The Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

January 1, 1970

by Brandon Charles

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago: The Land of The Hummingbird

I’m glad you visited. Journey with Us as we take the pleasure of guiding you on your virtual tour. The lush twin island of Trinidad & Tobago is a tourist destination chosen by many visitors for a multitude of reasons. The island boasts of many nature parks and reserves for eco-tourism lovers, sacred sites for those who choose the island as their pilgrimage site, beaches and water sports for the adventurous, coral reefs for the divers, festivals and historic sites for those wishing to immerse themselves in Caribbean culture. The island also has its own Carnival and nightlife unlike any other Caribbean experience! Today’s journey has taken us to the Wild Fowl Trust. This is a non-profit organization founded for the protection of wild ducks. It is also a safe haven for migrating birds. The reserve is located in the heart of the Point-A-Pierre Industrial Estate in Trinidad. For a small fee ($15 TTD), one can make a reservation to visit this protected area consisting of 2 large lakes, 45 minutes of nature trail where one can enjoy a casual stroll along scenic route, a visitor’s center with souvenirs, artifacts and educational posters or simply picnic alongside the lake. The reserve can be enjoyed by children, couples, families and writers looking for a quiet spot to write.

The Journey and Arrival


(View of the golf course and oil refinery in the background on the way to the Wild Fowl Trust)

As you enter the Point-a-Pierre industrial estate, there is adequate proper signage to guide you on your 10 minute drive through the estate and to the reserve. The road follows rolling hills and on either side you can see silos containing oil, pipelines of natural gas stretched for miles along the way, and to the left the humming and steaming towers of the refinery. The road also passes through a neat and scenic golf course.


(These two ducks are enjoying some quiet time away from the bustle of everyday life)

On arrival to the reserve, you are instantly met a myriad of wild fowl waddling around the gardens. One will notice ducks, turkey, swans and white and green peacocks. Peacock feathers can be found among the grasses and would make a great keepsake to add to your collectibles! Proceeding to the visitor’s center you are met with the conservator who processes the fee and invites you to tour the reserve. One can also choose to adventure guide-free through the parks since there is adequate signage throughout the reserve or with the help of the knowledgeable guides.


(The wooden jetty zig-zagging to the middle of the lake, providing a closer view of the lake’s thriving lilies)

The Lakes


(Panoramic view of one of the reserve’s lakes)

Descending from the visitor’s center, you will find yourself at the first lake. There is a beautiful wooden walkway surrounding the perimeter of the entire reserve so you may begin your tour at either end. The shady, cool walk under the trees allows for many photo-ops! You may find ducks sitting on the rails, but don’t be daunted. The ducks are completely harmless! Situated at the water’s edge and are many benches and huts and picnic tables for your enjoyment. A sense of calm and placidity is hung in the atmosphere allowing your mind to wander. Writers can find inspiration while sitting at the lakeside immersing themselves in its beauty.


(Vibrant green water plants peek through the surface of the lake)

The still green lake is partially covered in lily pads and lotuses giving it a perfect backdrop for professional photoshoots and photographers will have a field day visiting the reserve. Kids will marvel at the up-close and personal interaction that they can experience at this in-situ conservation site. The sheer number of species found at this reserve is tremendous! Many volunteer at the trust to do their part in ecological conservation and preservation of the environment. The reserve is also a site for migrating birds. Around the reserve is also a mini menagerie. You can see scarlet ibis, caimans, water trotters, blue and gold macaws and many more.


The Trails


(While it may be one of the more difficult trails on the tour, Devil’s Ear Trail is definitely not as treacherous as the name suggests)

For those looking for even more adventure and to quench a thirst for exploration there are 3 nature trails to embark on. After passing the first bridge, you will notice a sign pointing to Devil’s Ear Trail. The trail makes a loop around the reserve and ends where you began. The trail is lined by bamboo on one side and second lake on the other. It will take you approximately 45 minutes for a casual stroll along the trail stopping to read signage identifying the various species of trees. The trail is suitable for any age! It is mostly winding and flat with a few uphills and downhills and requiring crossing over or ducking under a few felled logs.


(No fairies were harmed in the making of this blog)

After Devil’s Ear you will find yourself entering Fairy Woods. This trail is much clearer and flatter than Devil’s Ear. Have a sprint along this trail to get your adrenaline pumping. The last trail you will find yourself at is Forest Walk.


(The final part of the trail)

This trail has a couple inclines and Once at the peak you will find a hut and many benches to rest. However the trail isn’t over yet! It ends after descending a staircase with a rail for support. There are more appropriately labelled trees along the route. The trail ends once more at the bridge where it began. You will once more set foot on the wooden walkway surrounding the lakes to complete the entire circuit. Enjoy the new vantage point of the lake and opt for more photos!

Come Visit Trinidad

On completion of your adventure/hike/picnic/photo session/relaxation, you may once more visit the visitor’s center and purchase souvenirs of T-shirts, mugs, pens etc. All funds will go towards the maintenance of the Trust. This is but one of the reserves in the country.

Thank you for visiting!

Brandon Charles

By Brandon Charles

Hello there! I'm Brandon :) Professional banker who on weekends, loves taking trips with my girlfriend and taking photographs of my lovely island Trinidad and Tobago.


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