The Perfect Date With Nature; The Oloolua Nature Trail

There is nothing as beautiful as connecting with nature and getting to feel how amazing life can be. Being a busy city, Nairobi Kenya has hidden treasures that simply makes every natural adventure possible. Located in the leafy suburbs of Karen, the Oloolua Nature Trail is just 25 kilometers away from the busy Nairobi city center. Most noteworthy is the fact that this nature trail is run by the National Museums of Kenya. It covers 250 hectares of a dry tropical forest making it ideal for a perfect day out with nature. Additionally, it is also the home to the Institute of Primate Research (IPR)

Interesting facts that render the Oloolua Nature Trail suitable for nature’s day out

The Irresistible Attractions

A map at the entrance

The Oloolua Nature Trail avails a map at the entrance. It has proved useful to some while not useful to others. However, taking a photo of it can help you through the vast land across the various attractions. Better yet, you can choose an adventurous spirit and see where every move leads you.

The 5Km Nature Trail

If you love adventure, you understand just how important a peaceful environment is. Being a dry tropical forest, the Oloolua Nature Trail provides unmatched serenity. The Nature Trail has additional building blocks- partly stone and partly gravel that firms the ground making it ideal for a comfortable. The forest is also a good site to behold as you move along. The kind of peace experienced along the winding paths are ideal for a hike. It is pet friendly and provides a connection with the natural atmosphere at a whole new level.

Breathtaking 20 Ft Waterfall

The Waterfall forms one of the major attractions at this facility. It is 20 ft high and worth every minute spent there. There is also an appropriate and easier route to the waterfall. Therefore, do not get distracted by its sound and take the easiest route since it is rather steep. The waterfall is simply fantastic. You can either stay on top or go below. Photographs are allowed! This could be your favorite destination at the facility.

The Rickety Bridge to the Mbagathi River

Image Do you love o simply wall on a bridge, look around, appreciate what nature has to give? The rickety bridge will give you a thrilling experience as you move towards the river. The rickety bridge also has giant riverside bamboo strands that descend towards the river below. It is another interesting time to reflect on nothing but the exciting adventures of the moment.

The Mbagathi River With a Tranquil Base Cutting Through

Oloolua Nature Trail Also forms part of the attractions. The rickety descending bridge leads you to this river that has resting benches build under the bamboo below. The stillness of mother nature, the chirping of birds and the trickling of water are all you can feel at this point. Further into the forest lies a papyrus swamp that adds to the richness of this nature trail.

An Amazing Camping Site

Why do people love camping? the perfect camping site helps the people meet their objectives. if you taught camping is for the soldiers, scouts and special groups of people, you would be surprised at just how much you are missing out on. To begin with, camping is a tradition. this simply means that the art has been passed down generations and it remains appreciated throughout the ages. The camping site features ideal camping grounds, drop toilets and trapped water. Note, you bring your food, tents and all necessary camping facilities.

Reasons to camp at Oloolua include;

• Exploring and connecting with nature through wildlife, mountains, songbirds, viewing of constellations, among others. • Strengthens relationships; the perfect time to catch up and make u for lost time in human relations. • It imparts life skills; away from the comfort of your home. these are simply lessons taught by nature such as survival and endurance. • Improves health; outdoor experiences improve health. camping involves movement and exercise which is necessary for healthy living. • Gives you a break from digitization and technology; you never have to carry your laptop or tablet along with work. You could probably just read a book or two.

A Picnic Site

The Oloolua Picnic Site is the ultimate destination for an exceptional picnic experience. The picnic site is all set, complete with litter bins, benches and clean washrooms to enable you to share undisturbed. Like camping, a picnic has the ability to turn human relations around. The thrills of songbirds will add beauty to it. What is more, barbecue is allowed! Except that it is controlled, i.e., controlled ovens, grills, etc.

33m Long Cave

Along the trail is a wooden tower that was constructed in order to view the life of Crowned Eagle’s nest. this was undertaken by scientists who studied these birds in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, the birds migrated due to interference by human activities.  

Affordable Charges

One of the best things about this place are the rates. With as little as $2, you access the beautiful Oloolua Nature Trail and enrich your life through nature. This makes it ideal for tourists, families, group travels, and solo adventures. The place is kids friendly. Below are the charges for citizens, non-residents, and residents; for kids and adults.

Wooden Tower

Along the trail is a wooden tower that was constructed in order to view the life of Crowned Eagle’s nest. this was undertaken by scientists who studied these birds in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, the birds migrated due to interference by human activities.

Other things to do at Oloolua Nature Trail

The place is ideal for other activities. Most noteworthy is the fact that they come at an extra cost. For example, it is suitable for wedding receptions, parties, church services, commercial functions, corporate functions among others. You can request a quote at the Institute of Primate Research.

A Bonfire To Crown It Up


End your day in style by setting up a bonfire. It is a good adventure for those staying late or overnight.

How To Get There

As already mentioned, it is located about 20km away from the city center. if you are using a public means of transport, board matatu number 24 and alight at Bogani Road and Karen Road junction. The Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi is located just 6oom away to the left.

Places To Visit Near

There are other attractions to visit nearby, for example, the Karen Blixen Museum. If you are looking for a place to stay, there a number of luxurious hotels located nearby. They include the Oloolua Resort, Hemingways Nairobi among others. You can also drive or travel to the Galleria Mall and have a wonderful shopping and dining experience.  

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