there is no one around. The perfect place for a morning walk alone or for a couple. This is a great place if you are in the winter arrived very early to Helsinki, you do not mind the cold and gloomy weather, you want to see something unusual. This is true winter walk, it is only on the island in the winter do not need to travel via boat and you do not spend a cent strolling here. It will be northern and southern Uunisaari, Liuskasaari and Seapoint Liuskaluoto.

Uinisaari islands in Helsinki

Uunisaari bridge Get up early to meet the dawn on them. The islands located in the southern part of Helsinki, south of the Kaivopuisto park. In summer, they can reach using boat services, but in winter you can walk through the pontoon bridge. Among themselves, the islands are also connected by bridges. After passing the pontoon bridge, you get to the first island of Uunisaari. Uunisaari from words Uuni which means Oven and Saari are Island, Pohjoinen means North and Eteläinen means Southern. Once upon a time, there was an oil and paint factory on the island. The island divided into two parts, but you can walk everywhere.

Pohjoinen Uunisaari island

Northern Uunisaari island Here we see the wooden structure, and the first house lit sign with the name of the island. These buildings are a sauna and a restaurant. All heard about the love of the Finns to the sauna. And even now, when the sun has not yet risen, I noticed a man walking from one building to another with a towel in his hand. Price sauna €15, or 10 if you have taken a towel with you. Passing by the buildings in the direction of frozen trees we get to the second island.

Eteläinen Uunisaari island

 Southern Uunisaari view Here we immediately feel cut off from civilization, the sun has not yet risen, the feeling of icy silence and only the sound of waves caressing your ears. This indescribable feeling, despite the cold breeze. Here you can see a breathtaking view from all sides. Do not be lazy and walk around the parts of the island, inhaling fresh air and contemplating the harsh nature.

Liuskasaari island in Helsinki

Liuskasaari view To the next island, we led by an icy path. This island is a home of Helsinki Sailing Society which known as Helsingfors Segelsallskap, one of the oldest sailing clubs in all Finland. Climbing on the snowy landscape of the island looks like it frozen on the other side of the city, the sea is beating. There is a feeling as if you are alone on these islands, somewhere far from civilization. You can resemble and think about the vital or gather with your thoughts. Very rarely come across locals who decided to take a walk in the morning with their dog. The sun has already risen and you can examine in detail everything that surrounds you. And this is a rare ice-covered vegetation, boats left here for the winter and other marine equipment.Standing on the rocks gaze falls on the roofs of buildings, there is a desire to go further. Closed now, the restaurant seems to invite us to come closer. Standing on his snow-covered terrace, you can see amazing sea views of the beautiful Helsinki. It creates a feeling that the cold drove all the people who were here and you wander through the long-abandoned islands. Then you can see the wooden bridge leading us to the Seapoint Liuskaluoto.

Seapoint Liuskaluoto in Helsinki

bridge to seapoint Liuskaluoto After passing through we find ourselves in the territory of a closed for the winter cafe Skiffer Ravintola. We are at the seapoint Liuskaluoto. Again you feel something of alienation and mystery, but at the same time, the simple beauty of what surrounds you. You can move around, there are no watchmen or evil dogs, no barbed wire or fences. More time to look around and peer into an icy boat, waiting for they time restaurants and cafes, old bridges and meet waves stonesMore time to look around and peer into an icy boat, waiting for they time restaurants and cafes, old bridges and meet waves stones. Have you a desire to escape from the chilly weather and breathe in the aroma of brewed coffee?

Why are these islands more refreshing than new socks?

It is a great opportunity to pass the time free, to see something atypical in Helsinki. Walk with a girlfriend, friend, company or wander alone with your thoughts. It is ideal for people like introverts, or lovers of northern nature. Nice coming after a walk in a warm place to drink a cup of coffee or cocoa. There are many other better-known islands of the archipelago of Helsinki, where there are a museum and open-air cafes, souvenir shops and places to take photos. But in these very simple place, away from the crowds of tourists, along with the grim nature and chilling wind, heard the noise of the icy waves, you will feel like a pioneer of something that would stay with you forever. Welcome to Helsinki islands!  

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