The Stop Power Destination- DLF Cyber Hub in the Delhi/NCR region

January 1, 1970

by Pooja Bhatia

The capital city of India, New Delhi, is the connecting hub for many international visitors. For this is the place, where one of the world’s largest airport-the Indira Gandhi International Airport-is located. There are many air-borne passengers, who seek transfers to other cities, crossing the passage of Delhi.

However, that is still not the crux of the article.

What to do in Layover from the Delhi International Airport?

It is in the same context, we talk about touring Delhi, since you may have some time to spend here before you hit the next stop. If you have calculated hours to have a glimpse of Delhi, the first recommendation would be the popular DLF Cyber Hub. It is convenient to tour this swanky destination of Gurgaon (part of Delhi NCR region) in few hours as it lies at a short distance (of about 13 km from the International airport and later, if you are heading to catch a flight from the domestic airport, the distance is 13 km still).

The fact that smooth highway roads will take you to the exact spot in about 15 minutes is a big plus, considering the traffic situation in Delhi. Nevertheless, even if you have a stay in Delhi and planning to tour the city, Cyber Hub should be on your short-trip tick. There is plenty to do here (as specified below).

The Near Location is DLF Cyber Hub

There is no other place where you will see a juxtapose of corporate and leisurely life together. Gurgaon is a huge corporate base and is appropriately titled as the Millennium City. In fact, the open boundaries of Cyber Hub have everything to do with the corporate swarms, be it the IT hipsters or as we call them, the tech junkies. However, this has nothing to do with specifying the place Cyber Hub is. It is only to give you a hint about the kind of people, the young and the jubilant, setting fresh vibes in a dining complex, which is Cyber Hub.

People from all walks of life visit the compact marketspace for spending time with friends, families, acquaintances, etc. for casual dining or enjoying the weekend retreat. It is a very friendly layout, which has space to accommodate everyone except that sometimes you won’t be able to step in, into your favourite restaurant or pub because it is full of people. It is a rushing destination.

In short, it is a place which impresses upon with its nature of crowd and the fact, people love being here all the while, till it is permitted to enjoy the night splendour.

The Walkable Street Layout of DLF Cyber Hub is a Physical Retreat

The street style layout will immediately dawn upon you–a world apart from the usual in the city. It has a very different feel and look. The construction has been done in a straight pavement style, giving you enough time to stroll the place at leisure, before you decide to park yourself in a bar or a restaurant of your choice. The concrete promenade is free of any shops, so you will only see people here, who care to sit in the pleasant weather in an open-air cafeteria or a pub, for example.

The whole façade will instantly make you like it and wonder. This is the place where you will find the young crowd, pepping after an exhausting day at work and at the same time, you will sight families, friends and small groups fitting in the casual environment to experience something unique.

It is Finger Licking Food at DLF Cyber Hub

Nowhere else, you will find the diversity of food at one place. There are pubs and bars, cafes, ice-cream parlours and then, there is an immense variety of food and beer.

There are fresh beer breweries which offer you in plenty. And, if you are peculiar about the taste for the first time or wish to taste something new on each visit, there is a row of beer testers (like tequila shots) to help you consume tastier. Follow it up with a picture (beer jug of 2000 ml) or an individual beer mug of 500 ml. If you plan to drink more, a picture is a perfect option to go the economical way.

Talking about the food, it is in bounty by the variety of cuisine. Right from Indian food to Asian mix and Mediterranean to Mexican and Italian, there is everything in here – at DLF Cyber Hub. There are contemporary style dining options as well. Take, for example, the recent frenzy of molecular and fusion cuisine in India. The vodka golgappas or an Indian street food, tossed in a creative chef fashion, is all that you need to do a fresh way. There is even an option to try the Mumbai street food paving way for cultural style dining.

There are theme based restaurants like The Social Network based on an elaborated framework of the vast network of heritage Indian Railways. It is a fine-dining experience to be cherished in abundance.

The Brands

Cyber Hub has been constructed in multiple-floor layers and has three floors in total. The ground floor has many cafes, restaurants and bars on both sides. There is Hard Rock Café, Café Delhi Heights, etc. The first floor, which can be accessed by lift, stairs and escalators, has a food court, where you can relish food at very affordable prices. Going up, there are more pubs and fewer restaurants. It needs time to explore each floor set-up as it is a decent walk from one corner to the another. Most of these pubs add an instant vibe as they continue playing good music.

It may look cluttered at the first appearance, especially on a weekend, but, it is very well-organised from the inside. It is everything to do with enjoyments of a good life.

How to Reach Exactly at DLF Cyber Hub

It is easy to land in Delhi and find some time to spend in DLF Cyber Hub. Book yourself a cab and you will find everyone familiar with the exact location. In other words, it is not difficult to reach here, so there is not waste time to find the spot. It is easy to manoeuvre the destination and the fact that, there is much to do at an easy pace, makes it handy affair. Go for some simple fun here and spend time observing the contemporary culture of-the place to be in Delhi-NCR region.

Pooja Bhatia

By Pooja Bhatia

I am from India and I love to travel my country and the world. Till now, I have toured many off-beat locations in India. I like stepping out of the comfort zone as far as travelling is concerned and experiment with new ideas to enjoy the new place I visit. I like eating the local food, doing long walks and a trip full of action and sightseeing so that I get to know the place as much as I can.


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