The Sunshine Coast: Open Your Eyes to Serene Sunsets

January 1, 1970

by Rosie Simpson

Some Lovely East Coast Memories

It all started as a bare footed, detoured journey home from the beach while the sun set, as pink sky tones rolled into purples. Known as Kowonga Street, the land here is occupied by dry field with just over a dozen kangaroos to my left. They take a break from early evening grass munching to perch up as I walked by, and peered as I sat down to be amused by them. Well fancy that, this is the exact situation in which I got acquainted with Pacific Paradise of the Sunshine Coast. This: kangaroo watching became a regular activity for me, watching sunsets aside the kangaroos. To me, sweet Kowonga Street was a perfect example of a place that I would never want to be turned into a suburbia… hopefully it’s not close on that list. Instead of chasing waterfalls in Australia I’ve been chasing sunsets, and I’ve got this place to thank for the heart of that. I hope you can share it with me too.

Pacific Paradise: Home Sweet Home

This underrated gem is right beside Twin Waters and below Noosa. Pacific Paradise is quaint and peaceful, and was my humble abode for two months. Personally I worked 12 hours a week for food and accommodation, which seems to be common in the area. House rental also runs for about $400 a week, so here is a perfect place to settle down and relax, or work full time in a local shop. Here are all your basic essentials: Cole’s, post office, restaurants, Dominos delivery and a bottle shop. Please not there are lots of local places to eat and one of my favourites is “Thai Place”, you can read their reviews on trip advisor at the bottom of my post. At Thai Place, I can recommend the panang curry just short of South East Asia’s own, they also provided very personal customer service! As a traveller, Pacific Paradise brought me close comfort to be in a suburb and safety. Truly this place is really full of houses and there isn’t many events happening in the specific suburb. However, read below and I can share some close spots to check out while you are there! I can’t be late to include that anywhere in Pacific Paradise is no more than a half hour walk to Mudjimba beach. The beach is typically filled with half a dozen surfers, and overlooks the iconic “Old Woman Island”. This spot is famous for surfing and is easily reached by boat or a 2km paddle. None the less, Pacific Paradise is a beautiful spot to settle down and get that “At Home” feel again. If you are in need of some retail therapy or splurging you can check out the Maroochydore city centre for more selection and it is easily accessible on the “620” or “617” bus 20 minutes out of the suburb. Also close is by a 40 minute bus ride north is Peregian Beach on the “620”. This bus route got me thru most of my stay as I was car less, and it runs all the way to Noosa. Thanks Pacific!

Noosa: A Perfect Weekend Plan

When you first hear of Noosa I’m sure it will be in reference to the nightlife. But let me share a secret with you, camping is where it’s at. I stayed for three nights at “Noosa Northshore Camping” with a group of friends, it was an unforgettable experience. I have never seen the night sky lit up so brightly. The campsite is in a national park and hugs the Oceanside. We spent those entire nights star gazing on the beach where you can clearly see the Milky Way and countless constellations. Camping in Noosa is a great place to share stories over a drink with old or new friends. It is also possible to go four wheel driving on this beach! There are no fires on site since it is a national park, but there is barbecues at your convenience. Definitely a place to check out, and if you can’t kick it with the campers you could always sleep in your car and vibe at the beach in the other time.

But your weekend fun hasn’t ended yet. For a full day’s activity, meet your best mates at Sunshine Beach and walk towards “Hell’s Gate” in Noosa’s National Park. Here you will walk across Noosa’s main beach, thru brush trails, across a nude beach (ooo ahh). When the heat is swallowing you up, look back to catch the view of Sunshine Beach and put your mind at ease.  Soon you will reach The Fairy Pools.  Here find the gorgeous views and vibe with beautiful people everywhere. Below the fairy pools it is a beach loaded with surfers of all skills and difficulty. Take a majestic selfie in Australia’s own fairy pool while you find Nemo (or Dory). As the waves pull in the Fairy Pool rises, and on days when the shore has dried up the Fairy Pool sits very shallow. This is NOT a spot to miss, people! The Fairy Pools was my favourite stop in Noosa; I think I even left with wings. In total from Sunshine Beach it is about a two hour trek, and if you aren’t feeling up to it you can start at Noosa National Park and walk no more than an hour. If you get lost on the way, head to Hell’s Gate and it is about 450m to the left of that. Good luck my friends.

Peregian Beach

I first found myself in Peregian Beach aupairing for four sweethearts. The house overlooked the ocean, so for every Monday and Tuesday for around two months I awed at the sunset. The area of the sky over Peregian Beach might as well be magical for the sunsets it draws up. On this beach I was also lucky enough to see two moons rise which can be very disorientating at first before you remember it couldn’t possibly be the sun rising. If you haven’t noticed I’m one for sunsets, thought Asia has my heart on this one; Peregian Beach has taken it for Australia so far.

Peregian Beach shouldn’t only be applauded on its sunsets- but also its sense of community. On the 2nd Sunday of every month, members of the community gather to share tasteful music, good vibes, and casual drinks. It is a much laid back environment with the option to share your part in the drum circle and sing along. Peregian Originals is 100% funded by the community- incredible! You can find your spot to sit in the park behind the Peregian Village overlooking the beach. The village is also a great spot to check out with local artisans, organic and gluten free options, and even an Op Shop!

Overall, Sunshine Coast has brought me warmth and peaceful memories, and I will be stopping here again before I hop on that plane to Canada!

Things to Check Out:

“Thai Place”

“Noosa North Shore Camping”

The midnight stars at Noosa's Northshore Camping

The midnight stars at Noosa’s Northshore Camping

Sweet Sweet Roo Land

Sweet Sweet Roo Land

Once of the most incredible skies if seen in my life, and I managed to capture it. Bad @$$.

Once of the most incredible skies if seen in my life, and I managed to capture it. Bad @$$.

Chilled time with friends on the beach while we camped

Chilled time with friends on the beach while we camped

Hangin in the Fairy Pools in Noosa's National Park

Hangin in the Fairy Pools in Noosa’s National Park

Watching the sunset as we walked from the Fairy Pools back to Sunshine Beach.

Watching the sunset as we walked from the Fairy Pools back to Sunshine Beach.

Feeling the atmosphere of Noosa!

Feeling the atmosphere of Noosa!

Rosie Simpson

By Rosie Simpson

So What Brings you here? Are you curious for adventure? I'm Rosie, I grew up on a crop farm in Canada. I have always had wanderlust in my blood and soul, waiting to manifest. My adventure started when I was 17 , I boarded a plane from Toronto to Shanghai. I knew when I got off of the plane and stepped into the airport that this would be a next to out of body experience. This trip essesntial gave me the absolute thrill for travel and adventure. China is where the travel bug was born. I have nose kissed fish in the Great Barrier Reef, bungee jumped in Whistler, eaten street food in Bangkok, Driven across the Australian desert, Explored the caves and blue lagoon in Laos, Sang with locals in Cambodia, Surfed in Hawaii, eaten snow in Iceland, smelled Swedish air, Dove in the Carribean Sea, Sat on night buses all across Asia, I've seen the twin towers in Malaysia...... but most of all is the people. And the moments. The moments. Sat in an airplane above countless remarkable cities watching their night glow sing. Watched unforgetable sunsets across the globe. And this. Is only the beginning. Join on me on the adventure. Instagram @rosieoooooo


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