The Ultimate Guide To Warsaw: Food, Art & Things To Do.

January 1, 1970

by Anne Galat

Warsaw manages to offer tourists a valuable European vacay at the same time being affordable – this is the reason why they love it. Being one of the former Eastern bloc’s capitals, the city has transformed dramatically over the years and became even more attractive for travelers: a wide range of museums, sights, galleries accompanied by a flourishing gastronomic culture will make your trip full of emotions. Most importantly, this destination won’t break the bank!



Zacheta National Museum of Art

It is definitely a worth-visiting place for the ones who want to cognize something revolutionary in modern art. Exhibitions in this gallery are changing constantly (every couple of months), so in order to keep up just check out the program on their website before heading there. Anyway, it is always very inspiring and looks really Instagram-able (for those who want to update their feed with some aesthetic pics).  Advice for modern art lovers: entrance to the Gallery of Art Zachęta (and most of the other national museums and galleries) is free on Thursdays.


Neon Museum

“Arty, unassuming gallery of vintage neon advertising signs from the 1950s–1970s.” Poland’s first Neon Museum is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Poland’s cold war era neon signs. Besides it’s photogenicity, you can find different stories, facts behind all of these art pieces. The neons were designed by eminent artists, designers and architects of the day, however, most have since disappeared from the Polish streets.

Prices: 10 zł – Normal Ticket; 8 zł – Discount ticket (Students, etc.)


National Museum in Warsaw

This is one of the largest museums in Poland and the largest in the capital. It is divided into different sections, time periods, to be exact. It has a wide collection of ancient art, extensive gallery of medieval art, gallery of Old Masters, gallery of 19th, 20th and 21st century art. You can also be lucky enough to stumble upon a temporary exhibition. Sometimes it is like finding a diamond among the glass.

Prices differ depending on exhibition, but the permanent gallery tickets are: 20 zł – Regular; 12 zł – Reduced fee; For students, teenagers and children entrance costs just 1 zł!




 Charlotte/Charlotte Menora

You can have a lovely Parisian petit-déjeuner in the center of Warsaw! It is worth to distinguish 3 main perks of this bistro:  scrumptious and at the same time aesthetic meals; exterior in Parisian style; price=quality.


AÏOLI Cantine Bar

It is one of the best mixes of Mediterranean cuisine and urban lifestyle, located in the center of the capital and attracting people with its coziness. Life-hack from locals: Monday to Friday you can order one of the breakfast options just for 1 zl on condition that you order a coffee (8-15 zl). Edgy interior with good music on the background will perfectly match to your mouthwatering brunch.


Nocny Market

(Night market). In pre-war times there was a train station called Dworzec Główny, though recently it has been transformed into a food market with colorful neons and lights everywhere. It is suitable for everyone – no matter if you are a vegan or crave for Mexican food, even if you just came for a drink, options are limitless! The diversity of cuisines will make your head spin, it ranges from Ukrainian over Turkish to Thai, from fine fast food to fabulous seafood…the list goes on. Relaxing atmosphere, lots of young people and delicious aromas are giving life to this amazing place.


Mr. Pancake

This is a heaven for millennials! (And also if you are a sweet tooth). As you can judge from its name, Mr.Pancake specializes in all kinds of pancakes, or simply “food porn” meals, as they write on their website. They offer regular pancakes and visa versa, such savage ones like, Triple Gastro, “Insane pancakes with PB, triple bacon, M&M’s, salted caramel, Cheetos, Aunt Jemima syrup and fries!” Don’t worry though, you can also take something dreamy with fruits or ice cream. They use a lot of American products in their food (Hershey’s, Froot Loops, etc.) and overall, traces of American culture can be felt everywhere: music on the background, details in interior, posters, magazines, whatsoever. Additionally, there is Pizza Boyz menu, where you can choose pizza accordingly.  Life-hack from locals: Monday to Friday there are happy hours until 4 PM, for instance on Monday you can order second pancake with 50% off!



More options:

Bulke przez Bibulke

 Awesome for a brunch and for vegetarians/vegans.

Ministerstwo Kawy

The coffee shop with a super warm atmosphere; great to sit with a couple of friends or to read anything.

Things To Do:

Visit a viewing terrace. You can choose one of the mentioned below or visit both, as they are different but equally have spectacular views.

Palace of Science and Culture

(XXX floor). Absolutely romantic getaway from the rushing city to the calm spot on the top of PKiN. The whole Warsaw will be on the palm of your hand, from the National Stadium to the picturesque Złota 44 skyscraper. The best thing is that you have opportunity to come here almost at night. (Well, basically around 7PM, but it is dark enough for “nighty vibes” if you are traveling in autumn or winter). Take your best friend, mom, your loved ones, whoever, and enjoy this breathtaking panorama. Prices are: 20 zł – Normal ticket ; 15 zł – Discount ticket (children and students)


Tower of St. Anne’s church

From here you will see different parts of Warsaw: charming views of the Old Town, Palace of Culture along skyscrapers from afar, as well as residential areas. Overall, it creates a beautiful ensemble of the past and the present.

Prices: 6 zł- Normal ticket; 5 zł- Discount ticket (children and students)


Buy fresh fruits/vegetables and flowers at Hala Mirowska market.

During Spring-Summer-Autumn seasons there you can find way better selection of veggies, berries and fruits than in supermarkets (and it is often cheaper), at the same time you will support farmers, small or local businesses. In terms of flowers, they also tend to be cheaper than those sold in a mall.

Go for a walk to Łazienki (Royal Residence Park).

The Royal Baths (In translation from Polish) are composed of enormous park, the Palace on the Isle, gardens and orangeries. There you can also observe magnificent peacocks who are walking around the palace and stumble upon squirrels while sitting on a bench. Don’t miss the Chinese garden with pounds though, it is one of the most lovely sights in Łazienki.


Anne Galat

By Anne Galat

I am a journalism & new media student from Ukraine, living and studying in Warsaw, Poland. In total, I've traveled to 18 countries, almost all of them are located in Europe.


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