The top must see places on the Gold Coast


Don't believe in magic? Well you will now. Keep reading. Ever find yourself lost in a daze? scrolling through the explore page on Instagram, mesmerised by the constant loop of candid photos that pour onto your page inside that small rectangle screen placed inside your hand. While scrolling down each page almost every photograph features a clear glistening ocean, white sand beaches and a luscious green hinterland that almost looks too incredible to be real. You find yourself letting out a large sigh, just wishing and hoping that one day such a dream may not be so far out of reach. I myself have found myself encapsulated by the thought and dream of sipping on a cocktail along the shoreline of Hawaii, walking through a rainforest to meet a beaming waterfall at the very bottom or the thought of lying upon a beach watching the beautiful sunsets of Indonesia, but it didn’t take me too long to soon realise something, that these things are closer than I had ever imagined, and I wouldn’t even need to jump on a plane, this place I call home, has it all. Living in Australia has taught me that I don’t even need to leave the country to experience such magic, these beautiful things are simply right at my fingertips, and oh man am I lucky to be alive.


If Australia is a place you’d like to visit I’d highly suggest the Gold Coast, it has everything from great food, gorgeous beaches, lush hinterland and plenty of activity all in one place. One place that will have you absolutely hypnotised by its beauty though is Pearling Brook Falls. A 6km circuit through rainforest to meet a glorious cooling waterfall at the very bottom. The first lookout was only about 300m in but the real magic is a few kilometres below. We decided to take the hike spontaneously after some heavy downfall, unprepared apart from a small bottle of water and unsuitably dressed. The walking tracks were wet, muddy and caused my white shoes to become, uh, not so white anymore, but boy was it worth it. The first lookout was gorgeous, my tummy definitely turned a little looking down from such a height but it was nothing far from gorgeous. Continuing on it was all down-hill, my mind started to race, ‘man I have to get back up here’ but before I knew it we were at the bottom and there was just something so hypnotising about this stunning place. 17352714_1587599511258548_228768459_n (1) As we reached the bottom we came across a wooden bridge that stood right above the streaming water, the smell of fresh water after a storm was exhilarating, especially after that walk! As we reached the waterfall I wished I had brought something to swim in but instead we admired the downfall and took some photographs to capture the moment. The landscape was absolutely captivating, palm trees towered among the valley’s floor, gum trees grew amongst the rock formations as the newly poured water sprayed from metres above us and into the large blue pool. This had to be one of the most gorgeous waterfalls i had ever seen, it’s something I will definitely need to see again. 17354923_1587599517925214_2146697230_n
Spreading along the Gold Coast coastline is a gorgeous place named Tallebudgera creek, if you aren’t fond on waves and prefer a more relaxed dip in the ocean then this is the place for you. I learnt my love for paddle boards and kyaks here and oh man do I love this place. Further down the creek you will come across swarms of large colourful fish, bring down some goggles and the sea life is just wonderful, and you don’t have to go far at all! Bridge jumping is popular amongst the children although it does come with a risk, oh and also a fine if you get caught.. but you will certainly notice that this does not faze the locals one bit.  This place would have to be my all-time favourite water destination, the Gold Coast sun is undeniably incredible and there is nothing like a dip in some still, vibrant water with the warmth of the suns rays beaming on your skin, it is family friendly and a great day out, certainly a must see. 17311881_1587616294590203_2079109189_o
Cedar Creek is the closest exotic destination to my home and there is something so special about the place. The greenery is beautiful and the small lookouts on the way down are quite intriguing. Once you reach the bottom you will find a smaller rock pool and some stunning waterfalls, that is usually inundated with people, although look a little further and you will find your own slice of magic. We continued walking and managed to manoeuvre ourselves down a few rocks under some ropes and fencing and we reached the largest pool, it was like a secret enchanted forest, and we had it all to ourselves, tranquillity at its finest. 17274630_1587625094589323_680885749_n 17352577_1587618551256644_745084618_n We came prepared this time, stripped down to our swimmers and dipped ourselves into this trance inducing natural pool. I must admit though I was slightly terrified as the water was not at all clear and I had no idea what was lurking beneath, but there was just something so exhilarating about it and by the time I was in it, I didn’t mind if I got bitten by a turtle or two, haha! 17274165_1587618484589984_1539228085_n 17352726_1587618737923292_392230077_n 17327940_1587618501256649_444659980_n Travelling is definitely on my bucket list although I am extremely grateful to be lucky enough to already live in such a beautiful place and call this place home, if you haven’t been here, make it next on your list, and I promise you will leave believing in magic because it is nothing less of magical. 17321319_1587646021253897_908289637_n

Jade Arthur

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