The Ultimate Wanderlust Playlist: Sunshine Coast, Australia


Music and Travel. Two of the most powerful and influential things in my life. When you’re young, you experience a variety of things. You join clubs. You play sports. You dance. You swim. Parents enlist their children in activities and hobbies for one reason: to develop their passions. From a young age, I’ve always been certain about what my passions are. In fact, it’s one of the only things that I’ve been certain of. Two of the most important things in my life are not physical or tangible items. Travel and Music. For me, they go hand-in-hand. They both enhance each other in more ways then one.


I recently moved to Sunshine Coast, Australia from Toronto, Canada. Moving to the other side of the world has been an interesting, yet extremely rewarding experience to say the least. Moving to the Southern Hemisphere has been an amazing decision in more ways than one. Music has the ability to enhance your experience unlike anything else. It’s the drug of all drugs. Your safe haven. Your ultimate escape room. For me, it’s power is unlike anything else. I want to provide you with a few of the songs that have enhanced my big move. These are the ULTIMATE traveling songs. I’ll describe each song with a personal experience and how it contributed to my travel adventures.


The Glass House Mountains are one of the Sunshine Coast’s most beautiful and exotic landmarks. I’m lucky enough to witness their beauty every day on my drive home from work. This song is a special one (I’ll try to refrain from saying that about every song). I recently got into the habit of looking at the stars with my friends. As I’m sure you can imagine, Australia boasts some AMAZING locations to escape to and look at the night-sky, milky-way and all. This is a song that I rediscovered recently (thanks to the incredible movie The Spectacular Now– shout out to them). My friends and I took a trip up to the Mount Ngungun look-out, where we brought blankets, snacks, and our portable music player. This song is one of those songs that can take you to another planet. Now imagine, listening to it while lying down on a blanket on the top of a mountain with your closest friends. Nothing but the soft sounds of crickets and crackling of the campfire in the distance. Truly magical. I suggest you find a remote and special place that means a significant amount to you and listen to this song – you’ll thank me later 😉


It’s dusk. The sky is that faded, grayish-pinkish type of sky. You’re on your way home after having a really productive day, blasting music with the windows down. I Still Remember by Bloc Party comes on the radio. My sister and I blasted this song on our way to Brisbane one night. The sun was setting and we were SO excited to finally be escaping to the big city! It instantly made us happy – got us excited for a concert we were about to see – and transformed our quick 50-minute roadtrip down the M1 into a special one. A moment too significant to be forgotten.


One of the things that surprised me the most about the Land Down Under is the weather. I’m not sure if many Australians are aware of this…but they seem to have a bit of a stereotype back home. Before moving here, all I knew about Australia was sandsurf, and sun. I was a bit shocked when the winter months started to roll in and found myself feeling quite cold. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m from Canada. I’ve felt my fair share of cold winters. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked at the amount of cloudy/rainy days. What’s better than a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee in a new café that you’ve just discovered. A cup of coffee in that said café while it gently rains outside. A cup of coffee in that said café while listening to Downtown by Majical Cloudz with the sound of rain in the background. Mooloolaba has some AMAZING café’s – a personal favourite of mine is The Velo Project. Thank. Me. Later.


One of the first places I went when I moved to the Sunshine Coast was the Mooloolaba Esplanade (quite typical– as this a big tourist destination). I’m usually one to shy away from touristy areas when I’m trying to explore a new place. I find that in the local areas you often experience a more enriched culture…However, Mooloolaba was a pleasant surprise. The sandy beach. The beautiful outdoor restaurants. The constant view and sound of the ocean. My favourite thing about Mooloolaba is the rocky atmosphere where the tide meets the sand. It has a unique and exotic vibe to it and makes for an extremely picturesque area, which is something I’ve always been a huge fan of. From Gold by Nova Amor has a subtle and beautiful build-up. I listened to it one evening while the sun was setting. We brought our blanket and homework to the beach for a change of atmosphere. The sky was a vibrant bright pink and orange. I remember this feeling distinctly. Being so happy that nothing else mattered. All I cared about was where I was and the music I was listening too…ultimately, creating an unforgettable and significant moment in my life.

I’m so incredibly lucky to live the life that I do. 5 months ago I was sitting in my hometown in Canada, day dreaming about Australia. Currently I’m in Australia, learning and experiencing something new every day. These are the days that I don’t take for granted, I urge you to do the same.

Shannon Tabone

My name’s Shannon. I’m originally from Canada, usually living in Los Angeles, currently living in Australia! I’m a travel and music-junkie…check out my blog at to stay up-to-date with my where-abouts or follow my instagram at – check yaaaa’s l8ter