The route of Salsa in Cali

Cali “La capital de la Salsa” (salsa capital)

Also called “La sucursal del cielo” – The sky brand, Cali is the third bigger city in Colombia and its a city located in the Valle del Caucadepartment, southwest of Bogotá. And Its well is known as the city of the salsa dancers. The icon type of music that we dance in Cali its a mix of a different kind of music from the Caribbean part that was made in New York and was called “Salsa.”  Salsa its the combination of many things, imagine its the flavor that put savor to your food or the ingredients that is missing in your lunch, Salsa for us is the topic that makes the life perfect. Belalcazar

So, why Salsa Capital?

Even though it was from overseas, every time that a singer like Celia Cruz went to Cali, the people responded amazingly to their songs and made the singer plays music that no even them remembered. It was like traveling to the past with surprises from the future for each artist, so they developed a special feeling that the world could not ignore it and that position us as a salsa city.

Particulary way to dance.

Sometime in the past, the Caleños (Way to call Cali people) went to afternoon parties named “luladas,” and they used to have the costume to increase the speed of the music. So people start to dance faster with the rhythm, and this is the reason we have a particular way to dance salsa that is different from all the rest of the world (even inside the Colombia). So, if you want to learn how to dance like many of the world champions of Salsa with fire on your heels and a big smile always, don't think twice to spend time in Cali.

The Protection

Back in the past, the French and other people from overseas though that Cali people was a kind of monster because we wanted to dance “more explicit” than the rest of the world and our movements were passionals. Due to this, they gave us gifts to send away the “devil” that was inside our bodies and be calm again. The gift is a three cruces “El cerro de las tres cruces”- Three Cross Hill,  in one of the biggest mountains that you can see from the city and time after they gave us the Jesus Christ “Cristo rey” to protect us as well.

Move and to release all the stress. DANCING!

Music everywhere.

We learn how to dance even before we were born, we are used to the loud music and to have a different type of music playing to a high volume in the same street. BE ready to enjoy the great adventure of the music here. Part of your Salsa learning will be to educate your ear to the melody and the rhythm; it will not difficult in the city because everybody is playing music along the day. If it's not, so put the radio and listen to salsa, you will notice the difference when you start to remember the rhythm from a song with the movements of your body.

Salsa Schedule.

Learn and practice every day are the key. You can learn from a school or individual classes but the best way to learn its that you practice every day. Some nightclubs have events for free to teach you how to dance salsa, so you won't feel you are the only one that is starting to learn and that will make you gain confidence. Salsa dancers Monday: Take Classes in La Topa Tolondra Tuesday: Make friends and dance salsa in El Parque del Perro. Wednesday: Make friends and dance salsa in San Antonio. Thursday: Keep moving your body and training your ear with the music in La Loma de la Cruz Friday: Enjoy yourself with the music and the people in The Boulevard. Saturday: Go to Hebert (Just ask where is Heberth) Sunday: Take some rest and go to visit the city but continue listening music.

Events you cannot miss.

We have symbols events that for every salsa lover its a paradise, you will not want to miss. Kids in Salsodromo
La Feria de Cali – The Cali's fair.
In general, you need to see the whole Cali's fair on the ending of December. We are saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new one, and what is the best way to do this? Now, you already know the answer DANCING! Schedule yourself with the fair. There are two shows at the fair that is a MUST
  1. The Salsodromo in Cali fair: Number 1 Salsa event in Colombia. Where you can relax and delight your eyes with the fire going out from the food of Adult, young and kids, this show is for all the family and from the Cali families.
  2. “El Gran Concierto” The big concert. Every year for the closing show of the fair, there is the most significant concert in Cali, and most of the artist are Salsa singers. This year ALL FANIA STARS are coming, all the notable people from the salsa on the same podium, I think, we didn't see that since years years years ago.
Salsa al Parque – Salsa in the park
This event is held the first Saturday of each month along the year. It combines the old and young salsa lovers who share with people the music for 4 hours. Depending on the theme of the month salsa al parque invite salsa bands to play live or have people to play music from around the world. Find out when its the next one here.
El festival mundial de la salsa – World festival of Salsa
This event is for delight your eyes; the competition put together the best dancers around the world to participate in this event showing the new choreographies proposals to satisfy the public.

Ready to go?

My city is full of kind, and friendly people that's willing to help you. Even though, If you are planning to spend time discovering the salsa route in Cali, please take some bits of advice before you go.
  • Double check the spots you want to go before going. We don't want that you get into a place that can give you a bad image of Cali.
  • Tell someone where are you going to. It's better if someone knows where you will go, just in case.
  • Try to go always with someone else. We will dance with you even if we don't know you, but its good to walk and to start discovering with someone that you feel comfortable with to enjoy 200% more.
  • Treat with respect. We are expecting that you treat our city and the people with the respect and love that we do the foreign people.
  • Enjoy and continue enjoying. Never stop to discover Cali, it's a magical town that always comes up with events that can change your day. Do not lose the hungry to explore during your stay.

You are all set!

Now you have everything to discover a beautiful city that is expecting to be explored by new people. Get into the Salsa culture and understand why I write with so emotion about Salsa and music in general. Discover the soul of the people whom live in Cali and live the best experience of your life discovering the fire on your foots.

Alejandra Rojas

Hoola!! I am Alejandra, I’m a young girl from Colombia who discover her passion to explore the world a couple of years ago and now I am trying to know as much as I can. I am 22 years old and I work as a Financial analyst/advisor and I am also a traveler. As my background is in finance and the number in my journey are very important, I always try to write about a place with a critical view for he economic side of the trips. However, I am a really happy, creative, positive and smiling person that is always willing to learn about EVERYTHING. One thing that you learn traveling is that today you know 101% more than you know yesterday. So let’s learn together!