The ultimate guide to the City of Johannesburg

January 1, 1970

by Zuri Malaika??

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Johannesburg is the mining of gold due to the history behind the development of the city. As it has blossomed over the years it has turned into a sanctuary for not only South Africans from bordering provinces but Africans from all over the continent. The city boasts of restaurants all over the metropolis, shopping malls and tourist all around showcasing the culture and diversity of the South African nation. Our world class airport is situated right in the Middle  of the Gauteng Province where the best hotels in the country namely The Radisson Blu, Michael Angelo Towers and The Hilton promise a five star experience right in the heart of Sandton which is one of the City of Johannesburg most developed areas. The Sandton City lifestyle attracts many people of all ages as there is space for everyone with the diversity of restaurants  and attractions present. If need be you can loosen up at our upmarket nightclubs or visit the Kruger National Park to see our wonderful animals including the infamous big five. Johannesburg is more than just a money pumping business district but a lifestyle. All ages and lifestyles find their various niches and are able to make the best out of their travel experiences. Let me paint you a picture and show you the fine art that is my City.

Best places to eat

From African cuisine to mild curries and cheeseburgers in Melville the city has it all below are five of my favorite restaurants for a good vibe and experience.

  • Rivonia on Deck
  • JB’s Corner
  • Roco Mamas
  • Pata Pata
  • Love Revo

The above places are not only budget friendly but promise a vibe like no other. Rivonia on deck situated at the heart of Rivonia in the North of Johannesburg provides African cuisine and a spicy West African Jollof Rice that will provide your taste buds with more than  just a tickle of satisfaction and the cocktails mixed by their highly skilled bar staff will definitely have you dancing along to the tunes of their resident DJ’s. The food is of good quality and will give you a good value for your money as it is always freshly prepared.

Pata Pata and Love Revo are situated in Maboneng in the inner city of the Johannesburg Central Business District that boasts of diverse culture, art galleries and affordable pop up shops surrounded by street art.

Love Revo’s platter for two

Roco Mamas Rosebank

Rivonia on Deck’s famous Jollof rice


Places you must visit before leaving the city

  • Mellville
  • Nelson Mandela Square Sandton
  • Gold Reef City theme park
  • Kruger National Park
  • Melrose Arch (For that red bottom heels and French champagne lifestyle)
  • Fourways Farmer’s Market
  • Fashion Kapitol
  • Joziburg Lane
  • Maboneng
  • Vilakazi Street Soweto

Maboneng is situated in the inner city and will leave you in awe of the creativity South Africans possess; many hawkers display various art works and talents and the architecture of the apartment buildings resemble New York’s famous loft style apartments and house young artists and professionals from all walks of life. There is a taste for everyone and you find everything from fashion to African design. The street art on various building showcases untapped talent many young and upcoming South Africans have in their hands.Many of Johannesburg residents hail from all corners of Africa therefore the city contains different perspectives in terms of expressing culture and therefore houses many languages and a variety of dialects.

Street art in the inner city

Maboneng Architecture

Joziburg Lane

 The best places to lodge for safety and comfort

Every one needs good accommodation when visiting or travelling to a new place and if the backpacker experience is not for you then these three five star hotels will provide a comfortable stay for you and to ensure your safety many provide transportation and shuttle services to and fro the O.R Tambo international airport without wasting your time here are my top 3 favorite hotels that guarantee safety and comfort.

Top 3 hotels

  • Radisson Blu
  • Michael Angelo Towers
  • The Hilton Sandton

Situated opposite the Gautrain station in Sandton The Radisson Blue provides safe and professional services with enough room to explore the rest of this upmarket area. It provides you with easy access to their in house restaurant and resident gym and the shuttle and transportation service will ensure your safety as you explore the attractions.

Radisson Blu Sandton


South Africa is a country with a rich diversity and Johannesburg is no doubt the hub of this diversity, if you need a travel and culture experience but still maintain a comfortable travel lifestyle then Johannesburg is the place for you. You will hear all eleven official languages and other African languages as the city showcases the rich variety of the continents beings and culture. Travelling is affordable with the use of popular transportation series such as Uber including the ever efficient Gautrain and also various meter taxi operators, our government subway train system also provides buses and shuttles to popular malls and casinos to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with lots of memories to carry along with you.

Johannesburg nightlife and entertainment for those that want to party up a storm.

The nightlife scenery comprises of rooftop bars, upmarket clubs and music that will enable you to party up a storm but still have a learning experience in terms of African entertainment. The music at many of these clubs vary from pop culture buzz to an indigenous sound coupled with dance moves invented by local artists or street culture. Below are the nightclubs and bars that you need to visit to get the true South African  experience

Top Entertainment Venues

  • Bassline Newtown
  • Kong Urban Rosebank
  • Skyline Braamfontein
  • Cantare Monte Casino
  • Taboo Sandton
  • Shakers Maboneng

The club scene in Johannesburg shows a rich diversity in terms of entertainment and how young people express themselves in terms of dancing and urban culture. The people you meet will enable you to learn about different personalities and how we each view the world in our own unique ways. The Johannesburg club scene is definitely unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Book your flight now and come experience the joy of being one with the City of Johannesburg. It will definitely be an experience you will never forget.


Zuri Malaika??

By Zuri Malaika??

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